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Does Anyone Else Find It Gross To Make Out

Anyone else feel gross?

I'm 17 weeks and I just look fat too! I haven't told many acquaintances that I'm pregnant, and I spent most of last summer losing weight. I got down to 108 lbs and now I look like I just gave up and started eating loaves of bread coated in Crisco for every meal. I'm sure they're wondering about me! I'm anxious for the day that I look pregnant, and not like a chunker. Pregnancy is always beautiful on the inside, but only on the outside when you can tell that the person is pregnant!
Good luck to all the mommies to be, and congratulations :)

Does anyone else find it gross that some Taco Bells make your food without using gloves?

Apparently at Taco Bell it's not a RULE that they have to wear gloves, so some don't. My friend works at one and they have always worn them, but I went to another Taco Bell the other day and watched this guy make food with his bare hands, touching the cheese and meat and all the food. the lady in front of me had just ordered and i was watching him and was like, are you seeing this guy? hes making your food without gloves on. She was like, oh, thats pretty nasty..... and seemed liek she didn't know what to do. I left. Who knows where that guy's hands had been, and considering that the peopel who work there look trashy, I don't even want to imagine.

Does anyone else find this annoying...?

Kind of, but everyone has their obsessions. I am half-Japanese. People always want to talk to me like I know everything about it. I have to let them know I do not. I like the Japanese culture and am very proud to be a part of that in some small way, but I was born in America. I really feel bad about disappointing people, but I am very proud to be an American. Sometimes, that pride is tested, but we all have our faults. The Japanese culture is a very good culture, but in no way is it perfect. Their drive for success is a perfect example of this. They are nice too one another, but they are also very hard on one another too. It is the whole Star Wars Yoda thing, "do, or do not. There is no 'try'." That attitude would not be tolerated in American society. This is proven every time you hear on the news about a parent being jailed for spanking their child. I would not spank a child, but I do not fault any parent from taking any means necessary for disciplining their child.

Anyone else find it odd that ...?

Do you understand that if we focused our spending on advancing energy and the auto industry (like Obama suggested last night) we wouldn't pay $6.00 a gallon for milk. Most increases in prices are coming from the increase in oil.

The fact is that if you make enough money to pay a little extra you should. You should pay it to help advance our country and help take care of our fellow americans (not the ones that abuse the system, but the ones that really need it).

What are people whining and crying about. I don't live outside of my means. I do not need to be "bailed out" and frankly, anyone who is silly enough to live outside their means deserves what they get.

Mcain comes from the same school of thought as Bush. You can all see where that school of thought has gotten us. In debt up to our eyeballs, fighting a war strictly to protect our illustrious leaders financial interests in the middle east. Does anyone else realize that President Bush's company was the largest investor is Bin Laden's company, or that Chaney and Bush both stand to gain a great deal when the drilling in the middle east is complete. Why on earth would we put someone who believes the same things back into office.

The clynical definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So if you vote for Mccain you must be insane.

Does anyone else not find kissing so fun anymore?

Eh, especially in a long-term relationship, it doesn't stay the same. I've neevr really gotten a lot out of it and I've had great, loving kisses. It is still fun to kiss and I still get the urge to kiss my boyfriend but the tongue swapping isn't like WOW. It's hard to explain. It's know how the kiss is going to go, what it feels like, etc. It's very easy to get used to kisses no matter how good they are. Even when you change it up with the lip biting and sucking you STILL get into a habit with that sometimes. So I do agree, it's not THAT fun anymore but still nice to do.

Does anyone else find this disgusting?

I work as a server at a fine dining restaurant.Today a couple of my coworkers (both have worked together before and are friends) decided to share with me how they have taken revenge on rude customers and practical 'jokes'.They told horrenduous stories of spitting in food, dropping food on the floor and serving it on purpose, drinking out of customers glasses and then watching at a distance and laughing as the customer drank unknowingly, and even putting gum under pepperoni on pizza before it was cooked. I said for them to stop telling me, because I was sickened by the fact that they thought this was funny.They then said, 'no, you don't understand! They deserved it!' I said no one deserves that.They continued trying to convince me. I said I don't care how rude someone is, no one deserves that. I was so disgusted especially to be working with servers who think this behaviour is appropriate.Worse, now I am afraid they may do something to my drinks or food.What do u think i should do?

Anyone else think vaginas are gross?

would you me to send you a picture of my 10 inch penis and see if that turns you on?

Does anyone else get horny on there period?

It's perfectly natural to feel horny during your periods because of the high levels of hormones. Unprotected sex during periods is messy and can increase the risk of getting a sexually trasmitted infection.

Does anyone else hate highschool?

let me tell u...First I work in education (from pre-school till post secondary (ages 18-22) NOT only did I hate high school, I think it hated me back! I ditched as much as I could 10th grade. THEN i discovered "Independant study". I could do my schoolwork at home. Basically, I hated the crappy social game. NOT FOR ME!!! Well, after I went thru it, I realized it wasn't "school" I hated as much as the "social game" I went to school, then (without a degree, although I don't recommend it) got a job working "special education, which I LOVE, and I am working toward a degree in education. I wish U well, because there's nothing worse than being sentenced 4 years to a place which seems like "HELL" BTW...see a school councellor..thet might be able to help. Good luck, hun!!

You could be somewhat “germophobic” or have some other kind of hang-up’s over germs and bodily fluids. It really isn’t that abnormal, when you think about it: vaginas, anuses, even mouths carry a ton of bacteria, there’s always a possibility of getting an STD, and do you even know the last time that person took a shower? flossed and brushed their teeth well? thoroughly cleaned their genital area? Unless you saw them do it, do you really want to put your dick into that, being so uncertain?Of course, this is just a suggestion, and maybe germs aren’t your specific issue. Maybe it’s a moral thing that makes you feel grossed out by sex (and it sounds like maybe nudity in general, if you’re also grossed out by reproductive organs alone). Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure, because I’m not your subconsciousHonestly though, unless this is the response of some kind of traumatic experience, I don’t think this is necessarily a cause of concern. A lot of people like sex, some don’t, some are grossed out by it. You don’t have to like sex or engage in sex just because it’s what others are doing or because they’ll tell you “sex is amazing, what’s wrong with you??” I’m a demi-sexual 25-year-old male, so I don’t care for it much eitherIn short, unless you’ve experienced some kind of sexual trauma, you’re being grossed out by sex/reproductive organs could just be a personal preference. You could be asexual—though not all asexuals are “grossed out” by sex, some can be—or it could be a byproduct of your upbrining—e.g. being taught that sex and nudity is gross. But I’d need more evidence to come to any other conclusion than that you simply don’t like it, which is perfectly fine