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Does Youtube Username 666 Exist

Is username 666 real?

666 is just a story, fake demon, its just made for fun, and its made for kids making scared and get their blinkets to hide. Even the channel is fake, they just edited it on youtube, so guys, dont be scared, 666 is a legend, and a fake username, and a fake number phone, that DOESNT exist.

I'm going to get this question out of the way. Is the YouTube username 666 really real?

No there just Numbers

YouTube urban legend...............?

Does the YouTube 666 urban legend still exist?,it was rumored that if you put 666 in the search bar and refresh your page over and over,that your YouTube would turn bloody red and have videos that look like it came from a horror movie,but does it still exist

Why does atheism contradict itself? I am starting to doubt atheism because of this?

Why does atheism contradict itself? I am starting to doubt atheism HELP!? Video of the debate in question that is making me doubt that atheism is accurate or correct :(

Can someone please help me, I am starting to lose faith in my atheism.
Recently I heard a debate that shook me to my very core. The atheist got destroyed in debate but
what makes it even worse is the Christian was an ex-atheist who admitted atheism is faith based.
Here is my question...I was listening to a radio debate between an atheist and a Christian.
During the debate the atheist admitted atheism does contradict itself. The Christian guy was shockofgod on youtube. He asked the atheist the following questions. My question is..How would you answer it? It appears that atheism does contradict itself. Here is what happened.
Shockofgod asked the atheist...this..
Suppose you have 666 atheists in a house and 333 claim it is possible for God to exist and 333 claim it is impossible. Shockofgod then asked the atheist "Are the atheists making contradictory claims?" Of course what could the atheist say? So he said yes.
Shockofgod then asked "Do these atheists represent atheism or Christianity?" The atheist said they represent atheism.
Shockofgod then concluded "Atheism is therefore null and void since atheism makes 2 contradictory claims one being it's impossible for God to exist and one being it's possible".

The question is this: Which atheists in that house are right in your opinion and why? Only those who answer the question directly will be looked at. I won't look at evasive answers. Only people who answer this question will be considered. Please don't evade.

I got a text message from the number 666-666 saying "PLEASE CALL"... Read inside?

I got a text message from the number 666-666 saying
So obviously, stupid as I am, I first texted it back saying "who are you?"
Then sprint contacted me saying that my text couldn't go through because the number didn't exist.
And then I tried calling the number, and I got that woman all like "We're sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed" or something like that.
So, is this some kind of prank?
I don't get it. ;_;

Is this video proof monsters exist?

The answer to this question comes from Epistemology (the part of Philosophy that studies what we can know, how, etc.).First:Any time you see a - breathless or not - presentation of some allegedly deep. unsolved mystery, put on your skeptic's hat.If you see "evidence" that's like this video - noisy, grainy, hard to tell exactly what you're seeing..(as is, notice, every video of Sasquatch, etc., etc.) can conclude with near certainty that someone is trying to put something over on you.If you pay attention, you'll notice endless variants of this kind of thing.Note that the question and the evidence are presented as things that are way way exciting - more exciting than all the mundane stuff that we see all day.Many people, it seems, really need stuff like that to make their lives exciting, colorful, not humdrum.It's a trap.(not a conspiracy (which is just another instance of these scams)) If you want a life, pay attention to reality, and to finding your values and goals there.Second:Think about what "monster" means.Maybe people called the Hunchback of Notre Dame a monster - but that's a derivatie of the primary meaning of the word - namely, "an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening"Note the "imaginary" part.There's never going to be any evidence of actual occurrences of imaginary things.Finally,  ask who stands to gain from publicising the question or evidence.IOW, "follow the money".(simple answer:  "No!")

Does anyone see illuminati symbolism in everyday products?

I am always amazed at how these secret societies are alleged to leave such obvious symbols around as evidence of their existence. The chance observation of "666" and other symbols of the elusive and perhaps non-existent Illuminati should mostly be due to coincidence, wishful thinking, or intentional use by the user, but not the Illuminati. Until full disclosure of the existence of the Illuminati is made public -- preferably by this secret organization itself -- this is all speculation.