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Does This Represent What The Day Of A Typical Hypocritical Liberal

What is a typical day of a liberal like?

My alarm goes off early in the morning, the glorious Soviet anthem jolting me out of my wonderful dream about taking all the money from big corporations and giving it to that homeless guy who hangs out across the street. I get out of bed, pausing to throw a reverent look towards the portrait of Lenin on the wallFor breakfast, I have some all-inclusive, gluten-free, vegan, equal-opportunity, etc. Cheerio- um, I mean generic, non-branded, donut-shaped cereal that has nothing to do with trademarked symbols of bourgeoisie corporate oppression. I put on a Che Guevara t-shirt and some sweatpants, and hunt around for my black hoodie and bandana for the antifa rally after school.I don’t actually attend any classes, because the teachers just repeat sexist, bigoted propaganda, then get mad at me when I tell them. I can’t believe how rude they are!!!!1!1!!!11!!!!1111!!!!! I just find an empty hallway and smoke pot all day. I’m technically failing all my classes, but grades are just a letter. I identify as trans-grade. It’s so transphobic of you to assume that I’m a F just because that’s what’s on my report card. Inside, I’m an A+!After school, I get on the train. I don’t pay for my ticket, because I don’t support the misogynist government organizations. At this point, you might point out that refusing to pay money to government-run utilities like public transportation contradicts my aforementioned socialist positions, thus making me somewhat hypocritical. To which I would reply, OMG THAT’S SO FASCIST!!!!! CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE, YOU WHITE CISHET SCUM!!!!!!!!! Is that logical? No. Do I care? Fuck no.I get off (not in that way! Stop objectifying women, you sexist asshole!) downtown and throw on the hoodie and bandana. I put on sunglasses too, just for good measure, even though it’s really cloudy today. I walk a block to the rally, where my friends and I spend the rest of the afternoon throwing around bricks and Molotov cocktails and beating up old men.It’s hard work overthrowing the privileged bigoted racist sexist homophobic transphobic heteronormative corporate bourgeois system, but we continue to fight. One day, my comrades, we shall prevail…*Disclaimer: the above answer is satirical. This is neither my daily routine nor an accurate representation of my political beliefs or those of many others who identify as liberals. Yeah. the end.

What do conservatives mean when they say “liberal elite?”

Charles Murray is an economist and political scientist, who is hated and feared by the liberal elite.So hated and feared, they encourage violent demonstrations to prevent people from hearing him speak.Think about that for three full seconds.In his book Coming Apart, Murray notes that rich ultra-liberals tend to live in bubbles: Zip-codes filled with other rich ultra-liberals. They almost never hear political counterpoint at home, nor do they have their beliefs challenged very often - if at all.Sometimes this “in the bubble” thinking manifests in loud and obnoxious outbursts from their pampered adult children who’ve never listened to a non-liberal view in their entire lives. See the left-wing violence on campus at Berkley, Portland and the general War on campus.These ultra-rich ultra-liberal zip-code bubbles, are surrounded by rings of zip-codes filled with slightly less liberal folks. Rinse, Repeat… ‘till at last you find a few conservatives.Continue from there to fly-over country where most folks are at least fiscally conservative. There you’ll hear completely different ideas.Most years, inside-the-bubble-people never go there.These ultra-liberal-elite bubbles exist in the rich parts of most cities. They are extra concentrated in the media centers of Washington DC, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, and LA.Liberal-elites spend all their lives inside their bubbles. They are not aware of folks in fly-over country, or what they are thinking.This explains how the Blue-Team missed understanding how much they’d pissed-off people outside their tiny bubbles. This explains the election of DJT and the loss of over 1,000 seats in Federal and State legislatures.The surprise election of DJT gave the liberal-elite a choice of hunkering down inside of their bubbles — or venturing out and listening to not-in-the-bubble thinkers. They have mostly chosen the former. So sad.Agree with me or not, it’s still a free country — for now.If I’m right: We’ll see significant gains by the Red-Team at the State and Federal level in the 2018 elections.

