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Doc Thinks I Should See Therapist Does It Help

How can I get diagnosed without going to a therapist?

You have to see a professional to get a diagnosis. There is no way around this. You don't say why your parents can't get you to someone, so I have to just guess. Seeing a psychiatrist is really who you need to see. While psychologists are excellent, they cannot prescribe medication if it is decided it would be helpful. So this is why I say see a psychiatrist first. You may need to call around or do some searching in your area for this doctor to see who the choices are and all. Going online for this is a good idea. If you can get yourself to select 2 or 3 doctors, maybe give them a call, leaving a message for them. Tell them your name, your age and a quickie of your issue. Ask them how much they charge per hour, and let them know your parents are against this. (If they are!!) If both of your folks work full time and this is why you can't get to a doctor, let the doc know that you may have a problem getting there. If you know if they have health insurance or not, tell the doc this as well. Ask them to call you back when they can and leave your phone number. Feel free to specify a block of time you'd like them to call back. Don't be surprised if you don't get a return call for a day or two. But any longer than that, forget them. But the doctors will call you back and are prepared to answer your questions. Once you have all the information you wanted from one or two or even three doctors, then present this to your parents. Tell them that you really feel like something isn't right and you would appreciate it if they could see their way to taking you to a psychiatrist for some help. It may take 2 or more visits, but it may also take just one.You could also see your school guidance counselor. They may be able to recommend a couple of good doctors. But they may also be able to tell you if they think you should see someone. It's better to be safe than sorry, as the silly saying goes. But at the very least, it will put your mind at ease. Good luck!

I think about Suicide every day, Please Help!?

You need to think about what make you or what cause you want to suicide.
If you found no important problem or such, then it might be your wrong thinking mind. This case, you need to go to doctor/therapy/psychologyst to consult.
But if it caused by some or one big problem or bad trauma, then think again, why you should waste your life? don't give up. You can't solve your problem just by suicide, that's too selfish too. Think of peoples who might sad losing you (your parent for example).
Other tips are:
- do some activities, like sport, to make your body healtier, this way your mind will be healtier too.
- be nice with everyone, and you can help other people. Helping people who get caught in trouble, if you success, you will have some satisfaction feeling that make you feel valuable. This way, you will appreciate life and maybe you also know there are many people have more difficult problem but they want to keep life.

Do you think I should see a psychologist or psychiatrist first?

I am almost 21 years old. Finding happiness in life has never been easy for me. I've always thought something was wrong with me ever since I can remember. Now that I am older, I think it is possible I may have a bipolar disorder or something along those lines. I know I suffer from depression, but it seems to come and go in a pattern or cycle. Some days I'm good and all is ok, other days I'm so lost and sad, alone, desperate for any kind of attention. I often (past and presently) think about suicide and have planned my own death, but I'm afraid to go forth with it because it makes me hate myself even more plus I can't die being a fat pig. I also struggle constantly with anxieties of different sorts. It is hard for me to be around people. I never make friends (literally I have 2 friends and my abnormal behaviors mess my friendship up a LOT). I'm afraid of going to parties, getting a job, going to college classes, ect... because I'm just afraid of people. I also have been getting very stressed with my college physics class and think I'm having anxiety attacks over it. I will be on my way to that class and start getting lightheaded, nervous, and cry and I just feel terrible about it inside. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I need help of some kind. I just don't know if I need to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist? Someone please help me :( I don't want to go to the wrong kind of doctor-then I WILL look like an idiot. Especially if I see a psychiatrist and my "issues" aren't that "big of a problem" and they tell me to get lost or something. I don't know what to do, help me.

Do you think starting medications at a young age can perpetuate or cause a mental illness counterintuitively, instead of helping?

