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Does He Like Me And What Did His Friends Mean

What does it mean when his friends pushes him towards me?

So inschool there is a really cute guy. We make eye contact a lot but we have never said anything to each other. But a couple days ago I was with a group of my friends and he starts walking and his friend pushes him towards me and he hits me (like a bump) and then keeps walking. He is older than me by two years

Why did his friends do this? Does he like me?

When the guy’s friends know something that you don’t know, they either are:Encouraging the dude who is making eye contact with you to go ahead a make a move on you.Trying to get the dude who is making eye contact with you to make a move because they know he likes you.Most likely, when you see a guy’s friends giving each other the smirks and then looking at the guy who is staring at you, it means that they know that the dude who is staring at you either finds you pretty or really really likes you that he told his friends. Usually, when a guy really likes a girl, they tell their friends. And, when their friends know, they try to find any possible opportunities to help hint at the girl that their friend likes you.His friends are most likely trying to say, “Hey bro, isn’t that the girl whom you like? She just smiled at you, which means she’s interested. We know you like her and we encourage you to make a move on her. We’ll be here for you buddy, don’t worry.”The arm around someone that you see his friends doing to him is like a reassuring gesture to “go ahead and do what you want to do without worries”.Like this guy in the picture:Image credit:[1]Apparently, the dude who was staring at you the whole time while his friends were encouraging him to make the move on you didn’t want to make the move on you. He may be shy or think that it isn’t the right time to make the move on you yet.Footnotes[1] Image on

Why is he mean to me when his friends are around?

He likes you but he isn't mature enough to tell his friends he likes you because he think they may get on his case about it and tease him. Either that or he is down playing your awesomeness so they won't start to like you. The best way to handle it is to challenge him. Tell him flat out infront of them if you can't treat me how you do when your friends are not around don't talk to me at all. And mean have to mean it. If he cares he will appologize and if he doesn't leave him alone.

What could it mean if your crush's friend asks you if you like your crush?

I've liked my crush for quite a while and he's shown signs of liking me back and I get that gut feeling he does like me. His friend randomly came up to me one day and asks if I like my crush. I kept asking him why and he didn't want to say, he just kept saying "because" and eventually said it was because my crush thought that i liked him. He eventually got it out of me that i liked him and so my crush knows. things got awkward after that probably mostly my fault cuz i didn't know what to say or how to act around my crush. eventually things got kinda back to the way they were but we were never able to talk about it. the last day of school i was going to ask him if he ever liked me but then i chickened out. so i asked the friend who asked me if i liked my crush cuz he is my friend too and he said "i don't think so" in a way that it seems that my crush never told him if he liked me or not. so im kinda confused and wondering if this makes sense at all to anyone.

Guy is texting me while he's out with friends. Do that mean he likes me?!?

Ok so this guy and I have been texting each other a lot and tonight he is out with his friends and instead of ignoring me he is texting me while he is out with his buddies and if that isn't great enough that a guy would be thinking about me while he's with his friends but he's at a hockey game and he's sending me videos and telling me about the game. Like ah!! Ok so am in the clear zone of him thinking about me more then just being another girl?

My brother is mean to me around his Friends?

I'm sorry to hear that Your brother treats you this way in front of his friends. You should know that it is typical and hurtful. Being the youngest of four children, I know how you feel and went through the same issues. Just remember that he is not really trying to hurt your feelings, he's trying to be "cool" and fit in with his friends. I'm not sure why we do the things we do but, I do know that you shouldn't waste your time worrying about it. Since he told his friends when of your secrets, you know that in the future you can't trust him to keep it to himself. Find someone closer that you trust to confide in.
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If my bf wants a threesome with his friend (guy) does he love me?

No, I haven't had one b4. I asked him earlier, why would he want to share his girl with a friend, and if he just wants to prove something to his friends and he keeps saing no. But he still asks me about it. I also thought maybe he wanted to prove something to his friends who always make fun of him.