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Does George Washington Eat Cats

Did George Washington like dogs?

Yes.During the American Revolution (specifically, the Battle of Germantown), the Americans found a terrier wandering past enemy lines. Its tags indicated that it belonged to their opponent, British General William Howe. Some of Washington’s officers suggested keeping the dog as a battle trophy. Instead, Washington had the dog fed and cleaned. He then called for a brief cease fire so he could return the dog to its owner, General Howe, alive and well.

Where was George Washington’s headquarters located in New York?

There have been many of them. If you mean where did he retreat to and direct his operations from after he was forced to withdraw from what was then New York City after he lost the Battle of Long Island, that would be the Jumel Mansion in today’s Washington Heights, now well within the borders of New York City.The mansion is open to the public and is also notoriously haunted since the controversial Aaron Burr and his wife also lived there at one point. Don’t mention the ghosts though. It annoys the staff.

Why did George Washington call his dog sweet lips?

His name was Fido

Did George Washington really have hippopotamus dentures?

Not exactly but his false teeth were carved from ivory that included Ivory from a Hippopotamus:Washington’s dentures over the course of his lifetime used materials like human teeth along with bone and ivory from hippopotamus, or “sea horse” as it was called in its day. Ivory from walrus and elephant may also have been used, along with lead, gold metal wire and springs, and brass screws. George Washington Didn’t Have Wooden Teeth—They Were IvoryFalse Teeth

Urge to hit my cat?

I always have this urge to hurt my cat, like punch it and step on it how can i change this. Once i even attempted to set its tail on fire and set about 50 rats on it So it would get eaten alive. Pls dont hate.
Ps its just a cat its insagnifcant
pps its dead btw if you want to know

Who was a better president Abraham Lincoln or George Washington?

Washington was by far a better President.

Mr. Lincoln has been debated for the past 150 years by numerous prominent historians and legal scholars over his willingness to suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus in circumstances where he deemed such action necessary to public safety and preservation of the Union. But Lincoln did suspend this sacred Constitutional guarantee, and he did subsequently ignore rather than obey the order from the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court’s overturning his decision to do so.

Given this one matter alone is enough to show that our Nation's top General was also its finest President ~ regardless of who ever followed him into the position.

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What do you think about dogs and/or cats in the workplace?

Ever work in a large office building infested with mice? I have. It’s disgusting and unsanitary.Traps don’t work. Poison leaves dead mice in the walls (as it is a health issue for the workers) and doesn’t kill all the vermin.What would get rid of the mice? Cats in the building. They would hunt the mice for food and the mice would smell the cats as natural predators and find somewhere else to go. Chicago buildings are doing this with their rat problem.I have also worked in a WeWork building, where people can bring their dogs to work. People are happy and more productive when their dogs are with them and don’t need to rush home to let them outside.Cons: There are disadvantages, but I truly believe that the pros outweigh the cons.Dogs bark. Yeah, and people make noise.People are allergic to animals. Provide areas that are animal free zones for people if they are highly allergic.

Does anyone know if you can purchase Cat Hai Fish Sauce on-line to be shipped to the US?

The only way to find it out is to contact the Cat Hai company in Vietnam either via Fax or PH

Cat Hai Seafood Service & Processing Co.
Cat Hai Dist. Hai Phong
Tel : 31-88-6258
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If hippies are generally democrats, then does that mean that rednecks are mostly republican? Which is better?

both assumptions, while stereotyped at best, are fairly accurate.

But what do you say of conservatives and liberals then?∙

If health nuts eat turkey burgers and vegetarians eat tofurkey, does anyone make a Tofurkey Burger?


why not just pee on George Washington's grave?