Some good input I see already below. Mr. Mussulmen, Psychiatrist below sounded very reasonable to me. Joyce PhD below also provided a true perspective. As it has been said, it really is a complex situation when it's about kids or even teens. Having a "really" good Psych Doc is very, very important and especially when we are talking about young people and one reason for that, among other reasons, is that side effects do sometimes create more problems and on occasion there apparently have been suicidal tendencies that are blamed on the med (antidepressants among others). So it is a serious issue.If you are someone who is having serious symptoms then you most definitely need to be seeing, usually your own Doctor first, who may be able to help you with information you are needing or wanting. Your Doc could talk with you about whether they think you need to see a Psych Doc. There's no reason you could not talk to your Doc, even if you are unsure because they can help you with the questions you have, in any case, if you are having symptoms and feel like you want or need some help.The Doc's, and especially if you did go to a Psych Doc, are more able to assess the many things that need to be looked at. What we are saying in general here is....It's not always a sure thing that you have Depression or some mental issue during teen years because Alot is going on with our hormones and etc., during these years and that "could" be the whole reason for not feeling just right.At the same time, no one wants to see a young person NOT reach out if they are really having depression or other mental health issues. Because sometimes there is a need for treatment and sometimes young people are treated, though with a watchful eye.Granted, some may end up playing around with meds they are given. this is Always a BAD idea and you do NOT have to do this and should not, regardless if anyone else has. These meds can be helpful and often are BUT they are to be taken seriously and as prescribed, When and if trouble arises, you call the Doc instead of trying to be your own Doc because we can get into big trouble playing doctor with ourself.So, in the end, my own opinion is that if you are really feeling that you are really having problems that are not normal, talk to your family Doc, because that could help you to gain a better understanding about alot of things.

I think i'm suicidal and i'm wondering if I should tell my boss about it, but I don't want to get fired..?

I suffer from depression and anxiety, or at least that what they think right now. You should first talk to a doctor about getting in touch with a therapist. I know, therapy isn't always seen as something 'normal' or 'good', but it really can help. You might also need medication, like I do. I've been having problems on and off and seeing someone on and off for nearly seven years now. I'm still trying different therapists and medications, but I feel better about life.

I say do all of this first, because it will go easier if you can say that you are getting help. It will also help in case you do need time off. This way you will be able to have your doctor or therapist write you note so won't get any penalties. Over all, I've found that most bosses are very understanding as long as you explain the situation to them.

I also want you to know that if you ever need to talk to someone I'm here and some idea of what you are going through. I hope I helped in some way.

Sometimes my mind starts to think of horrible things happening and I can't get rid of the thoughts. How can I cope?

It's actually funny how easy the solution to your problem is I myself do it all the timeFirst understand that these thoughts are not necessarily bad see them as an early warning system , now tell me would you be happy or sad if you can easily avoid an accident with a premonition?(personally I would take it any day over silly TV shows ^_^)By the way the solution is to transform the thoughts into the way you want it like this one time I saw a dream in which my mom fell from the attic , so I just continued the dream and saved her before she fell by going back in time.You understand that trying not to think about something makes you think more so just go with the flow and edit it whit your imagination it has the added benefit of telling your subconscious what you really want and to take action accordingly!Hope this helps , good luck

How do I convince my doctor to do surgery instead of physical therapy?

First, it's certainly fine that you are going for a second opinion...and in your case with multiple dislocations, I certainly would. A capsular shrinkage is probably the surgery to which you were referring...but with recurrent dislocations you may also need a labral repair as well.

Second, it's not unusual to be prescribed PT. Practice patterns are variable and it is quite possible that while it didn't work for you in the past, it might with a different approach.

Third, even if PT isn't going to work, a course a pre-operative PT may be beneficial to help you gain as much strength before the procedure.

Fourth, when you go for the second opinion, make a point of saying emphatically that you have tried PT several times in the past.

...As PTs, we get just as frustrated as you when physicians keep referring patients back to us when we know that the outcomes will not be good. Make sure your 2nd opinion is aware that you've been down this road many times...sometimes they don't know unless you tell them.