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Does Weed Cause Paranoia Even After The User Has Stopped Taking It

Can weed make you paranoid

This is very normal for some; marijuana is a psychedelic drug. Although it is (usually) not very strong, all drugs effect different people in different ways. I have had similar experiences when smoking. It always passes with time.

"How do I stop this?" you ask... Don't smoke.

If this is the effect getting high has on you, pass the pipe when it comes your way. It is a recreational drug that people use for fun and relaxation. It does not sound like you get any enjoyment out of it.

Yo help How come when I smoke weed I get paranoid

don't smoke weed,yo

Will i get paranoid everytime i smoke weed or will it go away

I was paranoid too the first time I smoked weed, it's normal.
If you choose to do it again, just try to chill and enjoy it. If you're with a group of people that you trust, then you're fine. Don't do it around parents or adults, unless they're okay with it.
It's not going to kill you, you wont go insane. Eventually the paranoia will go away, and smoking will become more enjoyable.
Ignore all the people who are going to bash you for "doing drugs". So roll up that buddha and let it soothe ya.

I m really paranoid after smoking weed

It is probably from the weed, but then again, is there something else that you're concerned about? No?

Man, you are lucky! I'm worried about the economy, the wars, my health, murder in America, how soon I'll lose my hair .... the list goes on. You're going to be O.K. but, maybe you shouldn't smoke when you are alone.

For some people, weed has a way of making reality more clear. You know, we go about our lives from day to day without really stopping to see what is going on around us. The weed slows you down and makes you look around. It's scary out there and maybe you just realized it.

Don't dwell on the bad thoughts, try to remember the best day of your life and then the next best day and then.... good night.


it'll stop over a while.

I had the problem for a while but if you just chill(and before you get high arrange for your parents to know your either spending the night or staying out late)

Just learn to relax and breath deeply smoke more and keep reminding yourself "I'm okay, I'm okay, my mom knows where I am I'm okay I'm okay"

Keep telling yourself that and your high will get better and better.

You may even have to get a hold of yourself to get paranoid to be calm. Lol.

Have fun!