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Does Anyone Pay Attention To The New Generations

Why does everyone call our generation bad?

Because there is actual, legit proof that we are. Our generation has failed to launch. We have been coddled so long by technology that we have no idea how to function in the working world. Depression and anxiety are skyrocketing in people of our age range, because they're finding out the hard way that life is not all fun and games, they are not unique or special, and they are little more than a cog in the metaphorical machine of society.

Why does this generation suck? (coming from a 14 year old)?

Does anyone else realize that this generation is slowly collapsing? I am only 14 years old, and I can realize it

Some examples I can think immediately are the following:

*People are focusing more on getting the girl/guy than education
Seriously. If you don't pay attention to your choices in life and on education especially you are screwed. You screwed up your whole life and it was all because you wanted to get "dat a$$"

*People have terrible role models to follow
What do people have now for a role model? Miley Cyrus? Oh yeah, licking hammers and getting naked on a wrecking ball is TOTALLY what children need to see.

*TV is getting worse
Ugh, TV is the same thing OVER and OVER again. There are no more original movies, like "ET" or any other family classic - now it's all just copies. Do not get me started on Michael Bay.

*Technology is advancing
Do you realize that touchscreen phones weren't really popular until 2007? Not even 10 year ago! Just imagine 10 years from now! We'll be able to Google by only thinking with our minds.

Songs back then were amazing! The lyrics make sense, there were original tunes, and the singer had their clothes on in music videos! Now it's a train wreck. Pop music is just the chorus repeated over and over again, and rap music is getting more popular, making children see VERY negative role models.

Honestly, I wish the world would look up from their phones and realize how bad this world is becoming. I am terrified of the next generation

Why is today's generation too rude?

Today's generation is too rude. Because:They were not exposed to the difficulties in the life. Parents over love their children and provide every luxury to the children as early as possible.Parents are more liberal towards the children. Even though children do mistakes, parents often neglect it.Liberalisation of punishment in schools. When teachers use to beat students for their mistakes, parents abuse the teachers and schools and often complain against the concerned teachers. Hence, schools and teachers neglect the mistakes of the students.Liberalisation of punishment by courts. Nowadays it's easy to get bail. If any culprit is punished human rights activists complain against the police. Hence, police also don't bother about the crimes.False assumptions about liberty and freedom. Nowadays freedom and liberty are the most misused words. Every bad habits are justified in the name of the freedom and liberty.People are more materialistic. They least care about humanity.Films and media are destroying the minds of the youths. These films potray that drinking and smoking are fashion. If one doesn't do these things, they will be considered as backward. Films propagates rowdism as heroism. They also promotes eve teasing among school kids by showing school love stories. These type of stories actually disturbs the minds of the school students as they lack maturity. Because school children starts imitating these films. But in reality the film climax differs from real life climax. They cannot concentrate on studies.They take relationships for granted.Rise in technology and industrialization makes things easier. So youths need not to struggle for anything.If this trend continues we can't see humanity in the future generation. Parents plays major responsibility. In their early ages between 6 to 15 they should be treated with strictness. Schools should neither liberalize nor excess the punishment. Government should not liberalize punishment. Because everyone should have fear of law. Because our people are more law fearing than law abiding. Parents should not provide luxury to children. They should provide only minimum basic requirements. Parents should stop making more and more properties for their children.

Why can't kids spell anymore its like a whole new generation of stupid is emerging in the now teenage ranks

Spelling does not necessarily equate with intelligence. It could partly be do to IM chatting and texting, where spelling is not that big of a deal and grammar is often shortened and some words completely omitted. In addition, shorthand expression have become common so the real spelling of these words are often unecessary. That being said, the American education system is not that stellar and America in general, including parents, have only mild respect for education in general. If you look at most European and Asian countries, they have much stronger values regarding education.

This generations music is so unoriginal and so auto tuned , can we even consider it real music?

These “Today’s music isn’t real music” questions always serve as a reminder of how lazy people are when it comes to finding music they find enjoyable. Firstly, since the radio industry is tanking fast and clinging on for dear life to stay relevant, the radio isn’t a good place to find quality music anymore. There are three types of radio stations, more or less. Pop, country, and classic rock. These are trying to appeal to as many people as possible, which is a form of compromise, and when compromises happen everyone loses. True, pop music employs a lot of autotune, but at least they disguise it better than they did 5 years ago when T-Pain, who is no singer, would sing in perfect pitch and sound like a human keyboard. Thing is, almost every age has had popular music and every age has had types of music to counter that.Saying music these days isn’t real is like saying all food is fast food because McDonalds sells a lot of food. Not true, you have to be proactive in searching for music you like—if you were, you would find that there are tons of genres out there that are innovating and don’t make use of autotune. Metal with all its subgenres, indie rock, electronica with all its subgenres—look around. People who say all modern music is garbage are the types of people who refuse to listen to music that was made after 1980, and those people aren’t really qualified to talk about modern music in a public forum at all. Some people aren’t picky about music and they don’t treat it as an important aspect of their lives. Though a lot of pop is designed for these people, some pop artists have actual legitimate talent (like Tove Lo).