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Does Anybody Know About The Show Of Discovery Channel Comes In Weekends In India Called

Anybody know what happened to the cartoon?

Martin Mystery had been aired in Canada on YTV and Discovery Kids in English and on VRAK.TV in French since 2004. In May 2005, Nickelodeon and NickToons Network began to air Martin Mystery as well, Nickelodeon removed Martin Mystery from their line up in August 2005. It is also seen on MBC 3 & ART Teenz channels nowadays but in Arabic (with the voice talents of "Mariam El Khesht" as "Diana Lombard" & "Mo'awad Ismail" as "Martin"). Martin Mystery began airing on Disney Channel on 2004 on its weekday afternoon line up. It was temporarily replaced by Sabrina, the Animated Series and was returned on the line up. Its airing schedule was changed from Monday to Friday to Thursday and Friday as The Emperor's New School airs from Monday to Wednesday. This January, it was totally removed from the weekday line up. It currently airs on Disney Channel Asia every weekend mornings and now also weekday aftertoons right after Totally Spies.

The show is produced by Marathon Production (a French television production company based in Paris), which also produces Totally Spies and Team Galaxy. Like Totally Spies, Martin Mystery takes on a style reminiscent of Japanese anime, although it is produced in Europe. Boys resembling Martin and rival Marvin, and Diana have appeared as cameos in Totally Spies in its episode "Super Agent Much?" and many others. Martin guest starred in the 2007 "Totally Spies" episode "Totally Mystery Much?" which had him team up with the spies to investigate Yeti sightings. The only other Martin Mystery character to appear in this "Totally Spies" episode was M.O.M.

What happened to discovery kids?

Discovery Kids broadcasted a Saturday morning E/I programming lineup for children which replaced TNBC called Discovery Kids on NBC, which ran from October 5, 2002 through September 2, 2006, when NBC ended the partnership and created a new E/I block called qubo.

What is the name of the song in Discovery channel North America commercial?

I've been watching Frozen Planet on Discovery channel an I keep seeing the commercial for Discovery's new series North America coming in 2013. I just want to know the name of the song in the commercial. If anyone knows the title or artist please tell me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Why shows like savdhan India and crime patrol are not banned?

This question is asked by people who know something which is happening around them that many people don’t know or think that it could happen.Well, I don’t know what to say. People around us take things according to what their mind tell them. These TV shows are for social awareness. But as its a saying too much of anything is not good for health, even drinking too much water can cause kidney failure. Every thing has flip sides. TV impact each one of our life seriously. We watch a movie and try to be like that Hero, We wants to have a Movie start like girlfriend, We try to live funky and cool life, adopt fashion, some people learn to intoxicated because their favorite hero do this. People see what they connect toAwareness programs are important but I have seen people going mad, doing doubts on everyone, start fighting from their close people because of that even there are many cases of cheating, killing, kidnapping inspired by such TV shows. Some cases are extreme but most of bad impact back in our head happen to 60% of us according to a study who take these things seriously.I myself have seen 6 of the cases out of these two were extreme and are case of murder. Other 4 are family stress situations because of such TV shows. Even when they stop watching these TV shows, there was a significant improvement in their family relation.These are some of the news of crime inspired by such showsफिरोजाबाद में टीवी सीरियल से प्रेरित होकर की अगवा छात्र की हत्याShepherd murdered following ‘Savdhaan India’ episode - Times of IndiaPune: Boy held for robbery, was ‘inspired by crime show’Jaipur: Inspired by 'Savdhaan India' episode man hacks shepherd to death - News Crab | DailyHunt‘She was inspired by crime shows’and list goes on… just google Crime inspired by crime shows to see more.Should there be a ban on such TV shows?I think these kind of people should be banned watching these TV shows. But finding out this issue on time before these people do anything is sometimes impossible. sometimes they don’t do extreme things but their life get impacted somehow and so do to the people around them. God help these people, their targets and their friends and family who suffers because of them.

Is there a way to watch American TV channels in the Philippines?

The cable operators have US based channels, along with other foreign owned programs among the offerings. CNN, ESPN, ETC, Disney, Discovery, CNBC, Australian, Japanese, German Korean, Indian, channels, STAR WORLD, Hallmark, HBO, Animax, MTV, etc etc.

I would like to opt my career in travelling like TravelXP, food show hosts, weekend tour hosts, TLC, in Fox traveller and such things. What should I possess in order to get those job positions?

Believe me, I too crave for such an opportunity! Not only me, every travel geek would be dying to do such jobs. Also movies like Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Zindagi Na milegi Dobara has kindled the travel beast in each individual…Well, it is not that easy to pursue a career in travelling and every one cannot achieve it in the first go. Below are few things that I think one should possess to become a host in these international travel networks:Good communication skills - verbal, kinesics & proxemics.Good vocabularyAn inward flowing passion to travel and experience ‘'never like before' adventures.Should be up-to-date on general knowledge - specifically the historical specifics of places etc… (Once you land on the job you might have fact checkers, but to land there you should do some homework)Should have traveled many places atleast within the home counry so that you can show yourself as one who is aware of the travel culture and someone who has the love to do it.Should be flexible with time, place and most important - MONEY (not all such jobs are well payed, at least in the initial days.) Your perks will be free of cost travelling.Should have minimal / no personal commitments. This is the biggest barrier - many suppress their love for travelling or get stuck at this phase. I have seen/experienced travel plans getting cancelled or postponed infinitely as buds.Overcome all these, keep exploring options and new places every now and then. If your luck is with you and you land in your dream job, do give me a call once :) Would love to hear the experience.All the best & Happy Travelling!God Speed!

What are the people called they pick up dead bodies at crime scenes i guess they work for the coroners office?

People who work in the coroner's office are called coroners. They're the ones who are responsible for picking up the bodies at crime scene and delivering them to the morgue. The coroner is also responsible for any autopsies to determine the cause of death, etc. Being a coroner requires a medical degree.

The people who come in afterwards to clean up - like washing the blood off the walls, etc. - are just a specially trained cleaning crew. I don't believe there's any required formal education, although, a background in chemistry and/or biology would probably be helpful. They also need some special training and certification on how to deal with the hazardous waste, bodily fluids, and dangerous chemicals that are part of their job.

How much do TV ads cost in India on average for 30secs?

The cost of advertising on Television depends on the following factors:Timing of advertisement: If you want to advertise between 7AM - 9AM it varies between INR 1,000 - INR 24,000 for 30 seconds of advertisement. English channels like HBO charge you about INR 1000 and News chanel charge the highest about INR 24,000 as the viwership is maximum in the morning.Weekends Vs Weekdays: The cost of advertising during Weekends goes as high as 45% when compared during a weekday. The cost depends based on the channel.Surprisingly movie channels charge you lower on a Sunday. The cost drops by almost 45% during weekendsViewership: The cost of advertising differs from channel to channel based on the number of viewers they attract.Average amount spent per customer for an advertisement of 30 seconds is about INR 0.007. (Yes the reach is great)Cost of advertising by Channels, Viewers and Timing:Source:; self analysis