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Does My Hamster Have An Infection

I have a sinus infection can i be around my hamster?

Hi so i have a sinus infection and im getting my hamster Saturday Oct 1. i will not be holding it for about 2 to 3 days after i get it so it can settle into its new home. I am on medicine is it ok to be around it when i do get it and give it some treats from my hands? HELP!!!!



For the past 2 weeks, my hamster's skin has been flaky and a little reddish, he's also dropping fur and has a weird odor. I brought it to the vet a week ago and she says that it has an yeast infection. What is it and what causes it? She did skin scrapping and prescribed my hamster with Bacidin to clean the affected areas, and a cream, as well as an oral medication called Ketoconazole. However, my hamster still seems to be itching all the time and there seems to be little improvement. Is there anything i can do to aid my hamster's recovery? : (

Thanks a bunch!

Does my hamster have respiratory infection?

Hi, I have a female dwarf hamster and lately she's been huffing and puffing. I can't make out if she's sneezing or wheezing... I never took care of a hamster before and I 've had her for 6-7 months and this is the first time she's been making those noises. And also she's been laying out when she's sleeping, not curled up like a ball but like stretched out. She's been doing all this when the weather started to get real hot so I figured it was normal during summer time...until I read about hamsters getting respiratory infection.... Nothing is secreting from her eyes or nose which are some of the symptoms for respiratory infection. She's eating and drinking water pretty well too.
What keeps me optimistic is that someone said that female hamsters makes those hugging and puffing noises because she's "in heat" during the summer time Lolzz. I sure hope that's the case... I can deal with her being horny and I'm sure she can too.

I'm really worried for her and I want her to live a nice lengthy and happy life. :(

Can anyone give me a good feedback regarding this?

What are some ways to treat a hamster which has an ear infection?

Not my field, but there are dozens of suitable answers in hamster forums etcWhat are some ways to treat a hamster which has an ear infection? at DuckDuckGo

Can a hamster bite get infected?

Most certainly! Hamster bites, if deep, often become infected as hamsters have a whole host of bacteria in their mouths, as we do, and if you get bitten by a hamster, especially if it’s more than a scratch, you should excercise First Aid by putting your affected hand under the cold tap and let it run freely for a couple of minutes! Then if it is a deeper bite or one that has a loose flap of skin you seek medical advice, and if you are suffering from a larger bite go to the ER or hospital Casualty dept. because it is quite possible that you will need a course of anti-biopics to be taken by mouth, and indeed it is not uncommon that the treatment will include a bolus Dosage of Intravenous antibiotics. Never under estimate the seriousness of animal bites.

How can I cure my hamster's eye infection in a home remedy?

I've healed eye infections in kittens, cats puppies and dogs, even pet rats. Get some boric acid at the local dollar store or drug store. Boil water at least 5 minutes, use one cup of water to one teaspoon of boric acid. Mix, make sure it is room temperature and drop some in your hamster's eye.Put the remaining boric acid and water into a container with a lid and refrigerate it.Them heat up to room temperature only enough for use each time.It works every time.I even used it on my children.
The package will say not to use etc. etc. etc. but it doesn't cause any problems believe me. Do this four times a day. Do it for 10 to 14 days.

My hamster cut his face, can he get infected?

theres really NO need to take him to the vet! i just rescued 4 hamsters that all had cuts bad. one had a bite out of its but, ones legs were all torn up, one had a cut on its back n another on the butt. they are all healed and in perfect health. as long as you keep the cage clean and keep the cut clean everything will be fine! wash ur hands before handling him and dont breath on the cut. that will also help. make sure hes got plenty of water and protien to help heal and he will be fine! if u notice it getting swollen and he starts acting different, no energy that kinda thing then take him to the vet. but its just a cut theres really nothing u or a vet could do.

My hamster has urinary/kidney infection!?

I took my hamster to the vet this morning because he has urinary/kidney infection. He urinates all the time and there's blood in his urine. When he urinates he looks like he's in pain. The vet would not give me antibiotics for him because he said it's not good for him because he may be allergic to it. If he's allergic to it, he will get even more sick. So, my vet didn't want to take any chances. Anyways, he told me to give him cranberry juice each day with a syringe. Also, make sure he drinks water. Does anyone know if my poor hamster will actually get better from giving him extra water and cranberry juice? Has anyone experienced this illness with their hamsters? Any tips would be apreciated...thanks!

What should I do if my hamster bites me?

If he’s biting you he’s afraid. Back off and start over again very slowly and with a treat he likes. Try that several times, more than several - try seven times. After that, with the hamster safe in his cage, put a treat on your hand in the cage and give him several minutes to come to your hand for the treat. Decide how many minutes beforehand. Make it at least three. If he takes the treat remove your hand. If he doesn’t take the treat remove your hand and try again later, but not at a regular feeding time.Try that pattern until he comes to sit on your hand to eat the treat you’ve offered him - and make it the same each time - the treat and the time. Allow him three tries in a row with success. Meaning count times that he comes and sits on your hand and eats the treat then. Each time gently cause the hamster to slide off your hand onto the bedding in the cage.After the third time when all is well, you need to give him another “task”. Remember to go slowly and repeat the actions. You could put the treat on your palm and hold your hand just outside the cage door with the door open you can gently close the hand that holds the treat and by then the hamster too over him and put him back into the case and close the door. After you’ve practiced that three times with success I’d say, offer your open but empty hand and if he comes as you expect you can gently rub his head or offer him freedom to climb from one hand to the next and alternate hands until either you or the hamster is worn out and then is the time to put him back into the cage until next time.You need to know this: If you backslide and repeat the behavior that caused him to bite you in the first place you stand a chance of losing his trust and that may be for all time. You might not get another chance to try to get it back again. I personally don’t think the hamster should let you get away with “it” again but don’t try to find out. He is a precious little creature who deserves to be treated with utmost care.Good luck.

Why does my hamster have a growth on her eye?

Before I try to give you some idea as to why and what must be causing the condition in your hamster, I would like for you to keep in mind that -Firstly, no doctor can give a proper diagnosis just by simply being told about the symptoms and signs.Secondly, proper physical examintaion is absolutely necessary for any doctor, especially in cases like yours where there are gross changes.If need arises, necessary samples have to be collected and ran through a multitude of available tests available for various conditions and diseases.Having said that, coming to your point, there are a lot of discrepancies in your question with very little information to come up with a specific treatment protocol, but considering/guessing that you aren't in in the medical or Veterinary field that is understandable.Are you sure it is a blood clot?Clots aren't growth.What is the consistency of the clot you speak of?Is it getting bigger?Since when has this clot/growth been there?Buts anyways, some probable causes could be-be-allCherry eye.Bursting of blood vessel.Glaucoma.Trauma to the eye.Conjunctivitis.These are some of the probable causes, and approproate line of treatment are required for the different causes.I would suggest for you to search and ask around for a good experieneced vet who can help you out soon.