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Does Adding Deleting Or Changing A Word From A Famous Book Movie Magazine Etc Prevent You

Why do I feel bad about my life when looking at other people’s Instagram accounts, and what should I do about it?

Trust me, pal, life would be much better and easy if we know how to and when to demarcate between reality and virtual reality.You are not alone.Almost every other person on social media feels mentally down for one reason or the other, seeing the highlight reels of others on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.I am no different.But having a career in digital media AND growing to know this social media world better, I have understood that it is foolish on anyone’s part to buy everything that social media sells to us, at face value.A simple way of putting this would be, you have a bad, bad day, wherein, say, you had a fight with your parents, your cat died, or you just simply don’t even feel like waking up from bed and do nothing but laze around the whole day.Now, would you put this negative/mundane angle of your life on social media?Chances are marginal, for you may feel the onus of the possibility of being judged, being called an attention-seeker, moody, et cetera.Now compare this to a day where you just feel good about yourself. Say, you got a damn nice dress, which fetched you a plethora of compliments, a bevy of people viewed your Snapchat stories, etc. And you do feel like basking in this glory for a change, and you click a picture and post it on Instagram/Facebook.These are all highlight reels that you are sharing.There are people (though less) who share as much of their sad stories as they do for their happy ones, and then there are people who only let their positive side show on social media, concealing the chink in their armor fairly well, simply for the reason that they do not want the world to see their inner demons.But amid all this: truth remains just one. Everyone has their dark days and perfection is just a myth. Nobody’s life is as perfect as their Instagram Feed or Snapchat history might look, and this is a fact.You may feel like, ‘’Oh, she’s got a perfect life!’’ ‘’He has nothing to worry about! I wish I had a life like that!’’ but bottom line is, those persons aren’t living a life that’s hunky dory either, just like you. Just that their problems might be different than yours.It’s the best to thus treat highlight reels as they are: ‘’Reels’’ and know that ‘’Real’’ is quite different. It is basic, it lacks background music, and sometimes, it sucks! But hey, that’s life. We make, we break, and we gotta live it the way we want, whatever it takes! :)Good luck!

What are the problems that India is facing?

Have you seen this movieZootopia - WikipediaRough plot of movie - Predators are convicted for crimes, their boss tries to find the reason behind it and tries to rectify it as prey are in living in state of terror due to savage behavior of predators. However, it was proved beyond reasonable doubt that predators are the real culprit and should be treated accordingly.Plot twist - it was all a well executed plan of a a diminutive sheep and predators were framed and whole lot of Predators were blamed for the crimes they did not commit voluntarily.Now do you see a rough similarity between this movie and current scenario of India??They do not miss any chance to malign one of the oldest religion and can even correlate a heinous crime with religion.None of them were concerned about the justice. A few of them had to be in news because why not, it is a good thing to be in news before your movie is released.In India if you want to be famous, bash Hinduism, use words fascism, Hindu terror, next thing you know you are on a news channel.In below snap if you can see rape is compared with Krishna Leela. They surprise you every time you think they can not sink any lower.Meanwhile our so called “fascist hindutva promoting government” did this-https://timesofindia.indiatimes....PS- You are entitled to your views, if you don’t think this answer makes sense use down vote button.

If someone takes a cellphone picture of me without my consent, how can I make sure that they've deleted it?

This may come as a surprise, but you have no control over what they do with that photo in most situations. This is true in pretty much all of Europe, Asia and the Americas.There are some limits, fortunately. If they took the photo where you have an expectation of privacy, like while using the toilet, they may be running afoul of local laws (e.g. US state laws often cover this; also illegal in UK and Japan, and surely other places). Same for spy photos of intimate situations in a bedroom, if you know what I mean. Shooting these and then sexting it is illegal in most states in the US.Also, laws in most countries prevent them from using your likeness for promoting a business or product without your permission. This is called the Personality Rights ( Again, this exists in one form or another internationally.Further, you could have forbidden photography while on your premises. Many dance clubs and other venues post signs forbidding photography, for example. Or you may have told the person verbally. Either way, this makes "no photography" a condition for entry and violating this means that the person is now trespassing. Your house, your rules.But unless they agree to delete the photo(s) as a condition for remaining on the premises, all you can do is kick them out; maybe with the help of the police. You have no rights to force any photographer to delete a photo. Ever.When you are in a public place and people can see you, you have no rights to tell them not to look. Same with photography; you can't compel them to not shoot photos. You can cover yourself up, which solves both I guess, but that is your choice, you can't dictate how others act in public.

Should I divorce my husband because of a sex/porn addiction problem?

Birds Fly South, I appreciate the variety of opinions, and I respectfully agree that you and I would be a terrible match. :) I understand that you see nothing wrong with porn, but I disagree that telling other women how sexy they are, etc behind your wife's back is ok to any degree in a marriage.

Thanks everyone for your answers!