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Does Britain Have A Travel Ban Obama Is The Most Incompetent President In The World Politics

Have we ever had a President more incompetent in the history of the USA than Hussein Obama?

You can't even get his name right, never mind anything else. Why do you not blame BP for the Gulf mess? Are you people really that in love with big oil companies?
You only have to go back a couple of years to find the most incompetent, least-intelligent President we've ever had: George W. Blockhead.
Edit: Those of you calling President Obama the worst probably couldn't even name more than about 5 Presidents. You know nothing of history, but you're sure he's the worst. Check out Franklin Pierce (ironically, an ancestor of Barbara Bush--and another alcoholic, just like GW); James Buchanan; Warren G. Harding, just to name a few.
Fine, you don't agree with the President's policies, or anything else, for that matter. Criticize in an intelligent manner instead of always hurling insults and making outrageous, false claims. It just makes you sound petty and bitter.

Perhaps no other president has ever been more competent than Trump.By becoming POTUS, he’s very competently achieved many of his personal objectives. He lives in the White House! He is loved by a few and feared by all. He has the biggest toys (nuclear weapons, for example) and the biggest media platform.Twitter will not ban him no matter what he does because he is POTUS. Why Threatening Mass Death Won’t Get Trump Banned from TwitterTrump has maneuvered himself in a position where he can project his own personal prejudices into policy - for example, by using fabricated fears of voting fraud as a tool to suppress Democratic-leaning voters.He’s definitely improved his own personal brand, which was starting to be revealed for the joke that it was. Now, foreign officials can’t wait to stay at Trump owned hotels. He’s undoubtedly amassed more personal wealth through his position and influence. Oh, and I’m sure his creditors (who once put him on a $450K/month allowance) are very happy about his election to office.If there’s really such a thing as Trumpism, it’s that people and nations are only valuable insofar as they are useful to Donald Trump. By becoming POTUS, he has trashed carefully constructed relationships (like the Iran nuclear deal), creating chaos that he can benefit from.So, given who he is, and what he advocates for and how he goes about achieving his objectives…he’s been perfectly competent.You know who hasn’t been competent? The society as a whole that’s enabled him his entire life, because we idolize even fake wealth to a ridiculous degree.

I dont like obama, but should the President of the United States have better?

That was a serious breach....and that steps have been made to correct it. An investigation is going on to find out exactly what happened.
Security Guards are not allowed to "kill" someone unless they show some form of weapon or are wearing a bullet proof vest (they are trained to look for those things under the clothes).
Not only was this a huge breech...but the felon that worked for a Security contractor was on the elevator with a gun with a President. The Secret Service didn't even bother to check him out.

We won't see it ....but some major changes will take place. And, hopefully, the morale of the Secret Service will improve. There was a former Secret Service member on TV (major cable news network) that stated they are afraid to complain about the things they see that are wrong because, if they do, they could be demoted or fired. So, they were all keeping quiet.
You cannot allow that type attitude...people should be free to speak without the fear of losing their job. That will also change as well (hopefully).

Why do Americans hate President Obama?

Against the wishes of the large majority of American's he rammed through UbamaCare using our tax money to buy votes from members of congress. He's embarrased us on the world stage by apologizing when we have nothing to apologize for, insulted our allies such as the UK and Israel and allowed rogue countries to walk all over us. He's turning our free market system into socialism, fomenting racial unrest and inciting class warfare. He and his idealogue colleagues are in favor of crippling regulations that are weakening our ability to compete in the global economy while he is playing businessman by funneling our tax dollars to crap businesses with ties to his fundraising cronies. He's weakened our ability to fight terrorism by treating the heros that protect us as terrorists and terrorists as law abiding citizens. His incompetent attorney general was, at best, asleep at the switch while guns were provided to mexican drug cartels. Rather than cool, he is an arrogant, incompetent idealogue and is destroying our country from within. And I don't find him to be funny in the least. But you have been getting your information from the media who are almost unanimously in the tank for Ubama. So I forgive you. Plus, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Brits.

Conservatives:is Obama the MOST Evil President in the History of America?

To be Honest - I'm not sure. But, I do Disagree With Him Most of the Time and I have Begged over calling the White House to Please Stop SPENDING! To no Avail.

Obama Is Incompetent to Say the Least and Totally Arrogant which is sad.

The last Person besides Obama to Leave for Christmas Vacation was Nancy Pelosi. She and Obama did something that Pushed in Obama Care! He was wondering - How To Pay for It? Simple, Now $564 BILLION is Coming out of Medicare - As The First Of FOUR Payments over a 2 Year Period. They Don't Know How much the Next Payment Will Be.

Seniors and the Disabled WILL Have Payment CUTS within the next 7 MONTHS! Can Your Grandmother Afford THAT? I Think Not!

Time to Please Wake UP! We just had the Patriot Hog Rally here. Every State was Represented with ONE MESSAGE To Standing Applause! Vote OUT All of the Incumbents in America!

That's what WE ARE DOING! I suggest the SAME for All! Or Only GOD Can Save Any of US!

Shalom and God Bless! Jane.

Cant someone fire this incompetent President and hire someone who knows what?

Nixon was pushed out of office for a burglary "cover-up" (no one died)
Obama could be pushed out the same way if he "covered-up" on Benghazi.(4 died).
Obama not only doesn't know anything..he acts like he's the LAST person to know.
He has to hear about things on the tv news. Really? I think the Commander-in-Chief
is the first to hear about military news, don't you?

Is Obama the most useless president ever?

1: work on your english

2: national politics in one of the heaviest topics in existence. I say that it is "heavy" to say that, once it does something (ie: moves in a direction, such as the war in iraq) it gains a LOT of momentum and requires a lot of effort to slow down.

if you don't like the fact that we are in iraq, blame bush. he put us there.

just imagine that you are an ant and political action is a a bowling ball, rolling across a floor. if you want to keep it from hitting the wall, you need to take your time and plan with a LOT of help to do it effectively.

just the other day, i heard a classmate complain that the stimulus plan was a waste of money and didn't affect anyone positively. they also complained about the bad street conditions later that day. on the bus ride home it took as an extra fifteen minutes because we had to wait to get around the road crew that was repaving out town's streets with money from the stimulus plan

Writing from the UK‘Evidence based Policies. Promise’If the administration (my US born wife gets upsets when i use the word regime), based all of their policies from now on based on Evidence rather than hand waving doctrine based policies, it should mean that the US would :Accept the Climate change EVIDENCE and sign up to the Paris treaty and do their absolute best to implement it and protect the US economy from the impacts.Not build the wall, once they understand that the EVIDENCE says that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are already in the US having entered legally and then had their visas expired.Not implement the travel ban when the EVIDENCE says that the countries included have not been the source of any terrorist attack or terrorist related activities in the USA, and all attacks since 9/11 were by people already legally in the USA. None of the people involved in 9/11 were from any of the banned countries.Not implement the ‘trickle down economics; tax cuts for the very rich’ when all the EVIDENCE says that each time it is tried (Reagan being the most recent that I know of) that it simply doesn’t work; rich business men tend not to use personal tax cuts to invest back into the business to create more jobs. Cutting business taxes might work - but I don’t know enough about the US tax system.I am sure there are conservative policies you can do around all of those issues and more which simultaneously is supported by the evidence and also aligns with the Republican principles of low tax, small government etcI could go on. I am trying hard not to be partisan - but it is tough when talking about Mr D Trump.