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Does This Make Me A Bad Or Mean/evil Person

Does this make me an evil person to have lied?

My mom used to make me see a therapist. I don't ever open-up to anyone, I just smile all the time and I love listening to others. I don't do conflict, which is why quitting the therapist took forever (I didn't want to hurt my mom or the therapist). I pretended like everything was perfect which was easy because I've been doing it for as long as I can remember.

However, whenever people tell me secrets they always end by saying, "I feel so much better having told you and having talked about it." I've never understood that, so I thought maybe I would tell the therapist about my smallest issue. I said how I had an eating disorder. I went home and wished, again, that suicide wasn't against my religion. So, I went back and said I'd lied, and I had also come up with a very clear reason for why I had done so before hand. She at least doubted that I actually had an eating issue, and maybe even believed it fully.

I'm really glad that she at least semi-believed that I had lied. I'm not a liar though so that makes me feel so wretched, I have to keep on reminding myself that I didn't actually lie. I hate that she thinks of me as a person who would lie about a serious thing like that. I wouldn't reverse what I did though, I mean it's far better than her thinking I have an eating problem.

How can I forgive myself for this? I feel so guilty. Do you advice for me?

I'm very sorry for being really selfish.

Thank you very much!

Does this make me a bad person?

The question is, why are you breathing ,why are you thinking , why are you eating, why are you writing, why are you intelligent, why are you dumb, why can you talk or write with good logic, why are you using a computer, why are you GOVERNED or REGULATED, why do you have money, why you don't have money, why are you talking about religion race or beliefs. Why are you thinking about god, heaven, hell or satin. Why are you even LIVING. Why is there bad and why is there good. Why did you ask this question ?

Then you'll notice bro, okay maybe there are higher powers that have abilities to CREATE.
I'm not a hardcore religious person, but you have to admit that something created you for a reason and Bad/Good are here for a reason.

Also, I don't think you get the " Died for our sins " thing.

Btw in everything, majority wins. GOD is the most known leader in ALMOST every religion. So he's the real deal man ;). GOD is the real higher power, but of-coarse this stupid thing called "religion" screws up GOD'S reputation a lot.

Does this make me a bad person?

Hi Tash, little sweetheart, you know you still have a huge place in my heart :) You are one of the kindest people I know, and we are kindred spirits regarding our parents. Please don't listen to any of these people that tell you that you are hard-hearted. That is so cruel for someone to say that to you when they have no idea what you've been through.

Tash, I had a counselor tell me once that just because you are related to someone by blood doesn't mean you have to love them for some cultural/biblical reason. They told me to ask myself "would I be friends with this person if I weren't related to them, would they be in my life"? If the answer is no, then treat the relationship like you would any other person.

This society pressures us to love a parent no matter what because they brought you into this world, blah blah, and thereby absolves them of any crime that they have committed. It's funny how parents can get away with doing stuff to their children that if they did to anyone else, they would be arrested and thrown in jail. It makes me sick. They have the duty to care for their child and protect them from harm, if they can't do that much, then they don't have the honor of having you in their lives when you're older. Tough sh!t. It's called karma, or whatever else you want to call it. Follow your heart on this one sweetheart.

Love you ((((((((((Tash))))))))))

Does this make me a bad person? Or selfish?

Go and have your drink with your friend. Don't tell your current boyfriend about meeting her or anything about her problems. Try and keep the relationship by text massages or phone calls when he is not around. There is no need to add any drama to your current relationship by bringing up anything to do with your past relationship. If you feel like you are abondoning your ex's sister than go and do what you need to do and leave your boyfriend out of it. He doesn't want anything to do with anyone from your past relationship so don't involve him and don't tell him. You are not cheating on him or being unfaithful to him you are just talking with another person that has zero influence on your current relationship.

When you talk to your friend, if she asks about your current relationship just answer "Everything is great I am very happy" and thats it. Don't go into details about anything with your ex's sister. She is his blood and blood is thicker than water. He will find out anything that you tell her so don't give him anything he can use against you to sabotage your current relationship. The last thing you need is for him to some how contact your current boyfriend with knowledge about anything that has to do with you and your current boyfriend. You would never be able to give a satisfactory explaination on how your ex found out about anything and your boyfriend would feel betrayed and lied to. Another reason to not go into any details about your current relationship with her is that way if your boyfriend ever finds out about you meeting up or talking with her you will be able to "honestly" explain to him that "I only talked with her about her failed relationship and was there to console her, I did not talk about you or us or her brother. The topic was her and her ex and thats it. The only reason I went was to talk about that and I didnt want to upset you over an innocent meeting. My relationship with her is strictly about beening able to talk about womens issues with somebody that I feel comfortable with and not about my past with her family. Does that make sense?

Good luck and remember, your current boyfriend comes first so makes sure that no matter what you do, think it through to its logical conclusion and if that conclusion is that it would negitively effect your relationship with him than its best not to do it.

I'm a nonbeliever. Does that make me evil or a bad person?

I am a Christian who just got one big house with my husband ,my sister, her husband our children, and my mother. Why does that matter? We did it to take care of our mother in her last days here (she is dying from aids) so not all Christians disobey God at least I try not to anyway.

