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Does Us Making Great Eye Contact Mean Anything

Does a girl making eye contact + smiling mean something?

This is my second year going to school with her, and I've always liked her, but I just don't know how to approach her (plus I'm shy about that kind of thing) so we haven't talked much. Recently I've been trying to give her hints that I like her, so today I was trying for some eye contact. At the end of the last class today, when everyone got up, (she was at the other end of the room) I was looking at her, and she held my gaze and smiled.
However, not long later, I was talking in a group with a couple of guy friends and her. The guys had to go to class, and we were left alone in the same area (we were waiting to be picked up) and neither of us said anything. I think we both felt awkward and uncomfortable.
Well, I know that was kind of vague, but does it mean anything? Thanks a lot.

“Does eye contact mean anything to guys? Like, if he makes a lot of eye contact with a girl?”In my general opinion, yes, this does mean something to guys. I find that when I am more attracted to someone either physically or emotionally, I try to make eye-contact. For guys, resisting hormonal urges such as this are hard to manage. So he may be generally attracted to you, or simply intrigued about you.

Eye contact with this one guy, does it mean anything?

So there's this one guy who i keep making eye contact with, sometimes when he looks backwards im the first thing he looks at. We've made eye contact multiple times, we are friends but not like super close. Every time i make eye contact with him i always get a tingling feeling in my stomach. So guys, does eye contact mean anything to you?

We keep making eye contact.. what does it mean?

Sounds like the SAME experience I had.

I loved how he would give me that kind of attention. I wasn't sure if he liked me too...but then it was sort of 'confirmed' when this other guy came up and started flirting with me.

I was sitting in class and writing down notes, when this guy(It was a different guy) came and sat beside me. He was really flirty and asked me if he can borrow a pencil. The first guy was right behind him, but to the right, so when I looked at the guy flirting with me, i saw the first guy too. He looked so jealous and mad at the guy flirting with me. He kept his arms crossed the whole class, looking so pouty.

It was soooo cute.

You just need to kind of 'confirm' if he likes you are not.

Good Luck!

Does it mean anything if a guy squints his eyes when you make eye contact with him during conversation?

If it's not constantly done, but rather during specific type convo, they body language tells us that it could be either:
1. A statement or question you made he'd rather avoid answering
2. An answer he'd have to make that may be hurtful to him
3. He's thinking ahead to respond to the question you asked and he wants to be either correct or precise on what he's going to say

Crush Making Eye Contact with me?

Mmmmm girl!!! He wants youuuu! Haha. Eye contact means he is always trying to get a glimpse of the beautiful person that I'm sure you are. He's letting you know that he's interested but perhaps to shy to come out and announce it. A lot of times men can be shy about this sort of thing. Us girls can be that way as well but guys feel more pressure because of the stereotypical idea that they are the ones who need to make the first move. You should try talking to him. Let him get comfortable with you and give him the assurance he needs to know he CAN talk to you without feeling embarrassed or worrying about making a bad impression. Best of luck(; And hope I could help!

Im a female and when a man makes a lot of eye contact with me it doesn’t mean he is romantically interested. I have found through experience many men will deliberately maintain eye contact trying to gain attention. These are usually not confident enough to come and speak and hope you will do that for them (not a good start!). Some will make a lot of eye contact to make you think they are romantically interested in them but really, they are after sex and are playing the flirting game. There maybe the rare few who are genuinely interested in romance with you, but actions speak louder than words. Eye contact is not enough, if he is really, really interested he will make a move and come and talk like a real man should.

In my experience, it’s hard for someone who is attracted to another, it’s hard not to look at them. If the person catches you looking and holds your eyes for a moment, smiles, that’s a good sign. If that person blushes and looks down, that could be a sign, unless…I’ve had experiences where I’m just looking around a room and some guy thinks I’m drawn to him because he looks at me just as I’m looking at his as part of the tableau, followed by awkwardness of the Uh-oh,I looked at him again and now he’s either interested or uncomfortable. If you’re so attracted that you are interested in meeting someone and the situation is appropriate, don’t watch them, strike up a conversation. If someone is glancing at you repeatedly, next time she/he looks, smile a little, see what happens next. It’s hard or you wouldn’t be asking, but try to relax and be at ease. It’s more attractive than you think.

GUYS:What does eye contact mean to you?

Eye contact is a huge part of any human interaction. It tells so much without even saying a word.

In this case, I think he is shy and wants you to know that he is interested. He's probably afraid to approach you and start a conversation. Very common behavior.

Guys? What does eye contact mean to you?

Yeah you kinda got the concept, staring / making eye contact with a girl doesn't mean the guy likes her. In MY perspective, it can mean three things: 1. The guy is comfortable talking to the girl, and is comfortable with her presence around (just friends). I plenty of friends that are girls and I always make eye contact when I talk to them, it's just casual u kno? 2. The guy wants to meet the girl / is interested in her (acquaintance). Either that, or... the girl is weird-looking or ugly lol. But still, guys wouldn't stare at a girl that long if she's like that. 3. The guy likes the girl. He doesn't know how to express his feelings, but wishes he could find a way to do so. I would tell you straight up how to tell which one of these views does a guy mean when he makes eye contact or stares, but I don't think I can. You should just.. kinda sense it. Good luck, you'll be more familiar with it along the way haha. Hope this helped ;)