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Does Yahoo Have Chat Rooms Now

Does yahoo have chat rooms now?

No they don't. As of December 14, 2012 Yahoo discontinued their chat rooms. the last word was they have no plans to bring them back.
If you are looking for chat rooms there are many other free chat sites on the internet, ICQ is one of many providing chat rooms for every interest, for adults, teens, travel, religion, meeting others etc. etc. When you find ones of interest click join chat or chat room follow the prompts and sign in.


Does yahoo have chat rooms?

they no longer support jaava script which is used for chat rooms... u either have to use messenger or yahoo 360. click on the chats icon... and itll tell u

Does yahoo still have chat rooms?

You can use Yahoo! Messenger to enter the Yahoo! Chat Rooms.

You can download Yahoo! Messenger here:

To enter chat, follow these steps:
~Run Yahoo! Messenger and sign in
~From the Messenger menu near the top, select Yahoo! Chat and Join a Room...
~Pick the Yahoo! ID you want to display in the chat room and then select the room you want to join. You can browse by category to bring up the room you want to enter.
~Click the Go to Room button near the bottom of the window, and when it verifies that you're connected, click the Enter Chat button.
~Get in on the conversation! It works just like an instant message - type your comments in a click send.

For more on chat, see:;_ylt=Anepbf4E.KumtuEu2Z6dEvAbc9IF
For tips on chatting safely, see:

To create a new profile to keep your User ID concealed in chat, see:
~Click the "Create a New Public Profile" button and enter the name want to use for your new alias (you can have up to 5 aliases in a single account).
~Fill in the rest of the form with any information you would like to have displayed in your Profile.
~When you are done editing, click the "Finished" button to return to the Profiles edit page.

Does yahoo have chat rooms anymore?

Hi -

Yes, Yahoo has chatrooms accessible on your Yahoo Messenger popup window. Click Messenger at the top, select Yahoo Chat, and Join a Room. Then pick from the topic area.

However, Yahoo has recently announced they plan on discontinuing the chat service we've all used for over a decade to keep in touch with 100's of friends from around the world and have done that without requesting comment from their 1000's and 1000's of daily chat users see the link below -

If you desire to use Yahoo Chat after Dec 14, we may be able to convince Yahoo to suspend their plans. I have started a question in Yahoo Answers to attempt to gain public comment on keeping Yahoo Chat open, see the link below -;_ylt=AkUpu0CABve9p8xhlR4k_7vtDn1G;_ylv=3?qid=20121202042816AA1MxFk


Yahoo closed their chatrooms a long time ago. Whether it was because they weren’t safe as they stated, or because they were not safe, remains unknown.But it isn’t just Yahoo that shut down chatrooms. This is simply because chatrooms as a concept have been losing popularity due to the growing social media/network popularity like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.However, I do stil believe that chatrooms can make a comeback IF done properly, something like Gather Online is trying to achieve. They’re trying a mix of chatrooms/social media features and I do believe that it will work out for them in the long run.

Sadly, no. Yahoo shut down their chat room service a while ago and it was a devastating blow to many of its users. Well, devastating might be a strong word, but many of us used Yahoo and MSN, AOL too quite a bit. I’ve spent countless nights staying up, talking to strangers about random or specific stuff.I’ll probably never get that same feeling again, but using Gather Online has reminded me just how awesome it used to be to talk about topics you’re interested in with strangers from all over the world.

I have quite a few friends that miss Yahoo AND MSN. We used both, a lot. After Yahoo was shut down, it was a huge blow to us, but thankfully all the friends we made during those times were also on other social networks where we had also connected on.I definitely feel that it should start again, but I’m not sure how popular they would even be, or if it would be worth it for Yahoo! to open them again.I’ve recently started using Gather Online and it does a great job at replicating that same experience I had on Yahoo and MSN those many years ago.

Dose yahoo,not have chat rooms anymore?

Meet people who share your passions.

Chat rooms are a great place to meet and communicate with friends who share your interests. You'll find chat rooms for a world of topics from entertainment to sports, to politics and pop culture. Liven up your chats with emoticons, custom fonts and even voice.

Tips for chatting safely

Chat rooms are available in Yahoo! Messenger 8.1, 9.0 and Mac. To enter a chat room, look for "Yahoo! Chat" in your Messenger menu. Then select the topic you want to discuss to join an already active room full of chatters.

Important: When you enter a chat room in Yahoo! Messenger, the Yahoo! ID you choose as your identity will be visible to other Yahoo! users that are in the same room. If you do not wish to display your primary Yahoo! ID in a chat room, we recommend that you create an alternate Yahoo! ID for use in chat rooms.

Why dpes Yahoo have bots in the chat rooms, i can't chat there is nothing but bots?

Yahoo doesn't want the bots in there. Stupid people trying to advertise their sites are the ones setting up bots to try and fool people into going to the sites because they know that 1 in 100 people (or however few) are stupid enough and willing to go to the site and that 1 in 1000 will actually sign up. They make money by putting bots in there and there is very little action Yahoo has been able to figure out that can stop them.

It is really sad. I wish Yahoo! would work on a public banning system that will let the people in the chat room ban an IP address for bots.