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Do Young People Today Have Anything Special About Them

Why do young people today have such terrible grammar and spelling?

Perhaps because it is not taught or emphasized in school. When I was in school we were taught how to spell and so on, were tested on what we were taught, and lost marks on essays for mistakes in the English in them. You're not as good as you think you are, by the way. It should have been "incorrectly", not "incorrect", you forgot the d on the end of the and in one sentence, and your punctuation in the first sentence is poor. You made it into a run-on sentence when it should have been two sentences.

How hard is it today to inspire young people?

It is not hard. When you will say things truely, openly and most importantly he or she is really interested in what you think about life then it is easy.

Do young people of today have no future?

In the US it’s a 50/50 thing. If we can drain the swamp over the next few years, and get real people in positions of power, then things could go very well. If the same corrupt people who’ve been running the show for the last 30 years get back in power, then their future is grim because the top 1% will have literally everything (not just “almost” everything).We're at the crossroads right now where it will go one way or the other. If you think the mainstream media, DOJ, and FBI are not corrupt in the US, you’re on the wrong side.

Why do young people today have less respect for their heritage than the generations that came before them?

I am Irish. I come from an Irish family. When I am ready to settle down, I would love to meet a woman with the same heritage and background as me. In todays world, I see alot of couples dating outside their heritage. Why? For example, why do so many white girls nowdays date mexican men? I don't understand the connection there. I know I would be highly uncomfortable dating a woman who came from a mexican family. I would feel as if I had nothing in common with her side of the family at all. Our heritage would be so different and I don't even know how to speak spanish lol.

I am Irish and very proud to be Irish. Some people act like they don't like the heritage they were born into. Are these young people today ashamed of their own heritage or what?

In what ways do young people today have it harder and in what ways do they have it easier, than in the past?

I think when our parents graduated college (assuming late sixties to early eighties) there was a sense that if you did x,y, and z and stayed in line you would be rewarded with a job when you finished college and a chance at all the trimmings of middle/upper middle class life. Tons of people got a degree, then an entry level job, then another degree, then bought a home/got married and began to grow their wealth. Of course I am generalizing, but this trajectory was fairly common, especially among the types who are on Quora or their parents. This promise no longer holds, and what's worse is people are taking on mortgage-sized debts to get an education, hoping for a shot at an upwardly mobile life. Although the reality has fundamentally shifted and most people aren't getting that 70k gig w/ benefits out of school, the thinking hasn't shifted. Much of our generation has grown up expecting to continue this standard of living, when in reality this will not be available for everyone. There's good news, though; you don't need all these things. More out of necessity than by choice, young people will learn to live simpler, less tied down lives. At least that's the goal. The workforce is becoming nomadic and mobile, and getting tied down to a 30 year mortgage won't make sense for a lot of people. Instead of banking on getting that one job that pays all the bills, people will find multiple revenue streams by working a day job and running a personal business or using collaborative consumption to subsidize income. The barrier to entry for starting a business are lower than ever, and there is still major opportunity for young people, it just will take some out of bounds thinking and flexibility, and maybe a bit of sacrifice. There's been a structural shift to high paying knowledge jobs and low level labor jobs; middle class life will only be attainable through multiple income streams.

Why do some young people today feel entitled?

It is a cultural phenomena. The youth today have never had to work for anything.Everything has been given to them. Why would they not feel entitled? As far as they know, money grows on trees and is freely given by their government or their parents. So, why should they worry or work? They actually truly do not know what work is.It’s endemic and it is generational. TRUE Example; I raised 50 chickens. I butchered them and My 20 yo wife processed a total of 5 birds, My 39 yo Mother processed 15, and my 65 yo Grandmother processed 30 birds, all working in the same kitchen for the same amount of time.And yes, I understand that physical labor is one thing and mental another. I’ve made a very good living for the last 40 years with high tech computer jobs of a wide variety. And the underlying principal still applies to purely mental work, how hard you work is a measure of your iron, your will.Bottom line, if You’re under 25, my 65 year old Grandmother could have kicked your ass without working up a sweat.

Why are young people today not polite?

because the older people turned the country the young people have to live in into a moral and cultural wasteland of consumerism and social isolation, permissive or oblivious to every type of moral and cultural degeneracy and they resent it. in fact, many of them await the death of the oldest and most foolish, shallow, non-thinking, self-hating and self-absorbed generation so they can get about the business of restoring the self-respect and order of this society without legislative hindrance.

Why are young people today so freaking hard headed!?

I listen when my elders try to teach me something, because they have been there done that. Remember "you can't have a future without the past" you learn from the mistakes of those before you, and avoid repeating them so that you may progress. I get sick of these "wet behind the ear" college kids thinking they know everything ! Reality is you don't know anything you take credit for the work of others, and regurgitate that information as if you have learned something. #SMH

How did today's young people get such an entitled attitude?

Let’s first go back to the WWII era. Even children and teens needed to be careful, at least in Europe for their own survival. Self sufficiency was literally a matter of life and death. Then teen stars Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney made a number of films about the self sufficiency of teenagers.Me- I was pretty independent by the age of 11. I babysat for other children after that age. I took a bus then a train then a subway *more than a hour trip) from a suburb into New York City by myself constantly. No one thought it was special or strange or weird. It was expected to be self sufficient. The role of parent’s was to launch their baby birds off into the world successful as early as possible.I bought my own clothes- on my tiny allowance from that age as well. Not because my parents would not buy for me but because my taste was out of their budget.Now let’s consider today’s kids.Helicopter parents can’t let their children cross the street without adult supervision, either by their actual presence or through their cellphones. The parents wait for them at the bus stop lest they be kidnapped as they walk a few blocks home alone.Me- I waked 3 miles- really- from high school alone every day for three years. And even younger- at age 10 or so I was not allowed(by the school district) to ride the bus (the school bus stop was literally in front of my house) because I was considered old enough to walk the kilometer (.6 mile) to school by myself.So why are they not entitled? They have been treated like babies- royal babies throughout childhood. Hey, they are entitled. So the answer is- society and kids have created a monster generation. It isn’t the kids fault. It is the fault of the parents. And the schools. And mostly the invention of cellphones and computers.