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Does This Count For Supervision

Court Supervision? Drug Tests?

I pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor for attempt to posses.
I am informed I'll be put onto supervision.

I live in Illinois

Main concern is will they be drug testing?

Does a deposition of "Withhold Judgment/Supervision" count as a conviction reference to the Lautenberg law?

Assuming you mean disposition yes it would you were technically found guilty and received sanctions but the judge withheld adjudication, but there will still be a record of the hearing and unless you go to court and have it removed it will follow you.~

Can i get court supervision for a speeding ticket without going to court?

Ok, so two days ago i was driving to Iowa from Illinois and i got pulled over for going 85 in a 65. The ticket says no court appearance required. Although that is good, i still do not want to have the ticket on my record and would like court supervision. The county i have to go to is far as all hell away. Basically is there a way i can receive court supervision without having to drive all the way over there for court? I heard you could try requesting it in a letter when mailing your fee for the ticket. Is that a good idea?? Please anyone that knows the answer let me know, i'm kind of stuck on what to do. Thank you

A zoo has some lions and some ostriches. The zoo keeper counted 15 heads and 50 legs.How many lions were there?

well if some lions didn't have missing heads then 10 and 5 ostriches.
10 x 4 = 40
5 x 2 = 10
10 + 40 = 50

What is definition of supervisory experience when applying for a supervisor job?

I am an university graduate and have degree in business. I have also worked in a retail business as cashier/inventory clerk for 3 years (I am really good at those jobs and I can work independantly without help of my supervisor)

I want to apply for a retail supervisor positions, but most of the jobs I found seem to require at least 1-2 years of retail supervisory experience; Does being an independant retail clerk count as a supervisory experience (In a sense that, say, I "supervised" bookshelves or cash transactions)?

I really want to become a supervisor.