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Does Any One Want Justin And Selena Back Together

Why does Selena Gomez keep getting back with Justin Bieber?

Ever since late 2012 the two of them have been getting back together and breaking up every couple of months.

After their most recent breakup, Justin has flirted and got cuddly with countless girls this past month: Yovanna Ventura, Chantel Jeffries, Ella Paige Clarke, Miranda Kerr, Ashley Moore, some girls he picked off the street in a mall, a playboy model, Kendall Jenner and god knows who else. He flirts with other girls in between all of their breakups but this time was a lot worse. He was rubbing the other girls in on social media SO much. Yet Selena still got back with him. I don't understand why? If Justin really loved her, he'd just have eyes for her and wouldn't be with all these other girls? Why does she keep taking him back?

Why does Selena Gomez go out with Justin Beiber?

She just wants attention. She dates him during she wants to promote her films. She uses him to get more famous. And really, she is known to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend instead as an artist.

What would be your reaction if Justin and Selena broke up again?

Justin And Selena Were Spotted At Jamaica At Justin’s Father’s Wedding on the occasion of Justin’s father’s wedding. According to a source, Justin Bieber flew to Texas to pick up Selena and then the pair headed to the Caribbean. Prior to this, the couple were seen celebrating Valentine’s Day together at a church and were spotted again at Montage in Beverly Hills, CA. Justin’s father- Jeremy Bieber shared a picture of himself with his long time girlfriend, Chelsey Rebelo boarding the airplane, before the wedding.For further updates and similar trending news, feel free to visit the provided the link.

Is Justin Bieber still in love with Selena Gomez?

Maybe he still care’s for her in a way but I still believe Justin & Selena were paired off together for PR! And I don’t believe he’s all that in love w/ Hailey Baldwin, just another conquest`for him, it’s referred to as being besotted w/ someone to the point of behaving foolishly, like rushing into marriage! Only thing Hailey want’s is a piece of Justin’s fortune, he’s a fool for not getting a prenup, let’s hope he’s not stupid enough to knock her up or she will get a nice chunk of child support, just a young girl who doesn’t have to work for anything & grew up spoiled! I’ll give till the new year & he will drop her quicker than he hooked up w/ her!

Do you think Justin Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez?

It was a publicity stunt. They put there relationship on display way too much. You can tell because they always made sure they were photographed kissing, going out and leaving hotels together. Beyonce and Jay-Z were together for nearly 4 years and paps never got a picture of them doing anything together because they were so private. But with Selena and Justin I believe that the whole thing was fake and he was just out with other girls because he could be. Once Selena became higher in celebrity status all of a sudden the relationship ended. And Justin got to shake off what was left of that bubblegum image he has been trying to get rid of.

My boyfriend is begging me to go back together?

u cant just stay with someone to save their feelings
i know its hard to see him so upset cos of u but if u stay with him he'll just know in the back of his mind your doubts now and that will tear him up gradually
u havent done anything wrong uve been open with him about your doubts and thats the best thing for it
the first couple of weeks of the breakup will be rough on him obv and u'll have to stay your distance as that will make him feel better
someone will definitely love u like that again
it is unfair of him and his sister to act like this towards you it is emotional blackmail and you should try to ignore it. if you have doubts about being with him and want to be single you are definitely not in love
maybe to make him feel better you could tell him how you're not going to be with anyone else for a while until you're both more comfortable with the break up and whole situation?

he WILL get over u, ive been in this sitch before and my ex even self harmed in front of me every time i tried to end it and they r completely fine now n thats great, it just takes time and distance. i think if you just keep strong n stick to your decision everything will work out, dumping him and going back to him all the time is just messing with his feelings and its gona make it worse
and i dont know theres nothing really you can do about your best friend, if u dont have feelings for him back then jst say how it is and say you wanna stay friends.

Did Justin Bieber ever deserve Selena Gomez?

No never.Selena is such a kind hearted,beautiful singer. Most of her song is about justin obvi. Hear some of her songs like (fetish,wolves,back to you) they are very good to hear. She never left justin. But JB is a pure play boy. He never love anyone for real. He played with selenas heart. He married hailey baldwin and now he is going back to selena and planning for a divorce. I find him absolutely stupid. He dont deserve a true love.

Is selena gomez dating justin Bieber?

Nope, they're just friends for now, but i think they eventually WILL date, then i will be sad lol :(

Is Justin Bieber dating Selena Gomez?

My mom just randomly came in my room and told me that justin bieber is dating selena gomez, lol. is was on enews and ellen, or something like that. but i thought they were joking, but my mom said it, like it was fact or something. does anyone have any informatiion on this?