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Does Anyone Sells Or Rents Elementary Statistics In Social Research 3rd Edition Solutions Manual

Can you tell me a little bit 'bout educational system in America?What I need to do to become a good student?

Not all US high schools are as bad as that other poster made them out to be. I should know, I went to one. The problem most of the bad schools have isthat they are filled with stupid poor people. Avoid inner city schools.

In general what you want to do to be a good student is just make the teachers think you are trying hard. If you do that they will grade you easier and give you the benfit of the doubt in most circumstances.
Yes, you shoucl participate in extracurricular activities. They look good on applications and they keep you busy so you dont fall in with a crowd of drug addict losers.

A man leaves 2/3 of his property to his wife, 1/4 to his son and the rest to his daughter. How much does his daughter receive?

Okay, let us assume that the man’s property is X. According to the question,He gave 2X/3 to his wife and X/4 to his son. Let us assume the property received by the daughter is Y.Now, if we add up all the property pieces, it should be the total amount/property that the man had. Right??So, we get2X/3 + X/4 + Y = XTake all the X terms on one side. We will be left withY = X - 2X/3 - X/4.Take the LCM for further simplification. So, the final answer will beY = (4X - 3X)/12That isY = X/12So, daughter received X/12 of the total property the man had.Hope this helps.

What does economy mean?

a system of producing, distributing, and consuming wealth. (Webster's New World)

Where can I download college textbooks from online for free?

Open Educational Resources, called OER, are available from a variety of sources. They may or may not be free. Let the buyer beware: some of these are of dubious quality, may not be current, don’t cover all topics, etc. Here’s a link to a large number of sites.