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Does Anyone Know The Link Of This Equality And Diversity Video

I have a question about racial inequality in America (see details)?

I really dont like blaming things on the past - we humans have the ability to change our situation. The issue is whether or not we have the drive and desire to improve ourselves...

So, I tend to subscribe to the sociological point of view, being that there are subcultures within cultures, and that these subcultures are what is the main driving force... Why is it that Jews tend to be financially responsible? Because they tend to help each other and hire fellow Jews for work. Why are Asians generally better in academic studies than their white, black or Hispanic counterpart? Because the Asian subculture puts a heavy value on education. Why is there a 60% unemployment rate amongst black males in the City of Oakland, and why is the homicide rate there 90% black males and the arrest rate for homicide is the same 90% black males? Because the subculture there is one of gangs and making a quick buck off drug sales, not having a 9-5 job and paying taxes like everyone else.

People can blame the past all they want - but I will not be convinced. We all have choices to make - and that is the choice that some make.

Does Everyone in the US have the Same Equal Opportunity?

No. Anyone who tells you otherwise lives in a bubble or is blinded by racism.

There are many people who work very hard and are not rewarded. There are people who do nothing who advance quickly based on who they know. You will be rewarded in life according to how well you are favored by those who have power over you. We do not live in a pure meritocracy. If we did, would a C-student, former frat boy, drunk-until-age-40, ex-male cheerleader currently be our President?

Women on average still earn less money than men for the same job. Just because laws don't explicitly forbid certain things, that does mean everyone has equal opportunity. For example, the Constitution doesn't say that only white men can be President, but only white men have ever actually been President. Women couldn't even vote until the early twentieth century.

Today gay people do not have equal opportunity to marriage and the associated tax benefits.

If everyone had equal opportunity in the USA, 90% of the wealth would not be controlled by less than 10% of the population.

I am a heterosexual white male.

How can DNA can be linked to both the unity and diversity of all life?

DNA links life because it shows all organisms have a common ancestor. All organisms, however distantly related, share some DNA sequences which show common ancestry. Furthermore the genetic code (DNA triplets --> Amino acids) is commn to all life forms. In every form of life the mRNA anticodon AUG will code for methionine, and this applies for all triplets and amino acids.

DNA shows the diversity of life because it is responsible for it. Changes in DNA between different species determine most of the differences in their morphology, physiology and behaviour (environment also has an effect). Organisms that seem more differnt morphologically, physiologically and behaviourally are also more different genetically.

What happens to cognitive diversity when everyone is more WEIRD?

That is a good question. To answer that, I must say what is abnormal or weird behavior. Abnormal or weird behavior is that behavior which the society says “not normal or abnormal”. When comes to psychiatry, the definition of abnormal behavior is related psychological disorders.In that sense, every weird behaving person is actually behaving according to what he thinks normal.For more psychology related information and videos please visit and subscribe to this link -

Don't you think that Tinder promotes sexism with its latest video (link added) by spreading the idea that only women are expected to create their own family (no cis-hetero-males in there)?

Not really - i think it is showing the diversity of real experiences out there for women and the pressure on them to conform - which is no fun, believe me. Women are supposed to conform to such limited stereotypes in their lives and the time limit issue for having children is a pressure men NEVER have to face in the same way at all. There is more humour in it too - the reasons given are a mix of witty and genuine situations that women find themselves in. I think it anti conformist, not sexist at all, it is showing that the stereotypes for women are far more limiting than they are for men. They could has cis men on there saying some of the same things they face but its not quite the point is it, men do get to have far more choice than women generally and although there are always exceptions to every generalisation cis men do really get to not have that same pressure - i never put pressure on any of my sons to settle down and find someone, it will happen when it is the right time for them, and now one has and the other has talked it through without any excuses or lies and i totally accept and understand his e this advert points out how much people have to lie to their families to keep them happy rather than be able to have those honest open conversations about where you are in your inner life and how so many families are unable to do that because they lack to emotional literacy to do so.