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Does The Usa Have An Office For Race And Settlement

What is an Internment/Resettlement Specialist in the National Guard?

This is just an opinion, however the Internment/Resettlement Specialist may be new name for an old title. Former names may have been Schutzstaffel (SS) Officer, Concentration Camp Officer, and Labor Camp Officer.

How exactly was Josef Mengele injured in the SS Panzer division?

I've looked through several sites and this is the best I can find, None of them say how he was wounded, only that he was.

In January 1942, following an offensive deep behind Soviet lines, he is awarded the Iron Cross, First Class, the Black Badge for the Wounded and the Medal for the Care of the German People. Wounds received during this second campaign prevent Mengele returning to combat. He is posted instead to the office of race and resettlement in Berlin and promoted to captain

Is it a good idea to settle in Shimla?

Depends.There are days when I pat myself on the back for having stayed back in the mountains. Then, there are days when I doubt myself for having made such a decision.Life in metros could have been a complete mess for someone like me who loathes sweltering hot summers and dry winters of plains. I couldn’t stand the crowd, heat, pollution and never ending rat race that’s synonymous with metros or tier 1/2 Indian cities.I use a motorcycle for daily commuting and absolutely love my ride home at end end of a tiring day.I can head out for a weekend trip to some really awesome places even if I’m planning at the last minute.The place looks pretty awesome when it snows..I can enjoy morning walks in clean air .. and so on.But there are numerous cons too…I have hardly had any local clients in the last 6 years (IT, content marketing).Finding the right people to work for you.. that’s really difficult as there is no ecosystem in placeWith time, I got bored of visiting a limited set of weekend destinationsLaid back attitude in almost everything..Zero night lifeReally high real estate prices and rentals comparable to Chd (due to an artificial scarcity which is a result of HP Land Tenancy Act (regardless of its benefits to us Pahadis).. and so on.I have enjoyed my stay in Shimla (6 years) and hardly regret the decision (except on occasions when you just want to vent out your frustration on something). That’s despite the fact that I made far less money than I could make by working for an MNC in metros.Lastly, I love Shimla. I love Himachal. But I may still choose to shift to another place in future.

What would happen if our president Donald Trump gets sued? He has been sued over 130 times while having been the President of the USA.

It depends on what he’s sued for.If he’s sued for something that took place during the Presidency (and is in any way even remotely tied to an act as president, which virtually everything he does is) and while he is still the president then it’s not going to happen. A sitting president has immunity while in office for things that occur while in office related to the acts of the office.If it’s for something that took place before he was President, that would be allowed. This is what happened (and was determined) during Bill Clinton’s run in with Paula Jones.In that case, what most likely would happen is a quick settlement. Bill set that precedent. Better to settle than to go to court and risk perjury, as Bill found out.

What was Hitler's program of genocide?

mass murder
how about

Final Solution ?