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Does Anyone Know What Episode Madara Gives Nagato The Rinnegan Or Is That Made Up By Madara

When does Madara give his rinnegan to Nagato?

Madara didn't actually give it to Nagato. When Nagato was young, Madara transplanted the Rinnegan onto Nagato, without his knowledge.Madara had achieved the Rinnegan near to end of his physical life. So he decided that would have to die someday as his body was nearing the end. As a plan to be revived later on, he transplanted his eyes onto an Uzumaki individual. This was Nagato. Uzumaki clan was known for their huge chakra reserves, so the user of the Rinnegan could tap into its original power because of their chakra levels.So he transplanted his Rinnegan into a young Nagato without the boy's knowing, intending Nagato to someday use the eyes to restore Madara to life. If Nagato was to do this, however, Madara would need an agent to act on his behalf and guide Nagato towards this ultimate goal. Madara waited, connecting himself to Demonic Statue to keep him alive until someone could be found.He then found Obito in the ruins and decided that he will be the one to lead Nagato to use the Samsara of Heavenly Life to bring him back to life.

Why did Madara give Nagato the Rinnegan?

It's pretty simple. One who has the Rinnegan can use the Samsara of Heavenly Technique and revive someone.

Madara knew that since Nagato was an Uzumaki, he would be very strong and be able to use the Rinnegan. So he gave it to him knowing that he would be easily manipulated by Obito. When the right time had come, Nagato would use that technique to revive Madara at his prime and consequently Madara would achieve his goal, the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Nagato, however , used that technique in Konoha and revived everyone. His body was in a weakened state and died after he used it.

@Rayman: The seize of our eyes grows very little since we are born, meaning that it is possible to give the eyes of a grown up man to a child.

Why and how did Madara give Nagato the Rinnegan?

You've got the wrong order really. He chose Nagato for being an Uzumaki, a Clan that's infamous for there endurance, they live longer, are more resistant to illness, and can survive normally lethal injuries. The Rinnegan are POWERFUL, even an extraordinary Ninja would die trying to get a Rinnegan to work that's not there's, even Obito, who was easily Kage level, could only use 1. That Nagato was an Uzumaki was the only reason he could use them, and even then he was pretty much crippled and doomed to die in his mid age, rather then living over 100 years like an Uzumaki should.As for how Marada found Nagato(well it was probably Zetsu that found him) and it was because he was an Uzuamaki, they were keeping tabs on the remnants of the Uzumaki Clan after they had been largely destroyed.

How did Madara Uchiha give Nagato the Rinnegan?

In the world of Naruto, transplanting eyes is merely poping eyeballs into eye sockets then use healing factor or apply healing jutsu. It is not that hard to do.Kakashi got his Sharingan working instantly without the use of advance surgery procedure. Rin just put Obito’s eye on Kakashi’s eye socket then healed it. The enemy hasn’t even made a considerable distance from them and the procedure was already done. Kakashi kills the enemy. Only then did the rest of the rocks fell on Obito.Madara got his Rinnegan back and stole Kakashi’s Sharingan by merely grabbing the eyes with his bare hands then poping them on his eye sockets like lego piecesDo you think it was hard for Madara to sneak into Amegakure and maybe put Nagato and his parents in a genjutsu without them knowing then proceeded with the transplant? He would just need to simply take out Nagato’s eyes then replace them with his own. That’s not so hard for him to do.I figured Madara had transplanted a pair of Sharingan after he gave his Rinnegan to Nagato since he was shown to have eyes as an old man. But I also think that he didn’t even need eyes if its just for seeing.How did he know Sasuke’s Mangekyou Pinwheel pattern? He must be psychic, huh!He doesn’t even need eyes to move around and fight an army of monsters.Heck! He can even summon Susano without any eyes.Note that Nagato is an Uzumaki, and hence heals minor injuries fairly quickly due to their imensly strong life force.I hope this makes it clear that it was quite easy for Madara to transplant his own Rinnegan to an unsuspecting child which is Nagato.

Did Jiraiya know that Madara implanted the Rinnegan in Nagato? Why or why not?

Jariya meet him after he got that dojutsu and he didn't know the process to awaken it (senju or uzumaki + uchiha). It could have been clear to him by the red hair that nagato was an uzumaki but he still didn't know the process. All he knew was that it was a legendary dojustu that was suppose to have been wheeled by the sage of six paths. Jariya never meet madara and he had no clue it wasn't originally nagato's.

How come madara gave nagato the rinnegun ?

It's not what you think, he didn't just give it to Nagato for any reason. First off, we're not 100% sure it's actually Madara. Secondly, he can't just hand it to anyone. The Rinnegan was given to Madara's ancestor by the Sage of the Six Paths, so we know Madara has to have some link to it. I don't think he was born with it though, because we know the story about his Sharingan. Why would he need the Sharingan if he has the Rinnegan. What I think is Nagato was just born with it, and Madara found him. The Rinnegan may be activated during a moment of extreme pain (just as the Sharingan is activated during an emotional and stressful time), furthering the evidence that the Sharingan is a less evolved version of the Rinnegan. I think Nagato just got the Rinnegan by accident and Madara found him.

Why did Madara gave his Rinnegan to Nagato and not directly to Obito?

Before obito met madara , madara had already implanted his awakened rinnegan to "Nagato uzumaki" he also carry the senju blood .Madara plan was to get himself resurrected through " rine re birth " technique , After madara met obito he explained his ambition and plans to obito and entrusted him to take care of it. After collecting all the " Tailed beast" Nagato was supposed to restruct " madara uchiha" so that he could become the 10 tails jinchuriki, but the plan failed Nagato died .so " obito uchiha" took the rinnegan for himself and he himself is 10 tails jinchuriki now.
Sharingan in one eye and rinnegan in one eye is a good strategy because rinnegan weakness is the " genjutsu " what if someone place him under a genjutsu and kill him :D and besides obito's "mangekyo Sharingan" has space time ninjutsu he pass through objects. That is the advantage.

Nagato was once jiraya's student same as minato and the student of minato is obito , rin , kakashi. So "obito uchiha" is younger than " Nagato uzumaki ".

It doesn't make any sense that Madara gave Pain the Rinnegan? He could've died in the war. Isn't it possible that Madara created the circumstances for Pain, so that he could awake the Rinnegan?

Shhh. You’ve just stumbled onto one of the greatest coincidences of Naruto. Don’t try to make sense of it, you’ll ruin the mystery.Madara’s real goal was to ensure that the Rinnegan would stay in existence with a powerful host after he was gone. As he had no way of knowing who would drop by to be his next heir, he needed a way to keep it alive.But you can’t just push the Rinnegan into someone’s head and expect it to be alright. It’s a ton of power and you need to be able to handle it.It’s never explained how he found Nagato, or how on earth he managed to implant the eyes successfully. But Nagato, with his Uzumaki heritage and possibly beneficial genetics, was a great candidate.Of course, there’s also how Nagato was able to withstand the surgery as a child because you’re implanting adult eyes into a child…but perhaps I’m misunderstanding this as I’m not a medical professional.What you’ve mentioned is very real. Because Madara’s entire strategy hinged upon the fact that Nagato would make it to adulthood. He also had to live long enough for Obito/Tobi to find him and make a deal. Also, Yahiko had to die because he’d never let Nagato go down that path. And Nagato trusted Yahiko A LOT.Orochimaru’s offer to kill the orphans might have actually ruined the entire series. But of course, plot reasons dictated that they could not die there.“But…but…so many powerful ninjas died during the war? How was Madara so confident Nagato wouldn’t?”And THAT is one of the biggest mysteries of the series.And it will forever remain so.