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Does Anyone Live In N.c Who Really Wants To Gave A Child And Would Break The Law Just To Have One I

Do Illegal Immigrants drive un-insured just because they choose to?

No, illegal immigrants do not drive un-insured just because they choose to. They are basically forced to because without documentation they are limited in the things they can do. For example, at one point in time an illegal immigrant from Mexico could use his Mantricular Consular card or birth certificate to get a regular state ID. Now, they have to have all sorts of documentation (I-9, SS#, visa, etc.) in the state of North Carolina.

Personally, I would rather them have the State ID and there be some sort of documentation of just how many undocumented immigrants there are in the state. Otherwise, they drive around un-insured AND without any form of ID. Then, when an officer pulls them over they are simply written a ticket for driving without a license and the officer moves on. The undocumented immigrant never goes to court - opting instead to mail in the fine. Thus, the corrupt gov't continues to make money. It's a really crappy system that someone needs to fix. Better to legalize the immigrants who are here - having them pay retribution for coming illegally - and then focus on border security, etc. instead of running around like chickens with our heads lopped off, offering miniscule options (such as the one stated in the article) that really only cause more problems in the end. It's like trying to throw water on a grease fire - really dangerous.

Are Capuchin Monkeys Illegal in North Carolina?

Go to and look under LAWS, it'll tell you. BTW, they are legal in NC without restriction.
To put a monkey in a cage that is too small because the law won't enforce it is so's breaking the law because you know you wont' get prosecuted for it.
Check out other parts of this site, like ARTICLES/INFO and TESTIMONIALS. It'll make anyone give up the idea of ever wanting to own a non-human primate.
They are wild animals and don't belong in houses or cages.
Pass the site on to people too. I don't want to see anyone get hurt, especially not the monkeys.

Is it legal to shoot a burglar in your own house? Does it matter if their back is turned to you?

In Texas, it generally is legal to shoot a burglar and it doesn’t matter whether his back was turned, inside your house.Someone with his back to you could be picking up something to brain you with, or be heading to the kitchen to get a butcher knife, or going down the hall for your wife or children.According to The Castle Doctrine, he has already demonstrated bad intent towards you and your family by breaking into your habitation while you were in it.Shooting a burglar in the back is sometimes called “Preventative Self Defense”.Not long after The Castle Doctrine was passed, a man in San Antonio found two men in a spare bedroom after having broken in through a garage door.He killed one in the bedroom with a shotgun, while the other pushed past him and ran out a sliding patio door into the back yard.As he was trying to climb over a six-foot wood privacy fence, the homeowner walked out and shotgunned him in the back, killing him too.No charges were filed. I found THAT a little surprising, since the guy was outside, trying to run away.So, “It All Depends”, but history so far is “Yes, it’s legal”, at least in Texas.It should be noted that The Castle Doctrine was passed to keep over-zealous, anti-gun district attorneys from bringing unwarranted charges, and to protect homeowners from civil suits by burglars, or families of deceased burglars. It isn’t a license to knock off your in-laws or something.If you shoot someone who has broken into Your Castle and there’s ANY reason to suspect foul play, murder WILL be suspected and investigated.For instance, if you knew the burglar a detective will start looking for any motive you might have had for murdering him. If they find a motive, you’ll start getting asked some very pointed questions…Or if he (or his dead body) had anything on it which might indicate he was there for a legitimate purpose, THAT will not go unnoticed.The fact that he works for a cable company and has some sales brochures is not going to raise any eyebrows if you shoot him at 11:00pm, but at any time during normal working hours, it will make people wonder things… very inconvenient things for you.So it’s not just a license to shoot people, it’s merely a device to protect homeowners from unwarranted legal problems if they DO shoot someone and it is a justifiable shooting.

Where can a sixteen year old get a tattoo done without parental consent?

I want to say you're probably trolling.

You cannot get a tattoo anywhere in the United States under the age of eighteen without parental consent. Sorry.

Can I adopt a child in North Carolina if I own a pit bull?

it's going to depend on who does your home study. i have a shep mix and a rott mix. both are considered to be dangerous breeds as well. neither were a problems. but both of my dogs hold AKC Canine Good Citizens too. if where you live there is a ban on pits, then you might have some problems simply because you are breaking the law by owning one in your area. other than that i can't see a reason why.

our social worker wanted to meet our dogs and see how they greeted strangers. she was impressed with both dogs and never made a second mention about them. except with how well mannored they were.

some of you keep your BSL crap to yourselves. boxers, boston terriers, were bred to fight. labs, pointers were bred to hunt. german shepherd, border collies and aussies were bred to herd. all do well with children if owned by an intelligent human who knows the breed and trains it appropriately. personally i would be more likely to say no to someone who owned a chihuahua than a pit. i think a child is more likely to be bitten or harmed by any chihuahua than a well mannored large breed dog. these little dogs are known for being a land shark, but never mind if they are because they're small and cute. it's a huge pile of you know what.

pits can and often are great with kids if raised properly, like any dog. and as with any dog if they have teeth they can bite. period.

ask your agency and social worker. don't try to hide anything. if your dog has completed an obedience class mention it. if not find one that trains toward the canine good citizen, it will help with teaching a dog how to properly react and behave in noisy and sometimes stressful situations all around. this is very helpful when brining a small, fast, noisy child into the home.