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Does She Wants Attention Or Should I Text Her

What should I do? Why does she still want my attention after she rejected me?

I asked out a woman last year and she rejected me. I move on and now she is doing everything that I used to do for her. She sends me text messages, bought me a few gifts and wants to meet up and has even invited me to different events. I have declined the event invites and do respond to text but not in depth. When she finds out I hang out with other women, she sends more texts and always wants to know what I'm doing. If she rejected me, why does she want to know what I'm doing and why does she want my attention?

Stop chasing her… I am not telling to forget her.. I mean reduce the contact… see when u keep on texting or talking to her in cases where u are the one to start the conversation then he will gradually understand that u are into her. She knows that she has u right on her finger tips.. And we don't care about things which are easy to get guys. .. So the solution is reduce contact.. If she has even a little thing for u she will text u back sm day.. (Hold your position for as long as possible don't text her.. She will text u in few days trust me!!!) And keep in mind when she text u after few days. Girls are clever she won't tell u that I am missing u.. She will never tell u that she wants her puppet that is u back to the same position as u were… she might text a msg that's casual.. Sm info msg or gm msg or sm work its your turn to play.. Respond to it.. But be a nerd..just use minimum words are least emotions and no emoji.. Keep doing that… see she will keep texting u after that.. Its all about mind games… guys! Learn to earn girls

I don’t know you, or her, or your situation, which is why my answer won’t be 100% accurate, and it might not be what you want to hear. All I can give you, is my perspective. That being said, here goes.When I like/love someone, I don’t just “lose interest” in them without a significant reason. When I do lose interest though, the reason is usually something painful, maybe a deal-breaker. For example, I had a crush on this girl, who also liked me. I could tell that from the vibe I was getting every time we talked. But, when she told me about her ex, I lost interest, knowing that she has been in at least one relationship before, and for me, that’s a red flag.So, getting back to your question, it is possible that the girl you’re talking about has lost interest in you due to a significant reason that you may or may not know. But then, this is all about “why” she lost interest in you.Regardless of her reasons, if a girl would lose interest in me, I would lose interest in her too. I wouldn’t want her interest back, I wouldn’t want her attention, I wouldn’t want anything to do with her, at least in a romantic light. If a girl would really like me, she wouldn’t “lose interest” in me. She would, in fact, make efforts to get close to me, and those efforts would not lessen up with time.So, to answer your question, there are indeed ways of getting someone to be interested in you again. But, I don’t know any of those ways, since I’ve never wanted to make anyone be interested in me.If you’ve asked this question based on your own real life experience, I suggest that you move on, find a girl to whom you would matter so much that “losing interest” wouldn’t even be a possibility. I hope I didn’t offend anyone while answering this question. Good luck bud.

If someone just want to get attention. You can give them ignorance. Don’t become a football (Due to world cup is happening right now) and get played. Ignore her world is so big has lots of things to do.There are many things you want to do but are not being able to do due to time. Are you sure you does want to waste your time on these people who don’t even appreciate and are just attention seeker (just want like, upvote, attention etc).Live life and do what makes you happy, instead of thinking about what could happen, think what you can do now.

Does ignoring a girl make her start paying attention to you?

I like this girl a lot. She lives two blocks from me (we live in a college town) so we hangout once or twice a week and text about... 4-5 times a week. I mostly (85% of time) text her first. She doesn't know I like her. I'm really close with her 2 roommates too so when I do go over it's not like all my attention is focused on her, it's on everyone. But I definitely text her the most.

We made out two times, and had sex once, (we were both really drunk for each occasion) Thing is when we're sober she doesn't flirt or anything but when she drinks she's flirty with me. I want to take things to the next step. I mean I text her a lot to hangout, and we do, it's not like she ignores me but 90% of the time "lets hangout" is implied to include her roommates as it's always been.

I mean there has to be SOME attraction because she has made drunken moves on me. Recently I hear her talking about a new guy she met, it's in the early stages, nothing serious but I'm afraid my chance might be slipping. I don't want to make a move and she be "Oh...lets be friends" and that makes things awk with her and the roommates.

Would not speaking to her for a week help figure things out? Like...if she texts me and wants to hangout then that's a good sign and I go from there, but if I don't hear from her, well...then I know. If she texts me, would saying "I'm busy" make her want me more? Then obviously making plans soon after that, not repeatedly blowing her off.

Anyone have an approach to help me? Thanks.

When your Girlfriend gets a Attitude out of nowhere what does she want? More attention? Sex?

I just don't know ...honestly my girlfriend has just suddeny gone like this with me after a weekend camping trip ...I suspect she is just on her period best advice and what I will be doing is laying low for a few days, don't text her unless she texts you, don't call by hers, just wait it out and if it passes great - if not then its time to move on as something is not right which she is not willing to communicate to you about and that's a bad thing ....I currently am worried about mine too ...I hope its just her period and it will pass

also its worth saying I doubt its sex - my gf and I had it often and she still seems like it .....its strange

This is a tricky one. I’m a girl and I have done this to a guy. It means she is feeling a bit crowded by you and she needs some space to miss you. She needs space to pursue her hobbies which make her happy. She needs some space to figure out if she still has feelings for you too. Are you demanding too much of her time? Texting her lots throughout the day? You might be giving her the message that you are too needy. Here’s what you need to do to seem more attractive to her again. Do you have things/projects that keep you busy too? Find out what they are and get busy yourself.Step back and give her space to do the things she needs to do. In the meantime get busy with your projects/hobbies.Keep light hearted and keep your sense of humour about it.Fill your time up again with seeing your friends, with your work and your hobbies.Send her a brief text just once a day to let her know you’re thinking of her and that you’re busy with your own stuff too. Don’t send her texts all day.Here’s a text message that will help: Hey Annie, hope you’re having a great day. Hectic at work today. Funny thing happened at work with that lady who looks like Shrek. (say something brief and funny) Catching up with Ryan tonight for a drink tonight.On the weekend make plans to do your hobbies and catch up with your friends. Don’t be cold toward her and don’t be mean about it. Send her a text to let her know you can make time if she wants to meet with you. Otherwise your gonna just get busy doing your own thing. Eg: Hey Annie, hope you’re keeping well baby (whatever pet name you have). Doing much this weekend? I’ve been working on my PC programming all week so going to fix this stuff on the weekend. A couple of friends are coming to mine for a movie night and we’re watching The Hangover trilogy. Should be awesome. Would love to see you this weekend if you’re free. If not have a good one baby ;) xxxI would try this whole process for 2 weeks. If after 2 weeks she is still being distant to you and not wanting to meet with you, then i would call her to talk about the relationship because if after 2 weeks she still shows disinterest then she probably doesn’t want a relationship with you anymore.

Because girls are more communication minded than boys? I don’t know. If you are both girls then maybe she just doesn’t need to as much as you do. Telling her it is not important to communicate with her daily probably lit her fuse. It is like telling her she is not important to you. So try a short reply. Send an emoji. But don’t ignore it. I really hate it when someone ignores my text.

This girl text me every single day. Does she like me?

texting someone every day doesn't really mean you like them . you really cant figure that out With just looking at clues or how someone acts . how about you ask her if she likes you . get the answer straight from her not a bunch of people who don't know her or you. and if your too shy to ask face to face . ask via text

If your girlfriend said you not showing her enough attention,then she talks and texts others guys. What to do?

Well dame be careful with those kind of girls, if you dont give her the attention she wants well goodbye to you :/ but umm maybe telling her that its wrong wat shes doing and that you dont like it, will maybe make her stop but if she doesnt then dude i dont think shes a good girlfriend, she already sounds needy