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Does Everything That Happens Is Necessary

What does "everything happens for a reason mean"?

Most of the cases that I've heard this statement uttered, were cases where the speaker had a belief in a theological or Godly force. It implies intelligent design, and the idea that everything on earth is like a big puzzle of situations that all weave perfectly together to create a bigger picture. The good situations and the bad being causes to other effects much like dominoes. The theological thread is that an extremely intelligent being knows where and how to set up the "dominoes" for the proper long and short term effects.
Many people tend to question the karmic justice of a bad situation they've been dealt. When they fail to find answers as to why they have such poor circumstance, it may comfort some to think of their misfortune as some kind of sacrifice to a bigger and better plan. And more predictable yet, someone is sure to utter this phrase when a pleasing result comes out of what was previously seen as a very unfortunate set of circumstances.

Does everything happen for a reason?

what i think is that not everything happens for a reason..
what you think , whatever thoughts you make in your mind from the moment you wake up until the night it's going to create actions, these thoughts you make are creating actions you do and these actions after you do them they have a result, positive or negative.. now the thing you can control is your actions but not the result, you are responsible for your actions...
Now there are some things that you can't control in life such as death, other people, situations bad and good, you can't control these things..
But what you can control?
your THOUGHTS.... being able to control your thoughts is the most important part.
even in a situation when all there is , is sadness and negativity if your thoughts are positive about the situation then you will feel happy, now if your thoughts is like the end of the world and it's like you want to die then you think negative..
i'll give you 2 examples:
1. two people lose their jobs, the first think positive and thinks it's a way to meet new people, change my life, change enviroment, do something i like, try to get even more money, or do something totally different. The second thinks that it's the end of the world, nothing can happen, he wants to die, he makes excuses.
2. two people again find out their wife is cheating on them. The first one thinks i loved her, she was the only one, i want to die, my life is terrible, i can't do anything. But the second thinks i know i feel for her but i won't let this destroy my happiness, i'ts a way to concentrate on my goals, find and meet new girls without having a relationship, spend more time with friends, do something i like, travel. etc..
now you see the difference and how important is to control your thoughts?
maybe the reason that your life is falling apart is because your thoughts are negative, you don't have goals, and you didn't try anything new and you make excuses..

Everything happens for a reason?

okay, this is going to more of an in depth answer than you wanted... but YES.
and this is coming from someone who has had cancer, anorexia, child abuse, AD-HD, and my oldest brother die on my birthday.

now something I'm guessing you don't want to hear... I'm a Christian. and I'm not one of THOSE christians... I believe in God.

And I believe that everything that happens to us is all an opportunity to give him glory. And he wants us to choose...
*was it His choice for me to get cancer...yes. and it was his choice to heal me.
*was it His choice for me to get anorexia...sort of but it was my choice to eat or not. and I chose not to and ended up in rehab where I met my best friend and discovered I wanted to be a photographer.
*was it his choice for me to be he gave my parents that choice and they chose wrong but its my choice to not become bitter and say "the cycle ends here".
*was it his choice that my brother died... no, it was the drunk driver. but now its my choice on how I handle it.

and because of all this, I can help my little sister's friend Nora who has anorexia. I can give speeches against domestic and child abuse almost every week at middle schools and highschools in my area, and I can console people with lukemia or any kind of cancer because I've been there. And because my brother died that drunk driver went to rehab and is a good father to his 3 little kids. Something he wasn't before.

Everything happens for a reason and its up to us on how we deal with it.

Does everything happen according to God's will?

The Bible says that God does not want man to perish, but to repent and join Him in His Kingdom, doesn't it? But if everything happens according to God's will, then that would mean that God wants people to burn in Hell, and not join Him in His Kingdom. So doesn't that mean that God would be evil? If He wanted most men to burn in Hell. If everything is predetermined, if I were to become an Athiest, why should I burn in Hell because I only did what God wanted me to do, if it happened that must mean God wanted it to. Why should anyone burn in Hell? If there is no free will, why should I pay the price for doing as God wanted me to? If it happened, that must mean God wanted it to, right? I've been having this debate for a while with a couple of my friends, and this whole idea of no free will and predeterminsim seems like it was created so that a Christian can sin, and still get away with it. I'm not very familiar with the Bible, but I just can't find anything supporting the idea that everything is predetermined, but I do find things like God saying that He wants His children to join Him in his Kingdom, and to not perish. So again, does everything happen according to God's will?