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Does My Brother Have A Gaming Addiction

My brother is 9 and has a serious gaming addiction, what should I do?

Hi Jenna,

It’s great that you care so much about your brother and have been trying to help him keep his gaming under control. It sounds like he is lucky to have a sister like you (even though he may not appreciate it right now).

The problem is that as his sister, you probably do not have the power or authority to set and enforce limits for your brother. Only your parents can do this – and it really requires that *both* parents are committed to following through on any rules that are set (more on this below).

A few points:

- You mentioned that your brother only started playing video games a few months ago and now he is hooked. This is not that uncommon for kids, especially with MMOs and FPS games (like Modern Warfare). Of note, MW3 is rated “Mature” and is definitely not appropriate for a 9-year-old (lots of intense violence, language, gore, etc.). You may want to mention this to your parents.

- Although video game addiction isn’t an “official” diagnosis, many of the problems you mentioned are often seen in those who have unhealthy and excessive gaming habits (for example, playing daily for hours and hours, playing at every opportunity, poor eating habits, problems at school, etc.). You can see a full list of the signs and symptoms of video game addiction here:

Back to your parents. It seems like your dad is on board and has good intentions, but isn’t around to enforce the rules. As mentioned earlier, when dealing with a child who is addicted to video games, both parents absolutely need to be on the same page. If not, the gamer will simply go to the more permissive parent to get what he wants (i.e., more gaming time).

The first step may be to get *both* of your parents to recognize / acknowledge the problem. This needs to happen before they decide on any new rules and how they will enforce them.

A useful tool for parents at this stage is the Video Game Addiction Test for Parents:

Consider printing it off, giving it to your dad, and then following up with your mom. Hopefully this will start a discussion about the next steps that need to be taken. (i.e., enforcing new rules)

Good luck!

What should I do if my brother is addicted to gaming?

Their environments can be one of the reasons why most of the people have game addiction problems. If he only plays video games, I assume he doesn't go out much. Then you need to ask yourself:Does he have friends to hang with him?Do their friends are addicted to video games?Friends are one of the most important ways to fix problems, including some dangerous addiction ones.Now, kick someone off can do more damage than actually helping him. If he's not responsible at the moment, he will suffer outside, giving more issues to his life than solutions.Family is an important factor too, try to make him understand that he's important, and try to make him collaborate with house too.Now, after all of this, taking away and being more strict can also be a solution, and that's only in the case you're not strict with him at the moment. I recommend trying to fix this in a polite and comprehensive way, but if it is not possible, taking the PC away and keeping him busy in other activities can help too. But please, avoid the "kick off" idea, could hurt more than help.

How to stop a brother's video game addiction?

its not your your call, his journey is not your responsibility.

How to stop a gaming addiction?


Well, uhm, you should take this list to your parents.
His health seems like crap.

Start reinforcing rules about gaming. Like maybe 2 hours a day max. after homework, after he takes a shower, after he does some chores. And yes, make him do a sport (like track, that would do some serious work on him).
On the weekends give him around the same time but tell he has to go outside and practice. give him his ipod but if he starts getting addicted to that, restrict the games and just give him music. Also make him go to a dance >:/
He aint gettin no girlfriend in the future if hes like that. and dont let him use your computer, its *YOURS* and tell him that along with the viruses on it. Put away the gamining system at night and lock it up somewhere. Make him take a club.
If he starts throwing tantrums, put up with it and he doest get better, i would reccomend seeing a therapist as this can get REALLY bad (as in worse than this).
Dont let him sleep if hes off of games, mkehim do something. Sleeping is for night :/

Good luck! D:

How can I get my brother off of his video games addiction?

My brother is 14, almost 15, and all he does all day is play video games up in his room. He only comes downstairs to eat, or if a really good television show is on. He got an Xbox360 about two years ago, and ever since he's had it it's all he's been playing. We never get to see him in the Summer. And He always has to get these points for his game, and has to have everything Halo that comes out. My parents don't do anything about it, even though I beg them, and tell them he's not healthy. Plus all he eats is junk food and never drinks water..only soda and flavored drinks. He is not active at all, and only goes outside to walk down the street to his friend's house to play more Xbox. I love doing outside activities, but I always have to do them by myself because both of my parents are really busy, and my brother is my only sibling that lives with us. I don't mind him playing video games for like...2-3 hours a day, and then maybe coming outside to jump on the trampoline, or practice softball with me, or going somewhere like on a bike ride, or to the mall for some brother-sister bonding time. Both of my best friends moved far away, so I can't see them very often if at all. I get lonely a lot because he won't do ANYTHING with me, and my parents never really have time to. I do have a puppy, but she sleeps all the time, and when she is playful, it's only for about 30 minutes, and I know they're supposed to sleep, but it just gets boring after a while, so I have to do everything fun by myself. Does anyone know how I can get my brother to get out of the house and stop his video game addiction?

How do I get my brother off of his video game addiction?!?!?

My little brother is 15, and he is CONSTANTLY on video games. My parents try their best to get him to do things, like reading and working out, but their efforts are useless. He can spend hours on end with just a video game. He usually sits at a computer for 3-5 hours, then goes to the PS3 for 2-4 hours and eventually works his way to a PSP. I could care less if he's fat or whatever, but I have 6 AP classes in High school and I've got school work that I have to do on the computer. I've got my own PC and everything, but we have to share bandwidth. You know, I care about him and want him to be successful, but he's not going anywhere in life.
*** He has anger issues, so taking away his electronics aren't a good idea***
Thanks in advance. :]

What should I do now that my brother is addicted to video games? How do I help him?

First things first, you will have to confirm that it is definitely an addiction and not just a love for a hobby. You wouldn’t take a guitar away from a musician or a bike away from a cyclist.Once that has been confirmed you will have to find a way to ween him away from it, bit by bit. Take him to do interesting activities/interact with things that he has not experienced before. As that continues you will need to make sure he doesn’t just go straight back to bad habits.It will be a lot of work but will ultimately help him and yourself in the long run if it is a bad addiction.

How do I end my little brother's Minecraft addiction?

My brother is exactly the same. However, over the last few weeks we have improved this.

He used to come home from school, go straight to his room and sit on the computer playing minecraft.

My mum got fed up of this: here's what she did.

When he gets home from school she says he can not go on His Xbox or PC for the whole evening. He then is faced with a whole night being bored soo... He meets up with friends!

He is now into skateboarding more and doesn't play it as much.

However, it s a very good game and its gets their imagination and creativity flowing!

Good luck! Its most likely a phase anyway