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Does Anyone Know Of A Good Rug Manufacturer

Does anyone know of a GOOD iron?

Rowenta makes fabulous irons. They have a wide distribution channel so you normally can find them at Macy's as well as Target or Kohl's

Helpful hint: To prolong the life of a steam iron, only used distilled water, not tap water or purified water.

Any good manufacturers?

You will need to be established as a wholesale buyer and in most situations you will be required to buy a minimum amount of goods from your supplier. Often that minimum purchase is $2500.00 to $5,000.00 dollars.

Does anyone know of a good rug manufacturer?

Manufacturers in other countries do not always follow patent or copyright laws or are not subject to the consequences of breaking them, therefore beware that the possibility of your designs being copied are high.

I would go to a rug shop and peak at the labels for manufacturer names and start from there. Or, call a rug shop and ask them who their manufacturers are. This would also be a good networking tactic to market your designs when they are put into production, perhaps.

1, What are the clothespins made of? 2, If they are made of plastic or rubber, it is within our capabilities. Welcome to get in touch with us: sales01(at)rpimoulding(dot)com3, If they do not take much space, then it cost not much for the shipping, and then it is workable to have them made in China. If hollow inside like bottles, they take too much space for shipping.4, If the mold is made by us, no MOQ is required from us. We even make 50-100pcs for our customers.5, For the payment, 50% mold cost as deposit, and 50% when the samples are approved. Usually the lead time for the mold is about 30 days. So I think it works for you.6, We are also small factory, and we know your condition, and we are willing to grow with our customers.

Does anyone know a product that REALLY gets a stain out of carpet or upholstery?

Spot Shot! We buy ours at Sam's Club (use it for house, vehicles, etc) and it works great. My mother in law spilled Red Oil Based paint in their off white carpet and a week later we were able to get the stain out with Spot Shot and you can't tell it ever happened. I have also used it to get oil out of my car carpet, to remove pet stains and to remove industrial paint and grease from a "ruined" rug that was given to me. I swear by this stuff and have yet to find a stain that it won't remove. Some stains do require persistance, but it comes out. The rug I previously mentioned was a $300 area rug that had several spots of black industrial paint and grease about the size of a golf ball. My husband and I spent a couple of hours one evening with a can of Spot Shot and a clean tire brush and took turns spraying and scrubbing. The rug is now in our living room and you can't tell that there was ever anything wrong with it. The rug was given to me to "recycle" and the spot shot and time spent was well worth it! I swear by the stuff! Especially with two dogs and a mechanic for a husband (I swear he is trying to find a stain that stuff won't get out).

Does anyone know how BEST to keep a carpet placed on a rug from bunching and moving?

You NEED the special liner or cloth that is especially made to hold rugs in place.. They make them special for rug over soft surface and rug over carpet. They are "tacky" to the touch but will no residue. They come in a variety of sizes so know your rug size.. If you have an odd shaped rug you can cut these liners w/ scissors and pc them together. The use of the rubber shelf line may leave a permanent residue stain on carpet. The rug hold lines are made to breathe .. They will lose their " tackiness" after a while from normal day to day dirt and such. They are made to toss in the washer and the"tackiness" come back.. Any flooring questions you can e mail me through my avatar... GL

Does anyone know how to clean a fake sheepskin rug?

get rid of airborne dirt and dirt with the help of brushing up the wool pile with a twine brush, shaking out the exterior and vacuuming with an attachment. 2 positioned the rug on your washer and use a non-enzyme shampoo made specially for cleanable sheepskin products. Pre-soak the rug interior the shampoo for 20 minutes in case you have obdurate stains or dirt. 3 Wash on delicate cycle utilising lukewarm water that would not exceed a hundred tiers F. 4 upload a extreme-high quality wool conditioner to the astounding rinse to melt the leather-based and situation the wool. Rinse as quickly as greater and spin dry. 5 Lay the rug flat and dry it removed from warmth. gently flex and rub down the exterior side on a similar time as the rug dries to melt it. 6 Brush the dried rug back to repair the wool pile good success TO YOU

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Anyone know of a good online website for large area rugs thats not really expensive?

Try the Following:

Let me know if you need any postage costs

Does anyone know how to clean up large amounts of blood off of a wall and carpet?

There are companies in business that do this type of work...Look up Crime Scene Cleanup on the net or in your local phonebook. The thing is, they will ask for a police report number before they even THINK about rolling to your location. I have a friend that does this type of work, and I moonlight doing it myself. I wouldn't DARE tell you over the internet how to go about cleaning it up. Getting it out of the carpet is not as simple as it may appear to be.

If your wife 'USUALLY' does it, and she is out of town, ask for instructions over the phone. The chemicals she use would be around the house. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! If you can type in the question and expect a reply, then you can read a bottle.

This sounds soooooo fishy. I look forward to seeing you on the news!