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Does Everyone Have This Under There Tongue

Why do people pierce their tongues?

I’d mine pierced in my late teens, early 20’s.Women loved it, I mean Loved it!!I got it done after a long term relationship ended & I wanted to move on. So, I got back out there - all I had to do was stick my tongue out & I was taking her home.Its a very sexual thing, anyone that says different is full of crap! I only got mine done because of it.I always found oral from a woman with it done all the better, guess they liked oral from a guy with it done too!More, permanent women hated it. Guess they seen it as slutty in lads - the same we see it as slutty in women.Guys, often used it as a way to insult me by calling me gay….after I’d slept with their ex or sister.As much as loved it, I don’t miss taking it out now though, I outgrew that phase.

Do youhave to have the tongue web to pierce it ?

Neither do I .. Well I'm sure we have it, it jus isn't very noticeable .. I wanted to get mine pierced but didn't cause of this .. I would advise not getting it done

My tongue piercer says that I have a "3rd vein" under my tongue. Has anyone heard of this before?

He isn't crazy :) Your tongue has quite a few large veins running through it that can cause quite a bloody mess if not pierced in the right spot. I've had to pierce a few of my clients tongue a little differently because of veins they've had running through the middle of their tongue. Its normal. Everyones tongue is different. As long as you like your piercing, and it isn't causing you any discomfort then its fine; and your piercer is just doing his job to make sure he doesn't cause you any additional pain.

Is it true that if you have purple veins under your tongue that you have lead poisoing?

How many people are running to their mirrors?
No, it's not true..............

Getting tongue pierced...white line under tongue?

You must mean the frenulum? It's a thin membrane of oral tissue that's white to pale pink in color and connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth? If that's the case, then you have nothing to worry about. Everyone has a frenulum. You should also have one that connects your upper lip to your gums (go ahead and check). You will be fine. =) If you don't believe me, simply google the word, Frenulum and look at photos. If they are what you are seeing under your tongue, then, like I said, you are okay to get pierced.

Good Luck!