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Does My Best Female Friend Suddenly Have Feelings For Me I Am Confused Right Now.

Why are my supposed friends suddenly treating me like I don't exist? :-(?

Yes, and my experience has taught me two things:
1. They are NOT your friends
2. One or more of them is jealous of something about you or your life and wants to sabotage you.

Therefore they take it to the group and begin slandering you in some way, shape or form. (this assuming that you have NOT done anything or said anything about them or their friends/family that you shouldn't have). Rather than coming to you to find the truth, the rest of the group simply accepts what they're hearing as true and believes it. Perhaps they're all jealous of you in some way - makes it easier for them to willingly accept what they're hearing and behave this way.

Consider: If you work with them, are you getting more positive attention from your management or higher ups?

Are their lives miserable (i.e. do they complain alot? are they generally unhappy people?) Sometimes unhappy people simply HATE for others to be happy, and will target them.

Regardless, the reality is you've discovered a horrible truth about these people - they do not care about you and were never your friends. Fortunately, you've discovered the truth about them, and you need to act appropriately - don't let them bring you down!!! Seek out a new "friend" and show them they can no longer steal your sunshine!

My friend suddenly stopped talking to me. I've tried talking to her, but she ignores me and talks with my other friends instead. What should I do?

Give the friendship a break for a while. People who value your friendship will take the time to make contact with you - you have shown you value her friendship because you have tried to make contact with her. Now it's time to step back and see if she can show the same appreciation. Use this opportunity to explore new friendships and activities, so you are enjoying yourself rather than sitting around feeling ignored. Avoid giving her opportunities to ignore you, and try to avoid talking about the situation with your mutual friends, in case things get repeated and misinterpreted. If you don't hear from your best friend after a month or so, and you still feel upset and puzzled by this, maybe send her a friendly email saying that you miss chatting to her and you hope that everything is okay. Don't worry too much about why she isn't talking to you. Again if she valued the friendship, she would tell you if you had done something to upset her, so that the two of you could resolve the issue. Maybe she needs some time before she can tell you what's wrong. Maybe she's getting a kick out of ignoring you and playing favorites with your other friends. You don't need to put up with being treated like the runner up in a popularity competition.

She likes me all of a sudden. I'm confused.?

wow! i can totally relate, a similar thing happend to me (but i was the girl)
i didnt even know this guy liked me so i didnt think about him in that way. Then he took me out on valentines day and i just couldnt get him out of my head, i saw him in a completely new way, and i really liked him. Girls always do this kind of thing.
sometimes tho we realise to late :(
dont let this girl go please! :D

Why is my female friend suddenly taking distance from me?

Sounds like you both are good friends. The more she gets to know you, she sees how good of a person you are. Most women have a strong intuition and maybe she has sensed something more from you lately. Her distancing herself from you is actually a very kind gesture on her part for you two to find the space needed at this time. That is her way of gently letting you know that she is not feeling what you are feeling. She has been upfront about being friends with you since the beginning, and that still hasn't changed for her. It could also be that she is sorting out her feelings for you or for someone else. You wouldn't know which it is, but since you have talked to her about the distancing and she is still doing it, it's best that you give her the space. By giving her time away from you, she will be able to see what she wants or feels. They say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Just let her know that, you notice the distancing still and will give her space and maybe you two can catch up later on. Then stop contacting her no matter what. Find things to occupy your mind like a new hobby and improve yourself mentally and physically. If you're spending time with her, you won't be able to see who could be out there for you. Later on if she contacts you, then take it from there. But if she doesn't, then you are the better you and you will find someone who will adore you back.

Does falling in love with your best friend ruin your friendship in the long run? Or does it make a perfect relationship?

Why are there always people who fall in love with their best friends, or people who want to keep friends with their ex-lovers? Are they so desperate for lovers or friends? Personally I would freak out if my male best friend expressed his affection to me. My reaction would be like: "What! All this time I have treated you like a friend and now you want to f**k me?" But wait a minute. Do I even have a male best friend? No, I don't think so. I don't hang out with my male friends alone or too often, simply to avoid the embarrassment of unreciprocated feelings.     Jokes aside, let's see why it is generally not a good idea to fall in love with your best friend. 1, The status of a friendship (genuine; if the two people are just pretending to be friends because they are too shy to admit that they are interested in each other, that's another story) indicates that at least one of the two found the other one not sexually attractive at first. Hmmm, doesn't portent well, right?2, Sometimes you think you are in love with your best friend, but in fact you are just used to his/her presence and don't want to lose him/her to a real girl/boy friend. Confusing that with love, you easily fall into the trap of infatuation and obsession.3, You believe when two best friends fall in love with each other they are naturally compatible. This is not the case. First, friends are not necessarily compatible at the first place; second, we usually show much higher tolerance to our friends than our lovers because we don't have to hang out with our friends so often, develop such strong emotional attachment or make such serious commitment to them; third, to quote Tom Thomas, "being someone's lover is entirely different than being someone's friend or best friend. " Someone can be a totally charming and fun friend but a possessive or even disrespectful lover. Don't assume your best friend will automatically beome your best lover. You two still need go through the entire process of a working relationship, because it is a brand new one.4, If the love is not reciprocated and the rejected party can't handle it gracefully, chances are the friendship is lost to embarrassment. Well, I believe the best way to love someone is, as suggested by Dr. Vaillancourt, treat your loved one as your best friend instead of making your best friend you lover. And if you can't help it, remember it is not a short cut for a happy and compatible relationship.

