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Does This Girl Like Me Or Just Good Friends

Does she like me or is she just being a friend?

> The very same act can mean flirting or being friendly. So it’s sometimes impossible to distinguish on the surface.She might be friendly, without the intention to flirt, and you can still interpret it as flirting; then act as if you did interpret it so (= act flirty yourself). If there is chemistry, it actually *becomes* flirting, regardless of her initial intentions. You shouldn’t need to try too hard to see if she wants to play along or not. If she doesn’t, her initial intentions are clear (or she’s shy and/ or didn’t think about you that way - yet)She might actually be flirting with you. If you think so, there is a good chance she is. All you have to do is be light- hearted and play along. Be funny, positive and respectful (playful teasing/ antagonism can be in that category, though) and you will have nothing to lose. Immature (young or otherwise) women might not be able to deal with a friendly flirt and become dismissive, but that’s not your issue to fix.> Sometimes it IS possible to tell what her intentions are by reading her body language. This ability is a skill you have to practice. If you know the person well, it’s easier to do.Generally speaking, if she’s interested in you and wants to communicate it subtly through flirting, some general signs are: Looking at you often (briefly or not), sizing you up, looking at you lips - then the eyes - and possibly back, talking to you with her body faced in your direction, mirroring your body language, changes in her voice as opposed to her normal tone/pace of voice, abundant laughter even at your worst jokes, shyness, redness of face and many more.—-I would go with the first option and try flirting myself to check where the interaction is heading. Body language & mood reading will still be necessary then.

Does this girl love me or are we just really good friends?

There is a lot of difference between being used to someone, having them around and actually being in love. You have to put your finger on it. Talking to you might have just become a habit to her. The issues with girls is, when you take the courage and propose to her ( and if she doesn't like you in that way ) she'll say she's never seen you like that and just loved having you around. She will also play the "best friend" card. It may turn out to be quite an embarrassing and a sticky situation for you to get out of.

If a girl says im a really good friend does that mean she will never date me?

Your chances are slim because it sounds like she has put you in the "FRIEND ZONE"

How can you tell if a girl just wants to be friends or really likes you?

She may have summed up her feelings after that first date. She could have been looking at the situation and told herself to cool a little before going out with you again.

If she does consider you just as a friend or someone else (such as freako), she may reject your dates consecutively for each time that you ask her out. That's when you know, she's not into you.

Or maybe her dad is very protective of her and is afraid that you are someone who just wants to fool his precious daughter around.

Or she may have some family issues such as her dad has to look after her mum and she can't leave her mum alone in the house?

There're so many reasons to why she told you she had to wait. Maybe those reasons are just my imaginations.

If you want to know for sure, ask her if she has someone else in her mind.

What if I like a girl but she says we are good friends?

I feel half rejected( she did not slap me right so) and will be disappointed for a while. later look out for reasons. if i am soo true i will be in touch with her as a friend. will show the love, help her , do her little favors and all the stuffyou never know love just happens. so ill stay as a good friend waiting her to ask this "do you still love me" question :)update: its awkward when you do awkward things like. crying , not responding, behaving not normal better you could joke ,be sarcastic, or say it was a joke.. or something like that.. you need to make the situation normal..i have proposed a girl and she was my senior .. she said it will not work out and please stay away.. i said lets be friends.. joked , praised her.. and so i still keep txting her.. no problem if she rejects me again.. im ready to be rejected ..  ye bath hai khya " insan ka karthavya koshesh karneka kamyabhi na kamyabhi sab ushke haat mey"  Translation" its man right to try again and again.. it might work or may not its all in the hands of god"sorry for my english and hindi too :)

/how do you know if a girl likes you or treats you as a good friend only?

if a girl likes you then she will flirt continsusly with and possibly try and show you that she would rather spend more time with you... she could come up to talk to you even when shes with all her friends and when you walk into her view she may even smile even though shes down in the dumps...etc etc x