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Does Wearing High Heels For A 6.2 Feet Girl Can Be Regarded As Humiliation

Does wearing high heels for a 6.2 feet girl can be regarded as humiliation ?

Very surprisingly, I was as tall as most of my friends and even shorter (5.6 feet) but at the age of 16 I gained significant height and easily reached 6 foot tall. My height dramatically increased further and I am now 6.2. As you know, when I wear skirt at weekends, I should wear heels, which I is really suites my style. I love heels but my friends keep telling me that they feel I am making them look as babies near me, or even that’s is a kind of humiliating them and I should not wear heels.
What do you think ?
i am enjoying being tall. While girls are struggling with high heels, i am easily towering over them with flip flop !

My son, who is ten years old, likes to put on my high heels once in a while. He claims he's fooling around and swears I shouldn't be worried, but I am. Should I be concerned?

When my son was smaller than he is now, maybe around two, he always wore my high heels. I took pictures and shared them on Instagram. It was precious.When he was five years old, he asked me to paint his fingernails. I asked him to pick out a color, and he chose blue. I painted his tiny little fingernails blue, and he smiled for a few minutes before getting uncomfortable and asked me to take it off, because he wanted to go play and it was sticky and gross.Later that year, a boy kissed him on the cheek. I asked him how that made him feel. He said, “Good.” I said, “Good! As long as you feel okay with that, your body belongs to you.”When he was six, another boy kissed him on the cheek. I asked him how it made him feel, and he said, “Well, it made my cheek wet and I told on him. We’re not supposed to kiss at school, and I don’t like being kissed by boys.” I said, “I’m so proud of you for speaking up when you’re uncomfortable. Your body belongs to you.”When he was seven, a girl kissed him on the cheek. I asked him how it made him feel, and he said, “Good! I think she’s my girlfriend now.” I said, “Good! Just always remember, your body belongs to you.”Don’t be afraid of your little boy wearing heels. If you’d like something to worry about, worry about who he is, and whether or not you’re cultivating greatness in him. Worry about how he treats others. Worry about how he’s being treated. Worry about his safety. Worry about what kind of stories he will tell his friends about you when he’s all grown up, and even more, when you’re dead and gone.Just love him, as much as you possibly can. Hug him and kiss him. Stare at his sweet face when he’s not looking. Soak it all up, every last moment. Be his best friend and his greatest advocate. Don’t ever let him leave the house without telling him how much you love him, even if he’s just going out to ride his bike. The hard truth is that he could be gone in a split second.His body belongs to him. His heart belongs to you. Protect it. It’s perfect just the way it is.

How does it feel to marry a girl whose height is equal to or less than 5 feet and your height is greater than or equal to 5 feet 6 inch?

Let me share another perspective. My husband’s height is 6 feet 2 inches and I am somewhere around 5 feet 3 inches.Before we decided to get married, I casually asked him what are the qualities he were looking for in his partner ( I hoped that he will say ‘I want a partner just like you!’, but it didn't happen). He replied “I want a wife who is more than 5 feet 8 inches in height”. Of course he included other things he wanted to see in her but I felt bad just because I am short. I did think about what others might think when they look at us and what kind of comments we might get if we are together. That didn't stop us falling in love.We were together for 4 years before getting married and recently completed our 5th marriage anniversary. We are perfect together.Now when I introduce him to other people, they first notice his height and then look at me. Do they think anything? May be. I don't know. Do we care? Nope. Not at all. For me, I look at him alone and he look at me alone. When we take a pic together, we look at the memories we created and how awesome we look together. Because it's the love and the memories that matters and not the physical appearances.

As a 5'7.5 tall girl, should I wear heels or will they make me too tall?

Best response I ever heard: At an America’s Junior Miss local pageant many years ago (high school senior girls), one of the finalists was probably at least 6 feet tall. She carried herself well (no slouching) and was an interesting contestant. The host of the show was an annoying man who thought he was funny, but he was also short. When the finalist had to answer a question, the host thought it would be funny to stand next to her, to highlight the height difference, and then ask her, “Hey, you’re already six feet tall — why on earth do you wear heels?” The audience laughed a little, but this gal NAILED it! She looked down at him, as if he was some sort of interesting insect, smiled sweetly, and said, “Well, I’m already the tallest girl in the room — what’s another 3 inches?” The audience roared with applause — and she won the title. :-) I always admired her poise and charm in the face of someone who was bent on embarrassing her

What is your favorite act of submission?

As a sub or should I say live in slave to my Master, the act of submission and serving is itself the favourite act for it is my inbuilt need to do so. Trusting my Master to dominate and control every aspect if my life is a gift from me to the one who I have chosen to serve and submit to.My every action is with Him in mind. Every aspect be it task, work, or even discipline, punishment or even humiliation etc never mind anything related to sexual activity is all seamlessly connected to Him.Asides from this essential fact for me, other acts that are my favourite per se are being restricted while he uses whips, paddles etc for his pleasure (and mine as I am a masochist for sure!)Also I both enjoy but hate at the same time (lol) edge play and the torment He does so well in this aspect.Our lifestyle is a 24/7 scenario that many can't or do not want to entertain and that's ok. But the ultimate submission in a slave to my Master every day and night, him dictating where and how I sleep, what I wear if I accompany him out some place, all of it - gosh I could write so much really, a simple answer here doesn’t really answer it per se BUT it’s what I feel I live for.

Do Indian women care about men's heights?

Yes, they do(unless you are TATAs and Ambanis).If you want proof, just go to any matrimonial site and check partner preference.You will notice the word TALL, in preference list.No matter how good you are by nature, ethics etc. They going to judge by heightReason: Society show off. All girls compete with each other and just want to show off their partner.Someone will say, they would love to listen heartbeat and some will say security.The ugly truth is, it is a materialistic world and Indian people are following it religiously.So my dear friend, chances are bleak not impossible I would say.Someone already mentioned in one of the answer, live your life with friends. They won’t say no because of height.After all girls are not oxygen, without them you can’t live

What is it like to be tall in India? What problems are faced?

I am 6 feet 3 inches tall.I am too much frustrated with this height.I can't find shoes. I am too much concerned as being a middle class Fellow, I can't afford much. With a low budget it's nearly impossible to get 13 UK size shoes.Look, this is a slipper of size 11UK. Still my foot touches the road.I am only using one pair of shoes from last 3 years as I couldn't find any other pair. Still searching.In my SSB Interviews I had to wear sports shoes under formal dress. Every a time I went in confrence, it was an embarassing moment for me.I am regular traveller in sleeper coach buses. I am really tired of travelling in buses. Every bus is a headache for me.When I book sitting seat, my legs touch the front seat. Hence, I end up getting a back pain.When I book a sleeper, again my legs don't fit their. Hence, I end up getting a back pain again.Now I don't book any seats, I sleep in the gallery on the floor in night keeping all my shyness away. Atleast I don't get back pain.Again frustrating.Being tallest fellow of my college group, I am often used as a selfie stick by my friends. And I hate taking selfies.Again frustrating.When you are in public, people give a strange stare. And they often judge you as an arrogant Fellow who is proud of his height and weight.Too frustrating.In coaching, whenever I sit in front row, everyone starts shouting as they are unable to see. I am also unable to see because of weak eyesight so I prefer seats. But had to go back because of whole class.Again frustrating.Only I am happy because in my home town nearly every fellow is above 6 ft. So we can move freely and won't feel frustrated.Hope I could donate my height.Jai Hind ❤