My best friend and I kissed (both girls)? I'm really confused, please help?

You may just be experimenting with your sexuality. You could be bisexual, which would mean you like girls and guys, but is it only your friend you can imagine kissing? Do you like the thought of kissing other girls?

If I was you I would talk to your best friend, and establish how you feel towards each other, if you like experimenting with each other and want to continue it, you should make sure you both know the boundaries and whether you want a relationship, or just the sexual, experimental stuff.

It can be very confusing, but try to make sure that you don't let all this get in the way of your friendship, and DEFINITELY don't be worried if other people would accept you or not. You are who you are and you'll have to deal with yourself your whole life, but other people will only be a big part of your life if you make them that way.

Don't be scared thinking you're a lesbian just yet, you may just have a curiosity for something some people view as socially different, or the thought of doing something 'bad' or 'different' may be exciting to you. You still have time to figure it out.

Just remember that many people have similar feelings to you. You're not alone.

My guy friend is making romantic advances suddenly?

So by reading all of the above, my guess is that since he's known you, you've never really acted "girly" so he never thought of you that way - kinda like thinking of you just as a 'guy friend. But when he saw you in the swimsuit, it it hit him in the face that yeah uhuh you ARE a girl. Which made him start thinking of you more as a possibility. Not really I wanna get that but more of hey we have a really good thing going maybe it could be more.

Guys don't like to be verbal about their feelings, so talking and asking him for answers is hard. Not that he doesn't want to tell you, it's just hard on them to do so. They don't know how. So spending more time with him would be a good thing. Especially one-on-one dates. That way you will be able to get a better idea of how he really feels by how he acts.

I'd say he is as confused as you are about it all because he just started feeling this way. The only way you are both going to know if it is anything real, it to spend the time together.

After months of being confused, I asked a female friend if she shared my feelings for her. She said she didn't so I moved on. Later she changed her mind, is this normal?

With every girl I was ever infatuated with, there was never any lukewarm reception. She was either for it or not. They were never on the fence. If I stated intentions and they were mutual we'd start dating. If not, we stayed friends. But I never had one back pedal and say, “Hey I like you now!” and if she did, I'd be suspicious.It seems to me that she kept you on the back burner just in case the other guy fell through.I wouldn't necessarily run, but don't go diving head over heels in love and get stupid. Take it slow and see where it goes. That's what I'd do.Now, I usually go with my gut.However one day my gut was telling me not to get involved with the most beautiful 18 year old girl I'd ever seen. I was 7 years older than her when we met and I didn't think an 18 year old would be mature enough.Last year, despite that feeling, this woman became my wife.So what do you do? Go with your gut? Don't go with your gut? Just take it slow and eventually you'll know.Maybe it wasn't my gut? Maybe it was the logical hemisphere of my brain telling me the math didn't add up. Then again, math never was my strongest subject.Either way you go, I wish you the best my friend.

How to deal when your best friend takes your ex husband’s side?

So my best girlfriend of 15 years took my ex’s side when we were splitting up. It was odd because she talked badly about him...called him a loser, told me I’d be better off without him, even encouraged me to go after someone else. This is not why my ex and I split up, but it certainly added to my confusion when she told me later he was a great guy and I had treated him poorly the entire time we were together. I found out later he had been telling her lies about me for months and that they had sort of a secret friendship even while we were still together. He had also become good friends with her husband who took his side rather suddenly as well. She cut me off completely, suddenly blocked me on Facebook, and told me to never contact her again. Now she hangs out with him all the time when he has our kids and her husband is never there. I have to hear about her from my kids all the time, and every time I do, it stings. I ran into her at a sporting event and she looked at the ground the whole time. I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the whole thing and am so sad about it months later. We were so close that we were in the hospital room with each other when our kids were born. And now we are here. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them?

Why did I suddenly stop liking her when she made it clear she liked me?

There's this girl, I used to be crazy about her. I know she used to like me a lot too. Now I am convinced that she does like me, and is wanting me to make a move on her, she's doing a lot to try to get me to notice her. Anyway, this girl seems like she could be perfect for me. We don't know each other too well, but from what I know of her she would be really good for me. Physically she is gorgeous, I'm still in shock a girl of her looks could like me. Everything is set up perfectly for me to make things work, but there's one problem. I'm not sure I feel the same way about her anymore. I used to feel such strong feelings toward her, but I don't really feel them anymore. I'm confused, there's this seemingly perfect girl for me, bit suddenly my feelings have disappeared?