Now to answer your question if you truly do what you say you do no I can not honestly say you are an evil or bad person. Your beliefs are yours to have I can not and will not judge you, my sister was an Atheist until she saw what she needed to see from God in order to trust him, so who here can say that God will not do the same for you? You truly should not have anything to prove to any one here God Bless you.

My opinion on this why do Christians do this and that thing is simple.... You have parents right? Now before you were born they had a plan for your life... rather it was to be a judge, a Priest, or a corner boy they had a plan. Now I don't know about you but I did not do every thing my parents thought I would do, and I broke allot of their rules, now the only difference here in being a disobedient child and a disobedient Christian is I am willing to admit I was not always a good kid. I don't know very many Christians who will admit to be bad at living like Christ....

“Good person” and “bad person” are fairly subjective terms. There’s kind of a general consensus on what those words mean, but there’s no clear definition or lines between them. However, it’s been generally accepted by modern society that automatic hatred of people makes you a bad person.I don’t really want to moralize to you, but there’s not much justification to be done here. It’s neither mature or intelligent to automatically hate a group of people, and in history this kind of hatred has led to incredible atrocities (and it still does today). Essentially, what you are doing is that you are making a moral judgement of a group of people based on a single aspect of their identity (their homosexuality). I can’t sugarcoat it, that’s pretty bad.I’d wager that hating gay people probably doesn’t make you feel good either. It probably makes you feel bad. There might be some odd satisfaction at being morally superior or whatnot, but in general you probably feel pretty negative, and you probably have a constant urge to shed your negative energy by being outwardly hateful towards gay people.Another general rule of whether or not you can be considered a “bad person” is if you harm other people. I say that yes, if you hate gay people, you are harming others by definition.I strongly disagree with some of the answers below. Some people say that you aren’t a bad person as long as you keep your homophobia to yourself; I know that that is impossible. Homophobia isn’t just the picketers and the pastors and the false doctors; it’s also the small comments and the disgusted facial expressions and the social marginalization of gay people. These actions, though small, speak volumes to the people you’re inflicting them on. I don’t think homophobia is something that can be contained in any sense of the word. Hatred and fear always finds a way outward.So, generally, yes you are a bad person. It’s not all so bleak though, you can change and become better. There are plenty of online resources that explain homosexuality in credible, human terms from articles to videos. You’ve already taken one step by acknowledging that your homophobia might be damaging. Keep seeking out knowledge, and you’ll develop greatly as a person!

Depends on who you're lying to, and what the lie is. If you're lying to your kids to protect their innocence, like how was I born, or what happened to our dog, or where is grandma? That is just good parenting. You'll tell them when the time is right.If you're lying to protect yourself from consequences or to dodge responsibility, then it is bad. If you had the courage to do a wrong thing, you should have the courage to own up to it. Be it with your parents, your partner, or your boss, doesn't matter. You have to own up to your deeds. People with no conscience get away with anything they do. Since you asked this question, you're not one of them, and you'll end up hurting everyone you know if you don't act fast. It does a lot more harm than you'd think. It destroys relationships and trust, and it would never be the same again.

Does not believing in God make me a bad person? Why or why not?Oh boy! I remember the time I was still in thinking about being an atheist. I also wondered the same thing. I thought that not believing in a God will make me a bad person. That is how my peers see it. I live in a Catholic dominated society and it is not a surprise that people here will judge me if I come out. Then I realized, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, ISIS and other criminal do believe in a god too. They even worship them despite all the horrible things they do.Look, just because you don’t believe, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. You still know what right and wrong. You don’t need a religious leader telling you that. You need logic and empathy to know what is morally right and wrong. I am not saying that believing in a God is bad, but what I am saying is that your actions and the way you think are the things that define you.Being an atheist will not stop you from being a good person. Being good and bad is someone’s decision.

No, because things are not black and white. There is no two dichotomous classes of “good” and “bad” people. That’s actually been used to justify, ahem, a lot of “bad”. Once we lump a whole bunch into that category of “bad people”, then we can justify becoming rather, ahem, “bad people” toward them. And 2 wrongs do not equal 1 right. That’s how you get human rights abuse, that’s how you get Hitler.Rather a better model I think is there’s a sum total of all the actions of a person to date. Think of a graph that starts at some level when born and then moves up and down since then depending on whether and how much any given action they do is “good” vs “bad”. If they have accumulated a large sum of “good points”, i.e. the graph is up very high, and then now they do one bad thing, that bad thing subtracts from the total so you could say they’re now “more bad” than they were before they did it. But they could still have more “goodness points”, depending on both the original sum and the severity of the current “bad”, than someone who had hardly ever accumulated any goodness. Furthermore, from that point on, they can still re-accrue more “goodness points”.Thus if I heard that someone just got busted for dealing drugs, say, then my opinion gets lower. But if I heard that someone was busted 20 years ago for it and since then learned from that to do a lot better, tried to make some reparation, and has a lot to show for that work, then my opinion is not low. Because the “goodness points” were racked back up.But there’s no binary either/xor classification of “good” vs “bad” people. And all of us have at some point done something “bad” — maybe not as “bad” as someone else, but still. There are no perfect humans.