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Does A Male Name Basil Sound Weird To You

Leo Mingo sounds okay.Mingo may sound odd, but I actually knew someone with the last name of “Mungo”, so it certainly isn’t any worse.There is the rhyme scheme though. That tends to give such a short name a lilt to it that can seem amusing to some, similar to calling someone “Lucky Chucky” or “Alley Sally”.“Leo Mingo” is better than those, because the rhyme is not perfect, but it is more like names like “David Gravid”, where the first “a” in each name is said differently, but you still have the same ending.One way around the problem of having it sound a bit silly to English speaker’s ears, is to add a middle initial. Leo G. Carroll ( Leo G. Carroll | Wikiwand ) was an actor who was often called “Leo G.”, and so “Leo G. Mingo” might give you a break from the sing-song-y rhythm, while allowing the name to sound more dignified. There are 25 other initials available, though I would avoid using “O”, as it repeats the same ending you are trying to avoid anyway. “W”, having such a long name, would really change the rhythm of the name.All of that said now, as I said at the beginning, “Leo Mingo” sounds okay. There are many more unfortunate names out there. (the name Toppie Smellie comes to mind, a sweet little old lady that endorsed fried chicken on a television commercial whose real name was so unusual I can remember it almost 40 years later.)There is an advantage in having a memorable name, as well.People who find your name amusing are more likely to remember it, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.So, my recommendations are to either stick with just Leo Mingo, or add a G (or other initial if you prefer) and become Leo G. Mingo.It also just occurred to me, that you could change “Mingo” to just “Ming”.Many English speakers will be familiar with Ming era vases, or with Ming (the merciless) from the Flash Gordon stories.So, “Leo Ming” has a rather imperial sound to it, in a good way.

It is not “weird,” but it has only been used in the U.S. to any measurable extent since the mid-1970s. It reached a peak of popularity in 2002 (as a name given to babies). So most girls named “Jade” that you might meet will be under 20 years old.But there are a couple other things to mention about the name.First, it is also used as a male name, but much less often than as a female name. Whereas the girl’s name was once the 86th most popular name, the ranking for the boy’s name stayed mostly at 800 or beyond and never did better than a rank of 770. And hasn’t been above rank 1,000 in about 15 years.Second, the name is more popular in the Chinese-American community. I just did a quick search for the name on LinkedIn. In the first three pages of results, roughly one-third of the people with that first name had Chinese last names.Meaning, origin and history of the name Jade

Yes, it sounds weird.The Sorbonne is a school in France.“Sorbon” doesn’t sound French; it sounds awkward, and like it might be a kind of bread (“bon” sounds kind of like “bun”) or soy-based food or sorbet.

Does this name sound weird?

Yes, it does sound 'weird' but it is not impossible to pronounce.
That said, many American names are weird too. For example, how do you pronounce Neveah? In fact, even the parents who endow their precious daughters with the name do not say the name in any one way. Other names like Hermione, Maeve, and Siobhan are also considered 'weird' by some because they are unfamiliar.
Your name may sound strange and look unfamiliar but it is phonetically correct in sound. A literate person will be able to sound out your name phonetically.
Zeynab has a long tradition, from an ancient culture. It has a lovely meaning, desert flower, There are respected scholars, actresses and musicians who are named Zeynep. In some parts of Eastern Europe, South Asia and the Near East, it is a popular girl's name.
Be proud of your name. However, if you want an American 'equivalent' of the name, I would guess it would be Zenobia, with the diminutive Zenia. Your name is not hard to say; do not hesitate to introduce yourself as Zeyneb. Public perception of the name will change as we become more of a global community and therefore more easily recognize your name as a feminine name.
Good luck

This may sound a little weird but I need to know if this has happened to anyone's cat?

It doesn't sound weird at all where the cat is concerned! What is weird is your method of cat ownership! What the hell is the matter with you!? Your cat is being bullied and scared sh*tless and you keep putting an indoor cat outside! Be responsible and caring owners and and stop it!

There is no such thing as a "typical tabby" and they are not nor are males tending to be a little crazy and hyper. Unneutered males, perhaps. A cat should not be hyper unless he is young, unneutered and in need of some exercise. Then you get out the kitty teaser and laser light and play with him!


