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Does Putin Have That Look On His Face Like He Knows Something Terrible Is About To Happen

What would happen to Putin if Russiagate will demonstrate ties with President Trump?

What would happen to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the Ukrainians if they were found out to be behind the whole thing. I’ve published over 120 pages in articles citing the facts and they all point to Team Hillary collusion to win the 2016 general election.The problem is much larger than that and look at what it’s morphing into now in the US. Mind you, it’s the same people leading the way and no one seems to give a damn.The crux of it is it’s not a Democratic or Republican issue. It’s a set of issues both parties are either going to own up to or not. America is heading toward a tipping point and no one is willing to be a grownup politician that can lead a real country.

Do you think things are as bad as they look in our modern world?

Things are far worse than they look in our modern world. Russia and China are preparing the next world war by arming up - ref. Russia begins its largest ever military exercise with 300,000 soldiersThe rest of the world is witnessing what is happening without realizing the consequences - our political leaders are living in denial, blinded by their own wishes and desires. They are incapable of seeing the larger perspective.More details about the world war to break out at the latest in August 2020 can be found here: WWIII and also: Mother Russia, President Putin, the Anti-Christ & World War 3Quote from the fanatic authors of the latter link: “God chose Mother Russia to destroy the first anti-Christ in 1812; and He chose her again to destroy the second anti-Christ in 1945. Therefore, it is no coincidence that God has chosen Mother Russia, and her leader President Putin, to face the last anti-Christ in this final battle on earth, who now takes the form of the Rothschild Banking Cabal and International Zionism, and to destroy it in the nuclear Hell of World War 3.”

What do Russians think about Putin?

How can we not? Oligarchs fall and grovel under that fish-like, dull stare on his silicon-enhanced face. His vulgar and sexist jokes have our entire nation rolling in the aisles. World leaders sit up and listen when they hear his feeble voice utter the words of simple, unadulterated truth.Just kiddin’.Putin is the best leader Russia has ever had.He’s the first since Stalin who knows how to run the country. And in comparison with Stalin, he does the job with immensely less blood and suffering, and to a much better result. At last, we have a competent leader who doesn’t kill and torment people at an industrial scale.He’s not a sadist, or power maniac, or a simple thief, or conqueror. With the power he has amassed, he could be Ivan the Terrible, or Caligula, or Lenin—and he chooses not to. What a welcome, wonderful change.He has little time for liberal niceties like the rule of law, or civil rights, or human dignity. But he is very legalistic. "To my friends, everything; to my enemies, the law." He wants to win elections, not abolish them, tweak and change the law, not ignore it. That’s very fresh, very new, very empowering.He has a sense of fairness, and he values loyalty. His enemies die or disappear, often in a horrible way, but not before they had declared themselves to be his enemies. He doesn’t betray. As long as he thinks you honestly hold your end of bargain, he doesn’t lie or cheat. Totally out of character for someone who spent formative years in the twilight world of Soviet secret services.He’s not tormented by inner demons that he lets act out onto other people, like many in his entourage do. He’s pragmatic, calculating, and rational. “Why kill when you can make a deal? Why steal when you can buy? Why make a scene when you can sit down and have a talk?” He’s a rock of reason in the neurotic sea of post-Soviet politics.He realizes his power mandate comes from people, not from brute force, or God, or ideological sophistry. He’s obsessed by polls figures and popular acclaim. He says what people like to hear, and he knows how to cater to his power base. He shares. He and his friends stole billions from the oil-fueled bonanza, but down here, we got many fat morsels, too. We’ve never been that well off. That’s so new. We’re amazed. Simply amazed.Russia is a declining power. For many different reasons, it seems to be impossible to reverse. But I believe Putin is the best to make it a rather smooth, long, uneventful decline.

Is it bad to put body lotion on your face?

I know face lotions exist for a reason but I'm pretty broke.. lol.

I've been using Vaseline Intensive Body Care lotion on my face. I use Acne Free and it dries up my skin somewhat. Is it normal for body lotion to leave your face feeling heavy and thick? Yuck. It feels that way for me. Almost looks that way for me, as well. It's OBVIOUS that I'm wearing lotion when I put that lotion on.

So yeah.. that's my question. I want to know if I'm alone here, lol. Or not.

Also, any cheap face lotions you can recommend me? It gets a tad bit oily in the T-zone area. My acne treatment is what dries it out a little. But for the most part, it's pretty normal.

Why does Putin like Donald Trump?

First of all, you have to start from NOW.Putin has made it very obvious that he sees Obama as a weak kneed flower child. Every time Obama draws a line in the sand, Putin jumps over it with both feet and laughs in his face."You better not go into Crimea." "...Ukraine." "...Syria." ...Obama adds "or else" and the KGB in Putin says "Or else what little man?" Putin does what he wants and Obama repeatedly does nothing about it. Empty threats and weakness.So to conceive that there might be a bit more RESPECT toward anyone who is not Obama, is not that far fetched.The other thing people don't seem to get, is that this is POLITICS. Putin controls his media and his message very tightly. Do you think that it just accidentally slipped out that Putin said something nice about Trump? Putin didn't want that out there?Maybe he did it as a shot at Obama, maybe so people would freak out and attack Trump over it. I assure you it was released for some specific purpose.On Trump's part, what do you expect him to do? Say BAD things about Putin and damage relations before he even becomes President? Any chance of having a working relationship with Russia will depend a lot on personality and appearance. Dogging Putin now would ensure that our poor relations continue.

People that support Trump decision on keeping the government shut down are just overall terrible and here’s why :?

just another jim jones,russia,nixon movement...the orange clown dont realize they have airplanes [think 911,parachutes and huge bigly ladders,how do they not know this is how they build high rise buildings and his towers..duh,,, Trump 666 Mark of the Beast.htm

the wall and shutdown is just another distraction as usual.karma has patient see here tune into cspan,msnbc and cnn never fox,agent orange owns fox....Trump is president of the Republican base. He knows how to make his most passionate supporters vibrate like the reed of a clarinet. And they have the same effect on him. Republican party are in a cult...{puns..woe is he,,they elected a clown now we have a circus...trump khan Probably because they exhibit the symptoms of being brainwashed.. They defend and justify his behavior and blame everybody who won't fall in line.look deportables [We're going to fight tooth and nail to neuter him so stop your whining.The majority will speak. What's going to happen to you then?They have identified with the Trump tribe. The Trump tribe can not see the destructive things that Trump has done. They are so happy that Trump “has their back” that they forgive him anything. They don’t think that he lies when other people say he has. If I ask, “when will the wall be built?” you can be sure I will be ignored by members of the Trump tribe, who think that Trump’s most important campaign pledge was not to be taken seriously.i wanna see K.Harris or Biden whoop his orange combover 2020 if hes not in mental health or prison with the rest of em...

What coensquences should Russia face for it's actions?

One thing can be agreed, is that the relationship can't stay the same, if it results in Russia behaving this way. So what do you think the consequences should be?
I've heard things like,
make it the G7, with the explusion Russia.
Postpone it's entry into the World trade oreganisation.
Cut off it's seat at the NATO table.
Excellerate Ukraine's entry into NATO and the EU (i definantly would like that one! Improving NATO's defensive umbrella)