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Does This Watch Matches With Every Clothing

What color watch goes with everything and you could wear all year round? Rose gold, silver, or gold?

Silver. But I think rose gold is the prettiest out of all of them. I'm just saying silver matches the most year round though.

How do you match men's jewelry with their clothing?

My boyfriend wears jewelry, mainly a watch, a ring and then a necklace with a pendant. Are there any rules/guidelines that guide a man in how to match his jewelry to his clothing?

Is it ok to wear a G-Shock watch with dress clothes?


Do Indian cricketers wear new jerseys every match?

Each Indian cricketer gets 6 to 8 jerseys for one day series and 8 to 10 for test series. They're given a quota of jerseys for a series or tour and they work with that.In a test match a cricketer sometimes use 3 jerseys a day.Now a days if a player wants a new jersey for each match then board gives it to them as they don’t have any issues with money.Some of the Indian Cricketer gives away their jerseys to charity or pass it to the youngsters so they need new jerseys for every game.Some of the Indian Cricketers are superstitious so they keep their lucky jersey as long as possible.

Is it "tacky" to match your eyeshadow with your shoe color?

This is what I want to do:

(You can speed up to the 4:30 to see the results so you don't have to watch the whole tutorial)

Shoe: (BLUE)

Will a gold watch go with casual clothes.. like jeans and a t shirt???

yeah, but not something sporty