Does Anyone On Here Suffer With Social Phobia

Crush on someone with social anxiety/phobia?

How hard is it for someone suffering from a social phobia to maintain a relationship, or deal with the whole dating scene in general? I like a guy and from what I can tell, (I don't know for sure..) I think that he might possibly have a social anxiety, or possibly even a mild mental disability?? I have been trying to get his attention for such a long time now and when I am so certain that things just might work out, it doesn't. He keeps to himself a lot and doesn't really have many friends from what I have noticed. He has never been in a relationship before and well I just thought that it was shyness, but maybe it's a social anxiety or more..? I'm just wondering if it is anywhere near possible to maintain a relationship with some that suffers from this. Please no hate comments, I really like this guy and although my attempts with dating him have not led me to a relationship, I get a feeling that giving up is something that I shouldn't do. I just feel that he deserves to be treated so much better than how he is treated now, he seems like a great person to get to know. If it is possible to obtain a relationship, how hard will it be? Would I have to be more persistent in trying to date him and give him attention? Thanks!

I am suffering from social anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Can anyone help me?

Read it?……..If you just think for a while about the following you will feel the change within :Suppose any of your friend totally sucked in school…And now he is a well known billionaire……..on the other hand, any of your friend was execellent at school,and now struggling hard to meet his daily needs….One thing which you’ll learn surely is…….NOTHING IS PERMANENT…Things change….people change….circumstances change…..If you are depressed anxious right now, might be someday you ll be the most happy , famous peaceful person… Is it not possible?It is……once you accept your past, forget worrying about the future…and realise that all you have is NOW.(this very moment…..not the moment that was before…n not the moment that would come in the future)Make your NOW happy and progressive…..Thats it…..

Do any teens here suffer from social anxiety?

Yes, but i've got it under control enough to live a normal life now thank gosh. My symptoms were complete dread of social situations, i'd cry and if i was cornered into a situation where i'd have to socialize i would get so angry and even hit people because i just wanted to escape. Rather than an actual nervous feeling it would just be this sense of impending doom, my heart would race and i'd hyperventilate, although luckily i never suffered any full blown panic attacks. The ironic thing was that when i was in a social situation i was fine, it was just the thought of it and the process leading up to being around other people that completely freaked me out.

At my worst i didn't leave the house for months other than to collect my brother from school and one or two times going to the store with my mum, but other than that i didn't leave for about 3 or 4 months because i couldn't do it. I remember just after christmas i tried to go for a walk around town and i was almost in tears after walking half way so i had to call my dad to get me, and after that i was so scared to go back out that i stayed in until about March of this year. I realized i had to push myself to face the situations, and i knew that ultimately i was really the only one that could help myself because if i sat there and refused to go outside what could other people do? They couldn't force me, so i decided that i was going to face life and face social situations and i did! I went back to school, started hanging out with friends and it wasn't easy, i had that feeling of dread before i went out with a friend but i pushed myself through it and things are becoming so much easier the more challenges i take on. Therapy was helpful too, just for that extra support and advice on how to deal with the anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety you can definitely overcome it, i went from staying in the house for months to being able to talk to people i didn't know well and confidently walk into meetings and interviews with no problem. It's all about mental power, if you tell yourself that you can do it then you can.


Does anyone here get anxiety , panic attacks or agoraphobia or even social anxiety?

oh yes! I suffer from major social anxiety so I stay in the house a lot. I also have bad panic attacks that seem to get worse as time flies. I would love to chat with someone who suffers from these like me,you can email me if you want at:

Anyone else here dealing with Social Anxiety Disorder get labeled a snob?

Yes I have. Smile and say, "Sorry. I'm a little shy." People like shy people; they think it's cute for some reason.

Have you ever gotten help for your anxiety? My friend used to reward me for talking to people I was scared to talk to and imagine what the worst thing that could happen (someone would insult me if I tried to talk to them) and what I'd do in that situation. (This has never happened, BTW.) Also, (I still do this), she had me practice what I was going to say in a given situation or have a list of things to talk about in case my mind went blank.

I think I'm making up for lost time from having social anxiety; I can barely keep my mouth shut. And the more you talk the easier it is to go past. I'm still shy around people I don't know very well and the thought of speaking in front of others makes me want to throw up, but I can do it now. I just do it anyways, and every time I do it, it gets easier. Just fake it til you make it.

Hope this makes sense.

Do some movie stars/singers suffered from social anxiety?

Yes, many talented artists suffer from social anxiety.
They are human like everyone else--except their fame makes people believe that they are forever overconfident, emotionless, strong-willed, and perfect.

But that is not true.

As a matter of fact, many people who suffer from social anxiety, shyness, and low self esteem, choose to go into film, TV, stage, or radio, to alleviate their imperfections.
They believe that by becoming a character in film or on TV or singing about something on stage helps them come out of their shell and find themselves.

Watch closely those actors who amazingly portray a character, to the point where you feel you are watching a real person and not an actor. A lot of the times those actors are actors who put their anxiety to good use.

Check out the clip below. It's real good. Both actresses do an amazing job.

It is Sophia Bush and Daphne Zuniga.
Both actresses are known to be shy and very humble, which is good--no problem with being humble.

Is my social anxiety and depression my own fault?

Hi--I am the SAME exact way. I suffer from Social Phobia and Depression every single day. I have been through so much also. Yes, you can change. I have changed & gotten a little better! I can't even tell you how many meds I have been on, how many inpatient visits/outpatient and I even had to go to residential. Seriously, I am NOT a positive person, but YOU can become a lot less social anxious if you want to. I would say get some help from a local psychologist. CBT (cognitive-Behavioral therapy) has done me wonders! Some med's are pretty awesome also. I wish you the best of Luck! You can do it! I am here anytime. Your parents are wrong. I can't even go to school. My parents FINALLY learned that after multiple suicidal attempts. I don't have frineds either, but I focus my time on my online school, and I think positively that I will have friends later in life. Take Care. Email me anytime. I go to the Mayo Clinic all of the time for everything,( I am from & in Rochester MN) and I get try to get you the answers if you need them. Please Take Care, There are people like you in this world, try not to lose hope, & have a happy new year!!: )

Are there any successful people with social anxiety disorder?

Let me tell you one thing. You are the only person who is important to you and you are your own best friend. Social anxiety can be copped and you can cop with it your ownself. Just believe in yourself. What’s important is that what you think is right. What is your opinion. And also what you want to deal with and what you donot want to deal with. Everyone have there own choices, opinions and point of views. There is no judging in that or there is no right or wrong. So be confident in yourself. You are not doing anything wrong and you do not need to explain it to anyone about your opinions. Be strong.There are alot of people who dealt with their social anxiety and are successful. You can find a list of people on internet. To help you motivate Abraham Lincoln is on the list too. Here you go 13 Famous People With Anxiety Disorders. If you think that your social anxiety is increasing day by day then I would suggest you to get to a proper psychologist as soon as possible so that you could cure it on time. Best of luck. Be strong.