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Does Somebody Wish Rome 2 To Get An Expansion In 2014

European Union: Why do countries want to join the EU?

Many good answers have already been given, let me add one: it provides a safe roof over the heads of small nations.Small nations have always been trampled upon to the detriment of their citizens. They are always accused of being ‘against political unity’ and punished for not accepting second rate citizenship by the Napoleons, Gengis Khans and Stalins of this world.In the EU they can enjoy the benefits of economic and political union without being repressed or trampled upon. This is why so many that struggled for their freedom and sovereignty quite recently, like Croatia, Estonia or -a bit longer ago- Ireland are willing to share that precious bit of sovereignty with others who experienced the same indignities. Would they do that if the EU were really a ‘Fourth Reich’ as some enemies of the EU claim?In reality the EU is much more kept together by the small countries than it is ‘dominated by the Germans’. The big difference between the Germans and the Brits is that the Germans have come to understand, respect even enjoy it. The Brits didn’t and still don’t. This is why they are now running into Norwegian, Danish, Romanian and Maltese problems more than German ones when it comes to the brexit negotiations.

Why was the British Empire so successful?

Following are the top most five important reasons for England being becoming one of the more powerful country in the past. Such as:From Mid 1600's until the war of independence in 1776, Britain had Dominated over several American Colonies. Until the 19th Century, Britain had dominion over Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Until the 20th Century Britain was in control of Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt , Sudan, Palestine, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The policies which the British government used in order to gain control over these states were strategic. Interestingly, many of the colonies were originally founded by private companies/personalities with Royal Charter (approval). It is well known India was established by the East India Company, searching for resources in the Far East. South Africa was arguably the product of aggressive expansion by Cecil Rhodes (incidentally founder of Old Rhodesia).Trade is another factor which founded the British Empire. Indeed, Hong Kong was given to the British by China, after their defeat in the Opium War in 1898. The Opium War was a war fought over trade. The British were fed up with China's unwillingness to house foreigners in their nation - restricting them to reside in Portugese Macau - and negotiated opening of port cities, such as Shanghai and Hong Kong. Unity, was another factor which held the British Empire together. Unity however, must not be mistaken for homogeneity - the Empire was incredibly racially and religiously diverse. However, throughout the New World Britain managed to introduce some very positive changes into the standard of living of millions of people. Britain introduced their Westminster style of government, their common law (arguably the greatest gift of all) and numerous other seemingly inconsequential things (like the sport cricket for example). These unifying traditions helped to bind the Empire together. The final reason behind the strength of the British Empire was pride. Pride in the Empire, pride in nation building, pride in the dissemination of Anglo-Saxon values. It is plain from the disintegration of the Empire, that British peoples loss of faith in Britain as an Empire was critical to its demise. After WW2, the ideology behind Empire building seemed flawed; having watched Europe almost become unbound by the plans of an evil dictator bent on controlling the Continent, Britain's own imperialist forays were challenged.

What would the world be like if Nazi Germany had never lost the war?

Berlin would have looked like this :"Democracy" would have disappeared in Europe :Italy, Germany and Japan would have been regarded as the world's liberators from the evils of "Judeo-Bolschevism" and "Judeo-Capitalism" :The Jews would have been held responsible for WW2 :Europeans would all be remembering Bloody Sunday and the Katyn massacre instead of the suffering of the Jews :National-Socialism would have become the dominant ideology across the globe :Hitler would have become the most popular political leader of the 20th century :Jewish culture would be regarded as the embodiment of evil throughout the world :American culture would have about the same reputation it has today :The German American Bund would have become a strong force in the US :Seggregation would not have been replaced by integration but by the split of the US in a White nation and a Black nation :Malcolm X would have become one of the founders of the Black nation :Islam would be the dominant religion in the new Black nation :The Hitler youth would replace the Boy Scouts and similar youth movements globallyPorn wouldn't become mainstream :Homosexuality would not have become mainstream :Hippies would have looked something like this :Family would have been considered the cornerstone of civilisation :Sending people to forced labor camps for re-education would be morally acceptable :This would be the general perception of "democracy" :Eugenics would be generally accepted :Europe would look a lot more "White" than it does today :Women would be encouraged to stay home as mothers :Having a large family would be encouraged :Divorce would remain taboo :Interracial relationships would remain taboo :The banking system would have undergone major revisions :Circumcision would be illegal :"Mein Kampf",  the manga would have been a worldwide bestseller, with sales approaching those of the 1924 original :These women would  be considered mentally ill :These men would be considered mentally ill :People would spend more time outside :This would be considered healthy education :Many countries would compete with Korea in  games like these :