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Does The Partial Shutdown Prove This One Thing Beyond Much Doubt

With the US govt shut down for such a long time, nothing terrible has happened. Does this prove the big government is actually unnecessary?

OkThe effects of the ongoing partial federal shutdown have by, mid January, 2019, been fairly limited.Of the 800,000 federal workers that are part of shutdown, about half started off designated as “essential,” which has meant they have been coming to work to carry out their duties--just not getting paid for it.And as it became clear Americans would begin to feel more negative effects of the shutdown, Donald Trump ordered additional furloughed workers be designated “essential” in order to cover more government functions that Americans expect to be operating, such as food inspections and processing tax refunds.[1]This, however, is a band-aid approach.Not only do Americans want such shuttered federal functions as the national parks reopened, but these hundreds of thousands of dedicated federal employees simply cannot go on working for no pay indefinitely.And this longest shutdown in history will, sooner rather than later, begin to cause real damage to the US economy.[2]Trump simply will have to come to grips with the fact that, on this issue of building a wall along the southern border, the majority of the American people just oppose him and side with the Democrats.[3]The longer Trump and his Republican allies in Congress maintain this shutdown, the more childish--and dangerous—they will appear.However, if anything, this prolonged shutdown will provide Americans with a renewed appreciation for the benefits the federal government provides but often are overlooked.Footnotes[1] The Trump administration is making many thousands more work without pay[2] Janet Ybarra's answer to How much longer can the US government be shut down before we descend into anarchy?[3] Immigration

Honest question: Why does Keyboard Warrior get so many dislikes?

You all gave good answers for or against him. I know I am in no position to ask this, but can you all please stop acting like children? If KW gives a bad answer or a sarcastic one (I do sometimes to) then thumb him down. If he gives a great one, as he has before, then don't thumb him down just because of his name. Judge each answer individually. Thats all I'm asking, I can't stand bullies especially internet muscle.

Anyways, the ones who gave poor answers to this question got thumbed down. The rest of you got thumbed up for putting time into your answers. It wouldn't be fair for me to pick one so I am going to leave this one up for voting. Thanks to all the good answers!

Suing members of Congress?

Can John Boehner, Harry Reid, and or Obama be sued by class action law suit, or States' Attorney Generals, or private companies for damages resulting from this catastrophic and negligent government partial shut down, and can it be proved they are doing it (not negotiating) for personal goals or reasons?