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Do You Think Yo Would You Be Offended If A Person Deleted A

Some of the answers I write, they could very well offend people and, indeed, they do. Could my Quora account possibly be deleted by Quora for having a different opinion/view on certain things?

Short answer: Yes, your Quora account could be deleted for writing offensive answers if they meet the site’s standard for harassment.You are always welcome to have a different opinion or view, even if some people don't like your view or disagree with it.However, you aren’t allowed to express your views in a way that is unkind or disrespectful to another person or group of people.I encourage everyone to read Quora’s goals and policy on harassment (BNBR) because they uphold an unusually high standard of behavior compared to most types of social media sites. That’s something I love about writing here: it’s not enough to simply avoid a short list of very bad behaviors. You are expected to be actively nice, civil, considerate, and respectful in every interaction regardless of the person you are interacting with and their behavior.Our Mission by Adam D'Angelo on The Quora BlogQuora's answer to What is Quora's "Be Nice, Be Respectful" policy?I haven’t looked at your answers. If I did, I’d report anything that I saw needed to be reported. But I think it’s up to you to see that they comply for the policies, and I highly suggest doing so.Quora needs all kinds of people. It would be a shame to lose one over something as fixable as not understanding a policy.

Would you feel offended, if 3 of your FB friends deleted all contact with you? I had 298 on my FB friends list this morning and now suddenly, I only have 295. I haven't had any arguments or issues with anybody, so I wonder why?

It might not be about you. Perhaps, they’ve deleted their FB account. I’ve had several friends delete their FB, Instagram, etc. accounts because they want a real life! Not one flaunted in front of the cyber world.AND, why in the world are you staying awake wondering why your FB friend count went to 295 from 298? I couldn’t tell you if I had 5 friends or 500 on FB (ok, ok, I know I have more than 5 because my family numbers way more than that….). As long as you’re happy, being the best person you can be, live in the moment, appreciate the friends you see in front of you that are actively in your real life, and you’ll realize how unimportant that FB friends’ number is.

Why are people so offended when you delete them from Facebook?

Because people today are whiny little babies. Shallow people are so obsessed with FB friends, or Twitter (and Quora) followers. Jesus, get lives already! Someone, unfriends you, or deletes you, or blocks you, oh boo hoo. Grow the fuck up already! Who the hell cares how many imaginary friends you have? Make some real friends, or devote your time to something more constructive, like spending time with your loved ones, or working. Social media should be a hobby, not the basis for your existence. Spend 30 minutes a day on it, then move on. If someone drops you, why the fuck would you care?! You've never even met these people! Silly losers.

I rejected and ignored him. Now he has deleted my number and doesn't try to contact me anymore. What should I do?

What you did is something you see in MOVIES, TV SHOWS, and BOOKS not real life. Welcome to the world, love, no man is going to go out of their way around you rejecting and ignoring him. That is called being creepy or perhaps annoying and you doing this likely hurt him on a WHOLE OTHER LEVELLet me tell you what you did: Have you ever tried to make a joke and then have someone brush you off? Feels terrible, yeah? Now, have you ever tried to talk to someone and then them make fun of you in an absolutly hurtful way, and then proceed to make you feel like an absolute idiot for even attempting to talk to them, perhaps even making you want to cry on the spot?Well, my friend, take that feeling of being rejected in a conversation and imagine, then that the person you attempted to talk to was a person you felt you were friends with, close enough that you felt confident to soon ask her out…then…what? Wha- hang on…you're blocked…? But I- I thought…"I thought we were friends…"That is what you did to him. No matter your intentions, you likely caused him unlimited pain and regret. After this whole situation he likely let his worries out through tears in privacy.I would have.What can you do? Stay away from him. You've done enough.You intervening will only make him feel worse.Also, you should feel like a monster. What you did is a terrible thing, and I wish I was there to aid him in accepting what you did.

How Do You Feel When Someone Deletes Your Comment On Facebook?

I have commented on my friends profiles on Facebook. And when i check back they have already deleted my comment. They probably think i was being offensive or something. Have you ever had any comments deleted? How does it feel?

What could be added, Deleted, Changed etc?

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Can you access deleted YouTube video?

there’s no way to do such a thing,until someone has already downloaded that and uploads again.

If you delete a post on tumblr, does it get deleted on everyone's blog that reblogged it?

well i have reblogged a picture and when i click on it, this comes up:
but the picture is still on my blog.
and i think other people can still reblog it if it's from someones blog that also reblogged it..
sorry that's a little confusing.
and i'm not sure about your last question, but i'd say no.
hope i helped(: