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Does This Count As Me Performing A Wristlock On My Friend

Me and my sister are performing a duet together and we want a song that describes our relationship together?

this is me and my sisters 12th year dancing together and sadly this will be her last. We finally have the opportunity to have a duet in this years recital. We are choreographing the number ourselves and would really like a song that describes us. We are extremely close, she is my best friend, and the one i can always count on. We really want an emotional song to express this. Keep in mind this will be a lyrical type number. Thank you sooo much ! any ideas will be helpful ! (=

Does this count as kissing?

I won't mention my opinions on this matter - but I will say if there was definite physical contact, brushing or otherwise, it still counts as a kiss - regardless of whether it's full blown, or just a brush of the lips....even the slightest touch counts where lips are involved.

OK....I've just seen more answers before I posted this permanently...
ladies and gentlemen, I don't care what you think or what you say, but a peck still counts as a kiss. You could take someone to court for an unwanted peck on the cheek and you'd come out the winner because it was still a kiss - and you could describe it as such in a court of law, so a peck is still a KISS. You could do EXACTLY the same thing for the level of contact involved in this instance if you were the recipient of the said 'brush' of contact, and it would still count towards the prosecutors case.

Does this count a self harm?

Self harm is usually intentionally causing yourself physical pain to release emotional pain. I would say if your doing it for fun and it doesn't hurt - your not causing yourself harm. Typically self harm is a very private thing and one who is engaging in such behavior would not want to put it on display. There are all kinds of performing acts where individuals do all kinds of things to their bodies with similar intent for entertainment. Dont listen to peoples judgmental comments - to each his own.

Does this count as a monologue?

So I have to perform a monologue for as part of my performing arts course. I was wondering does this count as a monologue. I got it from the play Road by Jim Cartwright.

Louise (name of the character)
It's all gambling this, in't it? Gambling with gabble to see what come out. That record is so about pure things it make you want to cry. Why's the world so tough? It's like walking through meat in high heels. Nothing's shared out right, money or love. I'm a quiet person me. People think I'm deaf and dumb. I want to say things but it hard. I have big wishes, you know? I want my life to be all shine'd up. It's so dull. Everything's so dulled. When that man sings on that record there, you put the flags up. Because he reminds you of them feelings you keep forgetting. The important ones. Once you wrap 'em up and put 'em away, there's nothing left but profit and loss and who shot who? But it's so hard, life. So hard. Nothing's interesting. Everything's been made ordinary in our eyes. I want magic and miracles. I want a Jesus to come and change things again and show the invisible. And not let us keep forgetting, forge-netting everything, kickin' everyone. I want the surface to up and off and all the gold and jewels and light out on the pavements. Anyway I never spoke such a speech in my life and I'm glad I have. If I keep shouting somehow a somehow I might escape.

Fast doesn't count if you don't pray?

Assalamu Alaikum

You can learn how to pray at the following site:

In the Menue on left of their first window Click on "Tajweed (by Bint-ul=Huda)
In next window click on your right column next to
No.1 where in Arabic it is written Surah Al-Fatiha.
In third window click the sign of head phone.

Now you will hear teacher teaching how to read Surah Al-Fatiha and women repeating after her.
You also repeat after her with other students and learn how to pronounce Quranic Ayahs correctly and also by repeating over and over you will memorize the surah too.

First Surah Al-Fatiha is main surah you must recite in every rakat in standing position. Salat
(Namaz) is not valid without reciting Al-Fatiha.

When you learn this surah after that you go to the following site:

Take your arrow on "Quran" on top left.
Then click "Quran Recitation" in the bottom of list. It will take you to the list of all surahs of Quran.
Click Surah # 112 and repeat with Qari and
memorize the short shurah A;-Ikhlas.
After memorizing this, memorize Surah # 113, 114,
110, 105, 102, 103, 105. I have suggested you to learn to recite and memorize shortest surahs in Quran. After that you can learn more Surahs as you wish.

For complete Salat (Namaz) buy a book from any Islami Book Store and learn the rest of Namaz or
learn from a friend, Imam, a family member or a relative.

May Allah guide you on to the right path of Allah.

There is a huge range for the meaning of being a friend.I like the simplest definition as it allows me to have countless friends around me across space and time.For me, anyone who connects to me and shares the moment with me is a friend. Two key aspects here, a sense of connection and sharing something across that connection.As a result, even a nasty stranger who will show me a finger on the road or vice versa or fights nastily with me could become a friend in the next moment. This is because, we had a connection and sharing, it was not pleasant, but if we work on this connection and sharing, we could turn the whole event to be friends after that. I have experimented on this and have succeeded to have many such quarrels and shouting matches transform towards possibility of new friendships.So, it is possible for us to cultivate a sense of connection and sharing among ourself, and when our expression shows that to the others, they can catch that vibe, and though we start as strangers, we will move towards becoming friends, sometimes for longer period, many a time just for that moment, and then we move on with no purpose between us for future.Among the friends we have collected from our family, school days, working place, business relations etc., if we do not nurture the sense of connection and sharing, irrespective of the depth of our friendship before, the friendship may suffer and wane.How far a friendship could go? Very far, like an extension of self across each other, like alter ego or soul mate. It all depends on how two will value their friendship and how they nourish it with shared common vision. Some have friends with intimacy beyond their spouse, which can get their partnership into trouble, or they learn to manage both with a sense of boundaries, disclosures, agreements and arrangements.

Copright Questions (youtube, former band, my song, ect)?

So I upload some of my original songs on youtube, just me and an acoustic guitar...I was wondering if this serves as any kind of proof for copyright?

I'm having an issue over one of my songs with my former band. It has never been recorded, but they aren't willing to stop performing it under their name, and I won't have that. I will probably record and officially copyright it anyway, but I was wondering does my youtube upload of the song count for anything?

Here is the link

The most strange was a 12” soft plastic worm fishing lure that patient had stuffed up their urethra completely into their bladder. This guy did this more than once, and ended up with a psychiatric consultation after the second event.Ive also encountered a woman that swallowed the entire contents a picture hanging kit on one occasion and 7 AA batteries on another. Yet another psych consult.Ive also seen a parasitic worm wrapped around a patient’s pituitary gland which is at the base of the brain.Dermoid cysts are incredibly strange. They develop in ovaries and have the potential to become and type of cell in the body, but most frequently become hair, teeth, occasionally bone, and are usually accompanied by a yellow custard like pus.Ive also seen a woman with a 30 pound ovarian cyst she’d been growing for over 20 years. She never got it taken care of before because it didn’t bother her, even though it looked like she was pregnant with a calf. Eventually it began to hurt and she had it removed. We didn’t have a specimen container big enough to put it in, so we got a big ice cream tub from the cafeteria and poured formalin over it. It was bigger than a basketball and barely fit. The nurse that put it in basically had to shove it in.And then there’s the things people get stuck in their rectums. I could go on all day.