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Does Anyone Have A Secret Rewards Card They Aren

Victoria's secret angel card...?

I was shopping at victoria's secret the other day, and the cashier asked me if i wanted to get savings, coupons, and other benefits to me just but signing up to something called an angel card, without thinking i said yes. because she said it would cost me nothing. and then afterwards i went home and i read the bouchure she gave me and i found out it was a credit card!

she never said the words credit card in the conversation, and now i am stuck with a credit card i don't need and apparently she charged what i bought there on that credit card!!

now i think i can only pay up the bills and then cancel the card. but i am wondering if i will also have to pay for extra fees, for example, a monthly fee or something just because i "used" the card?

anyone else had this happened to you? what did you do?? please help!

How many credit cards is too many?

Actually it makes no difference, I once had 14 credit cards and still had credit scores above 800 because of the way I managed them by always paying them off in full before the due dates.

I have since cut back to 3 major cards that I use for just about everything I but every month and still pay them off in full before the due dates and still have scores well over 800. Plus never pay penny in interest or fees and actually make several hundred dollars a year in cash back rewards.

As far as you AMX do not cancel it or lower your limits this will adversely affect your score.

So to answer your question, no 3 credit cards is not to many, actually it's just about right. Most experts recommend that people have 3-4 credit card accounts (revolving) with balances below 30% of their limits and 2 cars, homes, motorcycles, furniture, computers or personal accounts (installment) all with good long payment history's to have the very best score and profile.

How many credit cards does the average person have?


It is not the number of cards that you hold but how well you service them. If you wish to improve your score then,

1. Don't apply for fresh credit cards
2. Don't rush to cancel existing cards
3. Use only what you can repay in full every month
4. Limit your usage to below 30% of your total available credit limit across all credit cards.
And most importantly,
5. Wait patiently. Give yourself time, at least 6 months to see your score absorb the positive changes.

Good Luck!

How do I cancel a Bank of America credit card?

It depends why you are cancelling your card.If it lost, stolen, or fraudulent activity, telephone their emergency number which will be on their last Statement, or you can look it up on the internet. Tell them that it is stolen or their is suspicious activity, they will cancel the card so that it cannot be used, and if chip n pin block the account electronically.They will then send you a new card with a completely different number, and transfer the balance of your old card in to the new account. That account will be placed on “fraud watch” for probably three months to make sure that there is no further fraudulent/suspicious activity.  You should  also notify the Police.If there is no fraud or misuse  and you want to close it volountarily, just write to their main correspondence address or Head Office, stating that you wish to close that account, requesting a final Statement of Account. They will give you the option of either paying off the total debt, or alternatively continue paying the bill in instalments.  They would prefer you do the latter since they make more money that way !Destroy the card by cutting it up through the long number and then in to two further pieces, if it is Chip n Pin, one part being the Chip  (that way it cannot be cloned). However do not send it back either intact or cut up again so that it cannot be copied.

How do I cancel my Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card?

I've been a credit card user for over 25 years and I can see nothing amiss with this card.
The interest rate 22.8% is average for a store card (all store cards have a higher interest rate than an ordinary Visa/Mastercard)
This card offers you more rewards than most store cards.
If you think it is a bad deal, then it is unlikely any store card would appeal to you

Are there any secret hacks to earn airline miles?

Not really - I mean, not in the sense that there are these hidden methods of earning miles that are only known to those with access to arcane arts and knowledge. Pretty much every way to earn miles is laid out on the airline website and, if you let them email you, any short-term promotions will find their way to your inbox.The big thing is to actually take the time to read the rules for your airline’s frequent flyer program. If you don’t understand how it works then you can’t possibly take advantage of it. But also stop to think about what’s important to you. Delta, for example, gives you miles if you use Lyft. So I started using Lyft and I saw that it didn’t really get me much in the way of miles - a few tens of miles per trip. At the same time, Lyft in NYC really sucks - after three trips in a row where the driver never cancelled but kept driving further and further away from me (in one case he passed less than three blocks from where I was standing), I pulled the plug on Lyft - the paltry number of miles wasn’t worth the aggravation.Anyhow - back to the topic at hand - miles.Book all of your travel with the same airline if possible and with partners if you have to. Get an airline credit card - preferably one that gives you bonus miles if you use it to book travel on your airline. Sometimes you get bonus miles by paying for an upgrade to Economy Comfort or First Class - above and beyond the miles from making the flight and using your airline card. Use partner programs - car rental, hotel, restaurant, flowers, etc. But be sensible - it makes no sense to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers just to get a few hundred miles. And keep an eye out for the rare double miles opportunities! Some airlines, too, will give bonus miles for charging a certain amount on your card - Delta, for example, gives a 15,000 mile bonus if you charge $30,000 on your card in a particular year. So it can make sense, if you’re close to that amount, to charge a hundred dollars to get the 15,000 mile bump.That sort of thing. Again - read the rules and see where you get the most bang for your buck. Oh - and generally it’s not worth it to just buy miles unless you’re really close to some threshold.

What is the best way to motivate yourself when there aren't major consequences?

A large number of children were split at random into two groups.Both groups were given some toys to play with. After a while one group was offered sweets (candy) if they continued to play with the toys for another ten minutes. The other group were left as they were.The group that had been given the sweets were then left to continue to play - but most lost a lot of their interest in the toys. Many stopped playing altogether. The group that hadn’t been bribed continued playing happily.The researchers concluded that although external rewards can motivate, if they are introduced and then removed then there is a likelihood that people will be demotivated. After all, the rewarded group will have thought, if what we’re doing is of so little value that we’ve had to be given rewards, then it can’t be worth doing for its own sake.Further studies have shown the same thing. Reward behaviour and then remove the reward and people become unmotivated.External rewards and punishments such as our passing or failing courses obviously do work. The problem, as you’ve discovered, is that when they’re removed or weakened ’s difficult to keep going. You’ve been working for the pass, or to avoid failing.The solutionThe children who weren’t rewarded for playing with the toys just kept enjoying them. Why? They found playing with them intrinsically rewarding: there was no need for external rewards.The challenge for you is to find that intrinsic reward.People who are intrinsically motivated are interested in what they do. They ask questions all the time and want to know as much as they can. They want to talk about the subject. They have dreams of knowing far more than they currently do.How can you achieve this?There’s something called ‘Do good, be good.’ It’s based on the idea that we form opinions about ourselves largely on the basis of what we do. So if we do good things then we start to think of ourselves as good people.In the same way, if you act like someone who is intrinsically motivated then you’ll soon begin to see yourself in that way. Just keep going - be curious, chat to people about what you are studying, think of how great it would be to really become quite expert at the subject. Soon you will think of yourself as genuinely wanting to learn for the sake of it.Good luck!