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Does Anyone Know The Name Of This Child

Does anyone know the name of this children's book?

It sounds like chidi chidi bang bang, but that is not it. This book was quite the rave in 2007 or 2008, and offers many interactive play opportunities with children. Any pre-school teachers or librarian's help would be greatly appreciated.


Does anyone know the name of a children's book about a spider that stole sticky buns from a bakery.?

Does anyone know the name of a children's book about a spider that stole sticky buns from a bakery.?
I do not think it is an Anasi book and I believe it came out in the 80's maybe earlier.
I remember the illustrations showing a silly spider rolling down a street with some type of bakery bun on each leg.
I'm sure it wasn't part of a collection like the bedtime collection . It was a book that was just about that spider. Thank you so much for any help.

Does anyone know the name of the children book with the characters Flossy and Flora?

When I was child my favorite book had the characters Flossy and Flora in it. I am thinking it was a christian book. One of the little girls was mean and one was really nice...thinking they were sister. I know this seems silly but I can't find the name of the book! My nephew loves to be read too and I would like to find the book for him.... any help would be greatly appreciated...God Bless!

Does anyone know the name of this children's song?

Basically, my kindergarten teacher used to play this song for us all the time, but I can't figure out for the life of me what it was!

So the lyrics I remember were just "olly olly anna," a bunch of times (which was the chorus) and then followed by a nursery rhyme, like Humpty Dumpty and Hickory Dickory Dock. With all the "olly anna's" you would think that's what it would be called, but I searched and cannot find it. If anyone could help me out here or even give me a link, that would be awesome. Thank you so much!

Does anyone know the name of AJ Styles' 3 children?

Ajay Covell Jones

Avery Jones

Albey Jones

The first child's middle name was taken from the real last name of Styles' best friend and fellow wrestler Daniel Covell, who wrestles as "Christopher Daniels".

What are the origins of my name? Does anyone know which part of the world the 'Child' last name is from?

Chances are, if you are American, it may have originally been Kind in German (which means “child”). Many Americans had that name before World War I, but in the anti-German hysteria during the war, many Anglicized their names — Koenig/König became King, Müller/Mueller became Miller, and so on. Kind is a fairly common name in Germany — a large company specializing in hearing aids and safety clothing and equipment is called Kind-Gruppe,[1] and its boss Martin Kind is intimately involved in the leadership of a pro soccer team, Hannover 96.[2]Other than that, the name is also common in Britain, particularly in England, and dates back to Anglo-Saxon times (written cild at the time). One running theory is that the term cild originally did not mean any child, but only firstborn sons of nobility. Only gradually did it get extended to any child.[3]Footnotes[1][2] Martin Kind – Wikipedia[3] Childs Last Name Origin

Does anyone know the name of a children's caveman programme?

I think it was just on video. What I remember is a cartoon family of Cavemen. The main one was the grandad of the family. They rode dinosaurs and I think in some part there was a witch but thats all I remember. It isn't The Flintstones, Captain Caveman, Hairy Jeremy etc. I don't think it was as well known as them.

Why doesn't anyone name their child Jesus Christ?

Christ is a title, not a name. It would be like naming your child Prince, Sir or Doctor.People name their child Jesus all the time. Throughout the Spanish speaking world Jesus is a common name. Josh and Joshua are alternative anglicisations of the same name, as is the Islamic name Isa. All told, Jesus and its regional variations are amongst the most common names in the world.

Does anyone truly regret their child's name or do you get used to it no matter what?

There should never be any regrets, for more essential is to know our aims more than just our names and to teach our children likewise.Since its our aims/ever note worthier objectives that tend to help us grow ever more distinctly as well as experience an ever greater sense of well being.