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Does She Look Better With Or Without Make Up

I look better without makeup?

i LOVE makeup but i tend too look "over done" with makeup sometimes or kinda tired. But when i wash it off i look better and freshd face. is this a bad thing?

what i usually wear: primer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, then lipgloss

maybe the powder is cakey? idk, but yea. is this a good thing? should i stop wearing it? or stick too just eye makeup

What does it mean when a guy says you look better without makeup?

That's a compliment! He's sayimg that you are so beautiful, you don't need makeup!

When girls ask, should you say they look better with or without makeup?

I will assume you want the diplomatic, relationship-friendly response, and that you’re not trying to steer behavior. That would be a slightly different question.Even the world’s most beautiful women look better with well-applied cosmetics. If a woman seems to look better without makeup, usually it is because it’s misapplied, or over applied, or applied in stylistic way evocative of a subculture that does not conform to her admirer’s taste (e.g., Goth, 40s vintage, Rockabilly).Women know the reality, and when we ask this question (we shouldn’t; it’s not fair), we’re looking for assurance that we still look pretty without it.The safe answer is to refuse to state a preference: “I like you both ways. You look beautiful in your own skin, which not a lot of women can say, and you don’t need makeup—but I also love it when you glam up, because you’re so good at it and you look really hot.”Another variation: “You always look beautiful to me. I don’t always notice whether you’re wearing it.”I’d then try to wrap up that conversation. A woman who hangs on like a pitbull until you state a preference is setting you up. This is like asking “Where am I on the 10 scale?” Or “Am I as pretty as [other person]?”If you have been asked this question by a non-romantic prospect, then you can be a little more candid. But still consider the person’s sensibilities—i.e., do you know this woman to be someone who can cope with unflattering truths? It hurts to be told that you look better with 10 products applied, even though we know deep-down it’s true, or we wouldn’t spend money on those products. People sometimes ask for the brutal truth but then, without meaning to, hold it against you. Tell a girl bluntly that she looks better in makeup, and she may share the story bitterly for the rest of her life.If you think someone’s makeup is over the top: “I prefer to see the real you. Last time I saw you without makeup I was extremely impressed.”If you prefer her “done” face: “Every woman looks better with makeup, even naturally stunning women, so my answer to you is the same as it would be for Karlie Kloss.”

People say I look better without make-up, what does this mean?

Are people saying this b/c it's just polite and a nice compliment or are they being honest? and if not, does this mean I don't know how to wear make up properly? I've always gotten compliments about my skin, and how clear it is, so I rarely wear foundation or anything for the complexion, but I do focus on eye make up b/c my eyes are kind of blan without anything, I myself actually think I look better with make up. I know it's hard to tell w/out seeing my face, but all I wear is the basic eye stuff, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and a tad bit of blush and rarely any lipgloss.

How Do I Convince My GF That She Looks Better Without Makeup?

I often tell my girlfriend that she looks so much better without makeup on. She takes it as if im trying to be sweet but she really actually does look way better without makeup and can easily pull off the natural look. I know its in a lady's nature to put on make up like how a lot of guys put on hair gel, or moose, etc, but sometimes she puts on like a lot of lipstick to where its noticeable, and by all means i cannot control her and she always puts on whatever she pleases but truthfully speaking she is beautiful and can roll out of bed looking gorgeous. So my question is, how can i convince her but without ticking her off that she really doesn't need to be putting on all this makeup?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

It is good to say to a woman that she looks better without makeup?

Unless she directly and clearly asks for your opinion on such, not really.Women (the majority) who wear makeup don’t wear it to make others happy, but themselves. Which means the opinion of others about how they wear their makeup or anything else is not needed.For every random woman who might be flattered by such a statement, dozens of others will be insulted and upset. Granted, they may not tell you so to your face, as they may have better manners than that, but they will be unhappy with such a comment.Remember it is her face, if she wants to wear makeup it is her choice, and your opinion on whether or not she wears it is not needed.

Is it a bad idea to tell a woman that she looks better without makeup? I have only been out with her once but she's also my barre instructor.?

Yes. It’s fine to express your preference, but not if you phrase it as an absolute. And not if you try to control her behaviour. Tell her you think she looks beautiful. When she isn't wearing makeup, say that. Next time, say it again. That’s all. No need for comparison, and no need to make it seem like an objective truth when it’s really your opinion. If she asks if you think she looks better with or without makeup, you can tell her you prefer without. Otherwise, keep your opinions off her face.

Are there some people who just look better without makeup than with makeup?

Recently, actress Sai Pallavi had to face a lot of flak for featuring on a Malayalam movie magazine cover wearing make-up.She shot to fame with her portrayal of a simple and unassuming girl in the Malayalam blockbuster ‘Premam’. People loved her for her minimal make-up look all through the movie.People found her make-up free face a refreshing change from the usual caked up actresses they were used to seeing on screen. So when she appeared like this on a magazine cover, all of Kerala lost their minds :PI can’t seem to decide though. She looks pretty anyway. She said in an interview that she got tonnes of fan-mail requesting her not to wear make-up :P LOLBasically beauty is a relative term. Some people found Sai Pallavi pretty with make-up, most said she looked fabulous without it. I don’t really like to go by all those ‘with and without makeup’ pictures that float around on the internet. Some people are photographed in the most absurd angles and in the most unlikely situations and then compared with a pic of theirs while appearing in a movie or for a formal photo-shoot. And then people talk about makeup magic and Photoshop tricks and whatnot! And they go on to say that all these actresses look ‘ugly’ without makeup. Like how fair is that?There are a lot of women out there who cake themselves in make-up all the time that renders their face almost unrecognizable without make-up. For instance, if someone were to tell me that the woman on the left in the pic below is Kim Kardashian, I’d say ‘yeah, and I’m the Queen of Sheba’It’s a wrong notion a lot of people have that some people look beautiful with their ‘natural look’. Most of the ‘beautiful natural look’ is the result of clever make-up. All those people you admire wear make-up…without looking ‘made-up’. None of us are perfect and we wear make-up to cover up our mild imperfections. It’s up to us whether we choose to look perfectly perfect and end up looking like wax dolls, or if we’re just masking those imperfections subtly. Just get on YouTube and look up ‘natural makeup’. You’ll see what I mean.There is nothing wrong in wearing makeup as long as you don’t overdo it. People judge you 24x7. So no matter how hard you try, you’re going to face the music anyway.