1. FIV and FeLV (FeLV kills in a year) Vaccinations are NOT 100%.
2. They fight with other cats (bites become abscesses and unless treated they die)
3. Cats eat snail bait in yards and garden and die
4. Cats eat rodents who have been poisoned and they die from the poison too
5. Cats lick up antifreeze (sweet tasting) that drips from cars and die horrible deaths (no cure)
6. Cats get killed by dogs, coyotes, and hawks.
7. Cats go to the bathroom in other peoples yard and the neighbors call animal control to take cats away and kill them or neighbor traps them and dumps them in the country to die
8. Teenagers, shoot, stab, and set fire to cats for fun
9. Indoor cats don’t get lost or stolen (“Bunchers” grab cats to sell for medical research)
10. Indoor cats live 15 – 18 years. Indoor/Outdoor cats live approx.. 6 to 8 years. Outdoor cats live 4 to 6 years. There are always exceptions however these are the averages.
Indoor cats don’t get run over.
11. People grab kittens/cats to feed to their pythons & to use as bait in dog fighting rings.
12. Very pretty cats will be stolen and kept just because someone wants it.

Does Jayden sound like a male or female name?

I think Jayden can work for either gender. I would spell it Jaden or Jadyn for a girl and pair it with a feminine middle name. I would spell it Jayden for a boy and pair it with a masculine middle name. I do not like the name Seatney. It will likely be difficult for others to pronounce. I do not think Dylan Nichole flows right because the first name ends in the same sound the middle name starts with.

Jaden Elizabeth
Jaden Grace
Jaden Hope
Jadyn Stephanie
Jadyn Jennifer
Jadyn Jessica

Jayden Mathew
Jayden Frank
Jayden Ryder
Jayden Seth
Jayden Kyle
Jayden Trent

Dylan Elizabeth
Dylan Grace
Dylan Francesca
Dylan Hazel
Dylan Joy
Dylan Stephanie

It doesn't matter what a stranger over the internet thinks about your baby's possible name. It's not my baby after all, is it? The only people who should really have an opinion over a baby's name is the mother and father of the baby. You can ask whoever you like, but at the end of the day it comes down to whether you like the name (the name does have to be within reason, don't call your kid "Harrianna". If you have a friend or relative who disagrees with the name then please refer them to the point below.If you're asking about a friend who's going to name her baby Kaya, stay out of it. If you really don't like the name but that's what your friend wants let your friend, this kids parent, name the child what she wants to name the child and then come up with a cool nickname for her. Having a baby is stressful and exciting, and all friends need to do is be supportive to the mother and father going through it. If they're going to name the kid something ridiculous like "Yza-Bella", obviously step in and stop them, but as far as ridiculous names, Kaya is actually quite nice.Yes, the names I've used here are all things that parents have called their kids: The craziest baby names of 2018 so far

Does this name sound ok? I like uncommon names!?

I have OFFICIALLY decided that I want to put a herb/flower name on my child IF ITS A GIRL. Out of all of these names: Amaryllis, Fern, Marigold, Angelica, Geranium, Myrtle, Aster, Ginger, Olivia, Olive, Azalea, Hazel, Orchid, Basil, Heather, Pansy, Bay, Holly, Petunia, Begonia, Hyacinth, Poppy, Berony, Iris, Rose, Blossom, Ivy, Rosemary, Byrony, Jasmine, Rue, Burnet, Lark, Saffron, Camellia, Laurel, Sage, Cassia, Lavender, Tansy, Cicely, Lilac, Tulip, Cinnamon, Lily, Valerian, Clove, Linden, Violet, Clover, Lotus, Willow, Daffodil, Mace, Zinnia, Dahlia, Magnolia, Daisy, and Marguerite, THE ONLY ONES THAT I LIKE ARE GINGER AND LAVENDER. I know lots of ppl named Olivia, Rose, Rosemary, Jasmine, Lily, Violet, Dahlia, Magnolia, Lotus and Zinnia which is why I don't want to use those names. So which do you think sounds better? Ginger Leigh Ann Figueroa, Lavender Grace Figueroa or Holly Lavender Figueroa?? For all those who say that Ginger sounds like the name of a cat, well, I'm sure that you would name your child Poppy which reminds me of poppy seeds which is slightly worst than Ginger, Angelica is like that blonde girl on Rugrats, Myrtle is like off of Harry Potter with the ghost, Petunia is off of the looney tunes, Jasmine is UGLY and off of Aladdin, i see lots of girls with tulip shape bodies, Blossom is off of Powerpuff Girls, Daisy is UGLY, Lotus is the name of a company that makes fruit beverages, Piper was piping her flute, and Voilet is ugly. :P Besides, Ginger beats Shaniqua, Piper, Harper, or Shameeka any time. Anyways, all I am asking for are first OR middle names for Ginger or Lavender. Grace really isnt my thing...and it has to flow with the last name Figueroa pronounced fee-geh-row-uh. If you dont have any mature answers plz dont even bother or i will return the favor...Thx! :)

Does this name sound feminine or masculine to you?

Brent is a boy's name, but Lynn is a girl's name.
But when I first read the name, it struck me as a girl's name. Probably because of the Lynn ending.

I think this name is horrendous, on either a boy or a girl.