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Does Anybody Have A Rough Estimate For The Available Stock Of Xbox Ones Tomorrow

Should I start investing in cryptocurrency in 2018? Is it too late?

NoSimilar to the bubble in 1999 where the internet would revolutionize the world, people got ahead of themselves in terms of valuations. Anything with a “.Com” behind it instantly had money pouring into it. Today we can make the same similarity with “blockchain” at the beginning of 2018. Valuations got ahead of themselves. Some coins with no plausible ideas became worth hundreds of millions of dollars. About a month ago the cryptomarket broke a huge support level and has been in free fall ever since. I would expect more of this bloodshed until we find some more support at lower levels. The cryptomarket is growing and will continue to grow, however the valuations we place on some of these coins are very high still. In the end, the price is dependent of what other people will pay for it.Dont get me wrong, I am long-term on crypto. But am also an investor that sees the cost I pay for its growth. When valuations get cheaper I would be more interested to get in. It could be sooner or later this year, we will see how low this bear market in crypto lasts. Because I see instituions viewing crypto as a new AI asset class I believe it isn’t going away, but I don’t want to go in it blindly at whatever price. As an investor it is better to buy when the market is fearful than when it is optimistic.Edit: Thanks for the upvotes. It looks like the crypto market is currently in a trading range between $275b market cap and $375b. Today's bounce indicates there is strong support at $275b (similar to previous supports since the beginning of the year). Hopefully this indicates a bull market for crypto as we move back up in the trading range waiting for a big catalyst to break out of this range.6/22/18: Trading range broke, bears won. We will see how low it will go. Will update when I see it look bullish.6/30/18- Great support found at $250b market cap. This could be a trend reversal. Let's see how it plays out.7/18/18: Healthy consolidation, could be a trend reversal. I imagine it going back up to 350b and pause from there… unless the crypto etf is approved. Then may go higher.7/24: Bought the dip, took somw profits off the table. It is unlikely a BTC ETF will be approved but the market is going up cause of it. I would buy the dips and sell the news until Aug 10th, then wait to see if we continue higher.

Can I buy and sell the same company's stocks repeatedly in the same day?

Yes. You can buy and sell the same company stocks any number of times there is no such restriction that you can only buy and sell x number of times.If you have time from market opening till market closed and you can think you can execute 5000 order also there wont be any issue only the thing is your account should be filled up with the margin.There are few stocks which you cant buy and sell the same day which are the stocks who are in upper circuit . If stock which are at upper circuit and you sold that and you wont get opportunity to buy back as there are no sellers in this stock.IF you sold any stock which is at upper circuit and not able to buy then exchange will impose a penalty of anything between 5 to 15 %Trade to trade stock also you cant sell the same day due to rules and regulations or else you will be penalized for the same if you do.Rest stocks can be bought and sold any number of time.At Zerodha , all stock investments are Free & a maximum of Rs. 20 is charged per executed order for Options, Futures, Commodities & Currencies.Charges:Equity & Mutual fund Investment - Zero BrokerageF&O and Commodity Trading - flat Rs 20 per order.Click here to open account in 2mins: OPEN ONLINE ACCOUNTHappy Investing :)Regards,Srigopal Bhattad

What is your Stronghold Crusader strategy?

You only need two wood huts... Because honestly... Its easier just to buy the wood... *** I tend to be reckless and build my estate in a larger city like thing... Building packed close... Do not do this... Its very risky. All it takes is for one building to burn then they all will... Use your archers carefully! because you will not have time to make more.... Dont even bother with Crusader units except for pikemen... Everything else takes to much time to create... Also, make sure that you popularity remains 100... You can tax people if you want... But I wouldnt reccomend it.. The no food leaves -8 x.x Chaa... This trick is cheating but.. hell if you need to ... Just click on the iron mines... Press pause.. Put that building out of labor.. Then back in labor[Needs to be done when paused]... One final thing. Try not to get over a 500 population... It will become a pain in the *** o.O!!!! WATCH ALE!!! ITS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ITEM!!!

Cheats/cheat codes for animal crossing:wild world?

OK-can sum1 tell me cheats and/or cheat codes for animal crossing:wild world(DS).ones that make getting money(bells) easier!!!!! plz i have to pay off my mortgag which,is lyk 828,000$!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there any news about an update of the PUBG Mobile?

Yes there is!! I'll share a pic instead of writing about it. The release date has however not yet been revealed.

Is it a good idea to buy a PS4 slim in 2018? Or is it too late?

Hi,Some information for you so that you can decide for yourself.All games that run on ps 4 pro. Will run on the ps4 slim. I own a ps4 not even slim. I am thoroughly enjoying myself.You will get all games released for the ps4 till date at a very discounted rate. Check out these master pieces you can get for a bargain: Last of Us, Metal Gear Phatom Pain, Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher 3, Bloodborne, GTA V, Street Fighter, God of War Remastered, Infamous Second Son. These are some of my favourites. Do check them out yourself.There is a host of superb games slated to release in 2018. The one i am loking forward to most of God of War 4.Check this out4. As mentioned in a separate answer if you play the waiting game you will keep waiting.5. I am not sure if you are thinking to buy the ps 4 pro. If yes read through this answer i wrote a while back. Rahul Verma's answer to Which is better, a PS4 or a PS4 Pro?The ps4 is an awesome console even in 2018. Consider all the facts and decide for yourself. Do not let people tell you that you are buying an old console. It will be you who needs to enjoy the games.Cheers happy gaming!PS: I got my ps4 2 years back on my anniversary. It still performs the way it did when i opened the box and played god of war on it for the first time.

I'm 22 years old and I want to become a millionaire by 35. How do I do this?

First of all congratulations on your goal!Second of all, $1M does not take 13 years with proper guidance and can easily be achieved in under 2–3 years (if a person is mature enough and ready)Couple thins to consider:What do you enjoy doing?What are your strengths?Where are you wasting time?The reason why I am bringing this up is because when you know what you like (even a slight direction for now because it can be developed) then you are able to structure your life around your passion.Education (I am not talking about school) is very important! Once you get an idea of what you want to pursue, you will then need to become the expert in the field. There are countless # of books out there and if you are a slow reader (like myself) then go for Audible..Next.. Begin branding yourself or your project and START NOW! Having an online presence is more important than you think *and don’t go cheap on this)Depending on your “service” which you need to figure out.. Begin getting clients that you will serve and provide the best possible service. The testimonials and connections will help you a ton in the future.As you begin making money, take a portion of it and save it (pay yourself first) and then take another portion of it and invest it into something that will begin to create automate monthly revenue (subscription plans, membership, or even coaching on your craft if you are great at it)The method is pretty simple but not short and easy..Step 1. Invest in yourself (education)Step 2. Brand yourself and create a reputationStep 3. Invest your money into things that make more money (auto)Step 4. Repeat step 1–3The goal here is not to just make $1,000,000!It should be to create a system of at least 5–10 streams of income that way you don’t always have to “trade your time for money” since we only have a limited supply of time..Good luck!