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Does Any One Know The Email Of Scott Cawthon

Anyone know scott westerfeld's email address?

Go to your local library and use their computers?

Does anyone know if this is a scam?

The fact that he has your real name and home address, you DO NOT want to play him at his own game. That only works if it's an email scammer and your email address does not contain your real name - then you can scambait them. But these are not lone individuals conducting these check scams - they are criminal gangs and you do not want to mess with them when they know where you live. These money laundering scams are usually run by the Russian or Nigerian mafia and they are brutal. All you can do is tell him you deposited the check and were on your way to Western Union when your bank called to tell you there was a problem with the check and you needed to come back. Say you went back and the police were there, who took you into the station for questioning. Say that you gave the police his name and email and showed them the emails that this was a real job offer, and that he has to go to the police station when he's back in the US to sort everything out. Say you still want the job but you will only take cash when you appear at the job, nothing else, as you are now under investigation for bank fraud and your account has been temporarily frozen until he goes to the police and settles this matter. But don't go beyond that since they do know where you live and your real name. Reporting this to the FBI is the best way to get back at them.

Does anyone know how I can email Scott Cawthon, creator of Five Nights at Freddy's?

I have a question too. I had this weird glitch while playing five nights at freddy's 2. It wasn't even cool. It was just plain scary. So, if you can just answer me that'd be awesome.

Five nights at freddy's 4? Scott Cawthon?

Is anyone else excited!? I'm so proud of scott! He's come a long way in so little time.

He's quick at making games and I'm so looking forward to the final chapter of fnaf.

I can't wait to find out who's behind it all! I feel it's no one we have ever come across yet.

Or have we?

Does anyone know what the trivia answers and VIP codes are for 99.5 The River WRVE Albany NY and other stations for 05/05/16?

HomeFree @ Pabst: Mayflowers
Menards – All about the bass
Cafe: Orange
Artist: Cassadee Pope
Scott’s Team: Seattle Mariners
Facebook: Cinco
Town: Richfield

V100 Bailey's VIP Club Word - Sombero
V100 Reggie's VIP Club Word – Taco
V100 Email - Cinco

Blockbusters: Ivan Reitman
Bookworm Trivia: Virginia Woolf
Country Livin’: Kelly Clarkson
Country Music Trivia: Corky
Music Skills: Michcal Render
Music Quiz: Radar Love by Golden Earring
Entertainment Video Trivia: Southside With You
Get Your Game On: Darkside
Healthy Knowledge: Yogurt
Homerun Trivia: CBS
Music Challenge: Herb Alpert
Music Pop Quiz: David Archuleta
Pop Clips: $75,000
Sports Trivia: Body Boarder
Springtime Trivia: Persephone
The Dish Trivia: Blue cheese
TV Trivia: Song of Ice and Fire
Classic Rock Challenge...Dr. John

Best Animal Trivia: Harvard
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: 6 years
Food and Recipes Trivia: 5
Get A Tissue Video Trivia: 6.5
Spring Time Trivia: Nick
What's Happening Trivia: Heather Graham
Ultimate Celebrity Trivia: 3

Does anyone know the origin of the last name "Smeriguolo"?

I tried a "metaphone" (sound-alike) search on and got a few likely hits:


SMERAGLIO (unknown)


There were others too numerous to include here. Here are a few links to get you started on this. The first is a link to the first page resulting from the "metaphone" (sound-alike) search. There are multiple page links at the bottom of this page, for a total of 400+ names:

The second one is the result of one of the SMERIGLIO individuals that turned up. I included this one because it has the most information I could find on a quick pass. It includes contact information for the researcher of this particular family:

Well, if this is a con, you picked a name that has a good number of sound-alike possibilities, most of them originating in areas of Italy. There may be many others in those "Worldconnect" links above.

I noticed one of those "I won't waste my time on this" responses, posted by someone who wasted his time posting that particular response.

Goes with the territory, I guess. Whatever, as I've said, even if it is a con, the name turns up a good number of metaphone results and is therefore interesting to serious genealogists.

BTW, these sorts of "metaphone" alternate spellings typically resulted when immigrants arrived at Ellis Island or some other port of entry. If the immigrants were more or less illiterate, as many of them were (no insult intended, just the facts), they couldn't write their names - so the immigration officials took their best guess based on pronunciations. A lot of names got changed this way.

Thanks for the interesting question, sincere or not!

Big Al Mintaka

Does anyone know what the "Sports Trivia" answer is and other Radio Trivia for Tuesday July 19th?

email - coconut
town: brookfield/ brown deer
cafe: plum
scott’s team: toronto blue jays
artist: cam
facebook: lake

v100 bailey’s vip word: lake
v100 reggie’s vip word: sho

blockbusters: robert de niro
book worm: jason bourne
country livin’: guns n roses
country music: guns n roses
music quiz: charlie drake
celebrity scoop: superbad
entrainment: bad mom
music skills: sisqo
music pop quiz: lost without you
pop clips: 7
get your game on: 1998
healthy knowledge: smoking
homerun: frank thomas
sports: thunder in carolina
the dish: pork
tv trivia: rev... hooper
music challenge:
classic rock challenge.........

'flixtape' is a netflix version of a mixtape: 6
7 things you didn't know about emoji's: 2013
91-year-old woman defaces $90,000 artwor......... nuremberg, gernumerous
how laser hair removal could cause cance......... 13
idris elba's star trek beyond character ......... krall
betty boop gets official emoji in time f......... pepsi
marijuana farm "grows" out of former pri......... $4...1 million
six steps successful women do daily: water and lemon
star trek fans shall love these bed sheet......... thinkgeek
study finds too much light causes muscle......... leiden university medical center

animal trivia: bowie
crazy video trivia: hotel bristol
food fetish trivia: turmeric
science trivia: dna testing system
summertime trivia: rise..............................wrong video...............
what's happening trivia: 19