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Do You Think This Person Has Bad Hygiene

Why do some people have such bad hygiene?

I went with a guy to the movies. He was nineteen. It was summertime and our first date. He was wearing a tshirt and stunk of bo. I am pretty sure he was not wearing deoderant. One of the girls at work suggested he wash his workshirt because it stunk. He made some joke and flashed his armpit. He kisses me one day and I notice a big booger in his nose. I just couldn't. I broke up with him. How can some people have such bad hygiene and his mom is a teacher. If you noticed your son stinking, wouldn't you grab those shirts and throw them in laundry.

For personal hygiene, take my family as an example. We live in the south and are not rich. My family moved from countryside to the city in 1930s . We lived in a wooden house and had no tap water. We fetched water from a public water well. There was no washroom in the house, so we went to public toilets. We had a large ceramic vat for water storage. And there was a very small yard in the middle of the house, where we bathed in summer. For winter, we bathed in the kitchen.Now In summer we bathe everyday. In winter, if it is convenient, we also do it everyday. However, older people would bathe less than younger ones. We usually hang clothes to dry them through sun shine or ventilation. We do not use electric dryers.In the past, my grandparents, when there was some one who caught a cold, would put a hot stone in some vinegar and put it in the room where the patient lived. I can't say it was a good smell, but many people would do it under similar circumstances.Older people always say, 'Dress well or dress bad, just dress clean.' I think we take personal hygiene very serious in daily life. (As for public hygiene, I am also waiting for answers.)

There are many causes for a poor personal hygiene bad and dirty habits play an important role in the same. If you don’t look after yourself nicely and don’t clean yourself with anti-bacterial soaps and solutions it definitely affects your hygiene. Washing your self regularly with fresh water and good cleaning solutions make a good change and habit. I am not talking about only bathing or washing regularly but one must take care of his or her dental hygiene. If you meet a person who keeps clean always but has bad mouth odor you would not like to meet up again. Many people just take good care of their face and skin but taking proper dental care is also essential, brushing your teeth twice every day with a good dental cream and using mouth wash make a great habit.People who are lazy may avoid bathing washing face or even brushing teeth, but eventually this leads to different bacterial problem. Some people can’t afford much of sanitary items and antibacterial wash due to economical reasons. But these days various affordable options are available. Taking care of your body, your hairs, your nails, your mouth and your hairs lead to a proper hygiene practice.

How do you tell someone you love they have bad hygiene?

There are a few things you can do.
First you can buy a nice little basket and put some nice soap, colonge, mouthwash and toothbrush, toothpaste in it and give it as a gift.

You can also make bathtime a fun time by suggesting to shower together. So you get to spend some quality time together and he gets to bathe!

Another option is to drop subtle hints about his hygiene. If you catch a whiff of a nasty odor, tell him politely that maybe his deodorant isn't working. Also, if he's stinky, stop cuddling him, sit farther away and pull away when he gets close. If he asks why, tell him that your not sure why, but your smelling something funky and can't figure out what it is. Hopefully, he gets the hint and goes and showers.
Always reward the positive behavior so he knows to associate the two! Its like training a puppy! Treat him when he does the good things so he does it more often!

How do you tell someone nicely their oral hygiene is bad?

Just come out with it. Ease into the conversation and explain you feel odd bringing it up, but if it was you, you would want someone to tell you.

Sure inicially she will probably be a little embarassed but if she is a close friend it won't last long:)

I knew a lady who had HORRIBLE body odor. Eventually I came out and told her just how bad it was. I recomended some really nice smelling She was'nt happy obviously, however a few weeks later I noticed she wasn't smelling anymore.

My friend has bad hygiene?

One of my best friends has really bad hygiene. Even though I love her to death I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. I've known her for a long time and she's never taken very good car of herself. During the school year she will shower maybe every 3 or 4 days, and in the summer once a week. And that's only if her mom drags her into the tub and forces her to bathe. She smells really bad and doesn't ever use deodorant. I know because I've been to her house and she's shown me bars of deodorant and told me her mom bought them for her but she never uses them. Her hair is always greasy and her teeth are yellow because she usually doesn't brush them in the morning or at night. Throughout the years I have tried to be both subtle and upfront with my efforts to get her to take better car of herself. For example I repeatedly stress how I could never live without my morning shower and how I love feeling all clean etc. She just always says, " Well you're a clean freak. I don't need to shower every day." I have also told her right up front , " ( friend's name), you NEED to take a shower more often!" She just blows me off and says , " Why should I ?" I tell her that if you don't take care of yourself then you smell bad and people are hesitant to talk to her. Again she doesn't do anything about it. I've had multiple other friends of ours ( who are all "clean freaks" too ) try to tell her the same thing I have been telling her. She just doesn't listen. Whenever she goes out in public with us she looks like she just rolled out of bed. She doesn't even brush her hair. One time she walked up to me and another friend at the mall and I thought she had just taken a shower because her hair looked that wet. Turns out it was grease. My parents have even notice her poor hygiene. What more can I possibly do? School is coming up and we are going into 8th grade. Right now is when the other girls start getting mean and nasty and judge based on looks. I really don't want my friend to be victimized. I've already though of giving her a gift basket with lotion and such but she won't use it. I repeat : SHE WILL NOT USE IT. Even if I nag her every day and ask , " Did you take a shower/ use your gift basket/etc?" It will go under her sink along with every other lotion/ perfume/ soap anyone has given her. Her house is very clean so I really don't understand. All answers are appreciated. Thank You!

How should approach someone about personal hygiene?

I've had to deal with that more than once. You have to be completely honest with your employee. That doesn't mean you have to be a donkey. People have different reactions.
When you do though, make sure he/she understands that you are being serious, and do so privately, for it may be embarrassing to him/her also.
-Be specific about what needs to be corrected.
-Keep your sources confidential (no he said/she said) or you may create more problems.
-Ask if they need any help to ensure that they can get their bad hygiene resolved such as proper tools-tooth brush,soap,deodorant,water,ect)
-Often due to medical reasons, or living arrangements they may not even notice and will thank-you for your honesty.
-Do explain expectations and company policies if it applies.
-FOLLOW UP-compliment the good things, give extra advise if needed.
-Ask if they are afraid of a dentist, or try to get to the root of the problem so that you can help.
-puts you in a very uncomfortable position, just be honest
Good luck

Why Do People take Bad Hygiene so Offensively?

Human nature and experience are the reasons for the remarks and the reactions, obviously. You don't have to live long to realize that the major reason folks smell bad is due to poor hygiene practice. It may not always be the explanation, but it is accurate a majority of the time. Most people won't actually come out and tell a person they stink- but yes, when a person is told they are offensive smelling they do tend to react badly. Human nature means we don't like criticism, even when it's accurate and deserved. We especially don't like personal type criticisms. It can also be made worse if the remark was worded poorly or cruelly. There's a big difference between telling somebody quietly you think their antiperspirant failed and publicly/loudly telling them they smell like a sewer, you know? Think this one through a bit, and you will understand I think. Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it. The best guidance I can provide-
If wisdom's way's you wish to seek, these things observe with care: of whom you speak, to whom you speak, and how and when and where. Taking care to guard each of those items will often help you avoid sticky situations. And a few manners, and a bit of consideration go a long way, even if your nose is offended. You can't always control the other person's reaction, but you can control the things leading up to it. Offence is often in the eye of the reciever, but if none is offered, none is generally taken.