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Does That Really Mean I

What Does He Really Mean?

um i could be wrong.
but soon as I read this question I thought,
hes probably sick of being in a relationship.
when guys say they want a break, they really just want to be single its not in your best interest because its usually so they can be single and flirt with anyone they want.
moving to fast im prety sure just means "ur smothering me"
sounds liek a complete wanker and a waste of space to me.
I rekon if he wants to take a break that means your single too, u kno.
u shuld tell him "im glad were taking a break, i needed it" lol thatd stir things up a bit, play his games with him see how he likes hearing that your happy yous broke up ! or that u wanted to break up, aswel something like that.
tell him ur having a good as time going out partying and ask how hes going lol
i rekon you should, be strong. he wants to do this to make out his so good he can just end something wenever he wants, and u wont even realise why hes acting the way he is...
I mite be rong.....but mi ex did this to me and I found out 3 days afta we broke up he hooked up wit his ex. and he told me it was just a break, too.
then he got wit me agen for a while...but soon as another girl came along he ditched me.
move on if you want to his the one that called it off, enjoy urself and brag about how hapy u are.
two can play these games

What does "****" really mean ?

I wouldnt know, I cant see the word lol XD

C*nt means a woman's Vagina XD

Does he really mean it?

What were you expecting, "Wow, I've finally met the girl of my dreams, an untouched woman who I can mold and call my very own"? He's telling you something significant by saying it doesn't matter and that he likes you as a person. He's saying, if you weren't a virgin, he would be okay with that. And if you are, that's okay too. It's all about the person, not your sexual experience. His reply was respectful and nowadays that's all you need to look for. A man who has some respect for you and really likes you for who you are.

“ really mean" really means that one is about to give you an explanation that takes into account the entirety of the meaning.Often very specific ideas (that require extensive understanding to fully appreciate) are generalized in common usage.Example: "what does temperature really mean?"We think of temperature as the amount of heat in a substance, but this is not strictly speaking true. Heat is energy, and has a unit of measurement. Temperature is caused by heat energy, but raising the temperature in two different substances requires different amounts of energy.

Does this really mean that..?

Uh, phrase or not a phrase; you should know that cheating on your girlfriend is a horrible thing to do.
I mean once is bad, but 7 to 8 times !?!?!?
If you have to be with other girls so much, why are you with her? If you really do love her, why have anyone else?
You're probably really young and don't even know what love is...
I say break up wit her, don't hurt her anymore ...

&if you don't want to break up with her;
tell her what you did, and let her be the judge.
Be honest with her ... jeez ... /:

What does she really mean?

Hey Papi, Continue to treat her as a friend. If that is all she wants, enjoy it.Some women play games and it drives men crazy. That may be ignorance or fear or selfishness or poor training. But it doesn't sound to me like she's playing games with you. She's either a real encourager and a touchy-feely person, or she's sending you a message like she likes you but wants to take it easy.
Some women play games and it drives men crazy. That may be ignorance or fear or selfishness or poor training. But it doesn't sound to me like she's playing games with you. She's either a real encourager and a touchy-feely person, or she's sending you a message. How does she act with others? That could be a fast answer, too. And even if she is like this with others, it doesn't rule out that you two could become a match.. good luck

What does "force" really mean?

Here is the error in your assumptions. It is an easy one to make, and I can see that you are a deep thinking person and will go far in this field :)

Basically, for 1 and 2, you have to realise that the force of an impact is caused by the DEceleration caused by the impact, and is unrelated to the acceleration before the impact. When the man in 1. hits the wall at 100MPH, assuming his speed drops to 0 in 0.1 seconds (due to the elasticity of his body and the wall), his deceleration is 1000 MPH per second, whereas the second man would have a deleration of 100 MPH per second. Thus the force each feel will be different by a factor of 10.

Basically, the acceleration before impacts is irrelevant (unless the force causing it remains after impact). The actual force of the impact is caused by the change in speed between his final velocity (just before the impact) and the velocity immediately after the impact event.

For 3, you have to realise that gravity is a force that is causing you to constantly accelerate (or more accurately, according to the principle of relativity: the laws of physics describing the ball are IDENTICAL to the laws of physics describing an identical ball being "genuinely" accelerated at 9.8m/s^2). So the ball on the table is always accelerating at 9.8m/s^2 into the table, and thus the force is present.

I hope this helps :D

As for your actual question "what does force really mean?", do you mean what it really means, or what it REALLY means? Force...what is force? That is such a good question and only someone FLUENT with our understanding of physics has any hope of truly understanding what force "really" is...and I'm not even sure they know. You need to have an intuitive understanding of what "space" is, what stuff is, what energy is, what "movement" is. All of this really requires in depth knowledge, and deep understanding of the highest concepts in physics like Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. I one day dream to be at that level :)

What does she really mean in this case?

Depending on waht you mean by knowing this girl, if she is your GF she is meaning Marriage or that it would be nice to take the next step. if she is just a friend with intimacy means that that is not what she is looking for. but if she is just your friend nothing else, she is letting it go, she is frustrated for the fact of feeling old and yet not have find the right one yet (in this case it is a good chance to throw yourself at her specially when she is talking about marriage)..

ps dont hurt her feelings, obviously she is looking for something , if you are not willing to commit, step aside. it is not nice to take advantage.

At a certain age, there is a strong desire to have a family and settle down. You might call it a desire to not be alone any more and fall head over heals in love and don’t care about the time or the place. It happens! Love is so strong when two of the opposite sex come together that they are inseparable in this world and the next. I just follow my heart. It was jam the torpedo straight ahead! And make it work for both of us. Hindsight 2o/20, I didn’t look before I jumped. She raised me, I raised her. It was a mutual association of admiration and total trust! When you have that God given trust that all will work out well and this person will be there for you in this world and the next; I swear she’s the one! My heart is in my hand. I give it to her. We dance in merriment! She was waiting for me! I jumped on her like I was already apart of her. Man, love is blind! But I was ready to get married and so was she. We had a match. And catch me a catch we did! I gave up my singleness. I didn��t want to be single any more. It was God given. It was meant to be! I grabbed her. She grabbed me! I still love her. I’m not going to get remarried. I had my kids. Why should I get married again. After my bother, 2 years younger, had 3 kids and a Double X; he said, “I’m not going to get married again!” I second that! But, wait till I fall into another trap. I swear, this won’ t happen again. Either I go back to my wife or not at all! That’s the decision I’ve made and I will stick by it.