Egypt section - Do you have the same amount of respect for liberal Muslims as much as religious Muslims?

yo sup

definately the liberal one the religious one is radical and a freakin backward person...ima athiest and i do all the things u mentioned in 2nd person and why should we judge ppl based on their religious morals cause afterall its tells us nothing about the charecter and what kinda person she she practices a religion and she is modern thats the kinda ppl muslims need to be

EDIT TO Milky:"it is easy to come to the conclusion that the higab is more of a fashion thing, then a religious thing. "
lol thats the funniest thing i ever heard, but other than that i sorta agree with u

EDIT TO SHAFAT: omg man thats so radical!
matter of fact the other time i didnt call u or muslims radical but wat u say about modern muslims is aint cool at all and makes u look radical.wats wrong with non religious ppl yall they aint no hypocrites why do they have to follow all that a religion says religion is a personal belief so if they dont want to do somthin u cant force em to.
this is the problem with backward radical muslims......

Why do liberals hate traditional family values?


What kind of fantasy world history books did you study history from?

First of all, the Middle Ages were not "just wonderful". A tiny few very rich people lived a tolerable life, but it was generally miserable for the vast majority of people. All -- including the rich -- suffered from poor health, poor diets, non-existent medical treatment, vast ignorance and general brutality. If this is your idea of a "Christian heaven on Earth" I'd have to say "no thank you."

Workers were not better treated before unionization and collective bargaining. They were forced to work 10-12 hours daily for very little pay, six or seven days a week, few if any holiday time off, no benefits, no seniority, etc.

And finally, as long as you "so-called" Christians support divorce and support re-marriage after a divorce -- in DIRECT DISOBEDIENCE OF YOUR OWN SCRIPTURES you have NOTHING to say about "traditional family values."

(see Mark 10:11-12 for YOUR deity's view on marriage after divorce)

Hypocrisy much?

When you think of a liberal or a conservative, what type of person are you describing?

My stereotype of liberals is that they are open minded, but they can also be erratic.My stereotype of conservatives is that they are consistent, but they tend to suffer from cognitive dissonance when their world-view is disrupted.Of course any of those qualities can exist in either liberals or conservatives, but I think that they are fairly accurate in regards to liberals or conservatives around the world.Typically, when I use these terms, I’m talking about extremists, though. People who are moderately liberal or moderately conservative frequently have some viewpoints that cross the line, but most folks who are moderate tend to be level-headed critical thinkers capable of making good decisions on what is best for our country. I don’t see any need to categorize these people because they are all very similar. They only differ in how much weight they give to each issue. A lot of people are single issue voters. I know many liberals who will only vote for candidates who are anti-abortion. I know conservatives who have a good grasp of science and will only vote for candidates who have environmentalist records.It’s the extremists that I feel the need to categorized. Unfortunately, these extremists seem to have taken over our modern day mainstream media because, well, it’s entertaining. These tendencies tend to carry over into every day life. The liberal comes to work and wants to change everything so that it fits his world view on how the organization should be run. The conservative is the one who tries to quit because the way he does his job changes. Somewhere, you gotta find a happy medium.

Why are liberals on college campuses against free speech?

I think it is important to consider what free speech is and what it isn’t.We have recently seen the story about the healthy young American student Otto Warmbier who was arrested in North Korea for removing a government propaganda poster featuring former supreme leader Kim Jong-il. After two months of detention out of a 15 year sentence, he had experienced severe neurological trauma and fell into a coma. As we all know, he died after 18 months when he was finally released back to the United States under diplomatic pressure.While many have been outraged by this, I have to believe the exact same thing is happening to thousands of average North Korean citizens on a regular basis with next to no awareness or condemnation from the West.That is what a society without free speech looks like.A society without free speech does not look like a bunch of liberals on college campuses shouting down what you have to say or even barring you from a speaking event. Quite the opposite. That is free speech in action.Free speech doesn't guarantee that you can bellow out all the vitriol you want without challenge, without condemnation, without protest, or even without being barred from speaking engagements. If you are unable to be heard against the outcry of your peers, that is your failing — It is not a failing of liberals or anyone else to support the right to free speech; it is not the product of a faulty interpretation of the Constitution that you were unable to sway them to listen. You were not successfully able to compete against the freedom of expression that has been guaranteed to those of your equals who oppose what you have to say.Regular citizens do not have the power to infringe on your right to free speech.What the guarantee of free speech provides is the right to self-expression, presuming it does not constitute abuse, libel, or incite violence, without government interference; without arrest or harassment by government and law enforcement officials; and without police intimidation.So if you are able to go home and tell your spouse and children that there were students who protested what you had to say at a university campus then congratulations. You live in a free society. Now suck it up and get back out there. Either use the experience to re-evaluate whether your statements were valid, or find a way to improve your message so that you can be heard against the voices of your peers.