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Doctor Said Give Baby Pasta And Rice How Do I Do That

Does rice make you fat?

1. Rice is starchy food, which is broken down in your stomach and the duodenum into sugar, which is readily taken up into your bloodstream. There it circulates and reaches the pancreas that pours insulin into your system to keep the blood sugar balanced. It also reaches the liver where it is metabolized into triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Sugar also oxidizes LDL cholesterol, which now aggressively invades the arterial walls and causes blockage of smaller vessels like the coronary arteries or the brain arteries. The end result are heart attacks and strokes. The increased triglycerides are taken up by fat cells and turn into even more fat. This is the mechanism behind the obesity wave, where people gain weight from drinking too many sugary drinks or snacking on sweets. 2. I cut out rice, pasta, bread and other starchy foods in 2001. Within 3 months I had lost 50 pounds, which I kept down since then, because I watch what I am eating. My doctor monitors my blood lipid fractions and I have no problem with hardening of my arteries. I also had a special ultrasonic test to look at the lining of my carotid arteries and no deposits were found: Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT) Testing. 3. Replace all sugary and starchy foods (high glycemic index foods) with vegetables and fruit (low glycemic index foods). The fiber of vegetables and fruit slows down the absorption of fruit sugar. This way your body will not get high glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. You won't get the insulin response and your LDL cholesterol will be reduced from the fiber content. Your triglycerides will stay the same or go down and you will not turn your food into fat. If you continue to eat lots of rice or eat lots of bread and pasta, you will turn it into fat.

Doctor advised to add chocolate syrup to baby's milk?

Our baby is 12 month old, weights 19 pounds and did not add any weight for the last 2 months. His doctor wants him to start on whole milk and advised us to add chocolate syrup into it. He also advised to give him Pedishure. I am concerned to start baby on such sugary options. Are there any other alternatives to add to milk so baby will want to drink more?

My baby is 12 months old weighs only 15 lb. I give 18oz of toddler formula, yobaby yogurt, fruits,pasta,rice.?

Hey worried mommy!!! Please ignore all the nonsense answers that you're receiving. I'm sure you are taking very good care of your baby. I'm sure because I have a 19 month old baby boy who just now hit 20 pounds. All other babies are way bigger than he is. I've stressed and worried and talked to his doctor about my worries and his health. The doctor always laughs at me. She says I'm a worry wart. My baby is perfectly healthy! And most big babies end up little when they are adults and most little babies end up bigger. Not all the time, but most of the time. My son is very active and eats very well. I've finally stopped worrying about my Lil Roadrunner "runt". LOL I tell myself all the time that he'll end up shocking the crap out of everyone and have a major growth spurt. From what you say about your baby though....everything is very normal. You're just used to seeing very overweight babies like we all are. I really hope I was of some help. If it baby is still wearing a lot of 6/9 months at 19 months. I don't have one out-fit that is for his size and age range. Don't worry momma. God bless you!!

Does rice make you gain weight?

Most of people have myth about rice that eating rice everyday will cause you to increase belly fat all by itself, so let me make it clear all my friends . Rice-DietEating rice everyday won't make you fat "Its not the rice but the amount we intake make you fat".have you ever seen a fat "Chinese", No right, then you need to explore more about rice and clear your myths.Point 1: As we know Cooked white rice is digested very quickly and releases energy to blood inbursts of glucose. Sudden release of glucose or spike of glucose puts pancreas under stress. Pancreas is not able to guess the amount of insulin required due to sudden rush of glucose.It ends up over producing insulin.  Insulin is a fat deposit hormone. If the quickly released glucose is not absorbed at the same speed by muscles as glycogen, it will be deposited as fat around waist.To avoid quick release of glucose, choose brown rice over white rice.Slow down the release of glucose further by eating tons of fibre - methi, green fibrous non-starchy vegetablessuch as bitter gourd, cucumber, radish, capsicum, green chillies, coriander leaves, spinach, cabbage, broccoli,  cauliflower, beans, peas, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, etc..Bitter gourd has only 4gm of carbohydrate and 3gm of fiber for 100gm of its full article on  Does eating rice everyday Makes you fat?

Feeding a 1-year old adult food?

I was at my in-laws the other day and they saw me feeding my 1-year old chopped up lasagna and they all had a cow! I feed my daughter adult food as she was never really a big fan of baby food to begin with. She hates all of the baby food (ALL of it) and will spit it all out so I give her what we eat... rice, pasta, veggies, etc. I was really confused as to what their argument against it was. My MIL always lectures me when I feed my daughter rice and or anything we eat but I would rather my daughter eat food happily than for me to have to force feed her the purees. I just felt so bad today they were making me feel like a bad mother. Am I wrong for giving my baby adult food?

My 1 year old drank baby oil?

There have been cases where toddlers died of drinking baby oil...mainly from developing pneumonia from aspiration. I don't know how much he drank but I would definitely give my pediatrician a call and check to see if you should bring him in to be checked out. If by any chance he should start acting funny, breathing hard or develop a fever get him in immediately.

Found this:

• Hydrocarbon liquids (liquids made from petroleum) are poisonous. They include gasoline, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid, paint thinner, baby oil, lamp oil, and furniture polish.

• If hydrocarbons are swallowed, they can easily get into the lungs. Even a small amount can cause breathing problems. The liquid coats the inside of the lungs. That prevents oxygen from entering the blood stream.

My baby is 8 months old and petite. I was wondering how often i should feed her baby food?

Ideally, no baby food, ever. Purees are unnatural and unnecessary. Offer her a wide variety of real foods: peaches, pears, peas, steamed veggies, rice, beans, pasta, anything that she can pick up and feed herself.

My now 10 month old started with sweet potatoes that he swiped from my plate. If you allow her the chance to feed herself, she has less chance of developing allergies and having digestion problems. Never worry about how much she's eating: she's a smart girl, if she doesn't want any more, don't make her. Your job is to offer healthy food, her job is to decide how much.

My little guy eats solids about 3-4 times a day. I just let him graze. He eats a few bites at breakfast, some at lunch, maybe an afternoon snack, and the most at dinner time with the rest of the family.

Just a correction, to above when a baby is under 12 months, breastmilk or formula should be offered FIRST, not after solids. Her main nutrition should still be coming from milk for her first year of life, solids before then are for fun and practice (according to the AAP.)

Which food is more fattening, noodles or rice?

Both of them are cereals and both contain carbs, remember gaining weight is not just about what we eat but also the size of the portions we eat, if you are gaining weight is because the amount of the calories you eat in a day is bigger than the amount of calories you need to do your daily activities,White rice: 1 cup (188gr) contains 240kcal, 4.4gr Protein, 54gr Carbs and 0.4gr fiber,Brown rice: 1cup (195gr) contains 219kcal, 4.5gr Protein, 45.9gr Carbs, and 3.6gr fiber,Noodles: 1cup (40gr) contains 148kcal, 5gr Protein, 30gr Carbs and 0.2gr of fiberIf we compare rice and noodles we can see noodles have less calories in the same portion (1 cup) but less fiber than riceBut if you eat 2/3cup of white rice (116gr) you will be eating the same calories of noodles (148kcal) so it´s about the portion and not about the food,*1cup of Noodles have less calories than 1cup of rice,(so we can say rice is more “fattening”) but eating 1cup of noodles or 2/3cup of rice doesn´t make any difference in your calorie intakeIf you want some extra tips to loss weight and have a healthy diet check out this video