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Dog From Ireland To The Uk

Are pitbull dogs legal in Ireland?

I Googled it for youIreland's restricted dog-breed list looks like it's here to stay

Is the UK a more dog friendly country than Ireland is?

Edward Simpson. Your analysis only holds if 2 things are accepted. 1) That there was no nationalist violence prior to Carson and his jolly boys pre WW1. Unfortunately there had been. From the 17th century through to the late 19th century there had been waves of particularist/nationalist violence (Answered by Crown violence.) In the run up to independence in 1921/22 the main violence came from Irish nationalists, not Unionists. There was large scale inter communal violence in and around Belfast started by Unionists but the Nationalists in other parts of Ireland were hardly innocent.2) That because there is one island of Ireland there should be only one united Irish state. Now, as a Scottish nationalist heavily descended from Irish Catholic smallholders I could never agree to that as the same principle could be put forward vis a vis the island of Great Britain to delegitimise Scottish nationalism. After all, aren’t we all ‘British’.

What it is like to raise a dog in Ireland or Dublin?

As Derek mentions, you rarely see dogs on public transport in Ireland for some reason - much less than I've seen elsewhere in Europe. Small dogs are actually allowed on trains (you just don't see it often), larger ones are much more restricted - see the national rail operator's rules here:Travelling with AnimalsRe public buses, you can't bring dogs on Bus Éireann buses (public intercity and rural service), on Dublin Bus (public buses in Dublin city and outskirts), you can bring them at the driver's discretion. I don't use buses often enough to know how drivers generally handle that - I don't recall ever seeing a dog on a bus though.See here for some more ("Animals" section):Bus services in IrelandThere are private bus services (mostly intercity) that will have their own rules, there are no private rail services.You do have to have a license for dogs, re restaurant policies, I've very rarely seen dogs in restaurants, and I don't think most places would allow it. Shops likewise, with those around my area, dogs are always left outside while owner shops. There isn't really a culture of dogs accompanying people in Ireland the way they seem to do in the UK or parts of Europe (other than on the street on a lead, parks, etc). Likewise, you'll find many landlords and management companies won't allow dogs in rental accommodation or apartments, though some do.Obviously all the above doesn't apply to guide dogs; they're generally exempt from any restrictions.Boards ( is the biggest Irish online community, always a good source of advice and discussion. Their pets section is here:

Can you debark a dog in the republic of ireland?

i have an ex fighting dog who is 4 years old, she's a masstiff who has spent her whole life living outdoors. she gets walked every day and has loads of toys to play with. the problems is if she hears any neighbours or dogs she barks like crazy and she is ever so loud. she even barks when im outside with her so its not due to her being alone. i've tried a shock collar and squirting water at her when she barks but this doesnt work. as she was an ex fighting dog she is very dominant and can be aggressive, if you give her inch she'd take a mile. you cant turn your back on her or she'd go for you. she isnt any good with other animals as she just wants to kill them so i cant have her in the house, i have children and she could knock them over due to her size. she is a good dog and i'd never get rid of her as she has had such a bad life so far and i dont think other people could manage her as she is a handful and you've always got to be on gaurd. rescue centres would only put her to sleep

Bringing a pet budgie into the UK from Ireland?

I'm moving from Ireland to England at the end of August and bringing my dog and budgie with me. I travel frequent my back and forth on the ferry with my dog so I know it will be easy to get her onto the ferry with me and into the boats kennels, but what about the budgie? I normally bring him travelling with me around Ireland in his cat carrier base so he's well used to it but how do I go about brining him with me on the ferry to the UK? Do I officially need an documents for him or can I just bring him on with me and carry him as hand luggage, Hassel free like the dog? I tried looking up websites but they were guidelines from outside the EU. Thanks.

What is the process for importing tequila into Ireland and the UK from Mexico to sell?

The first thing you need is a lot of money, and a secure bonded warehouse facility.

The money is to go through all the licensing processes, from alcohol ones to importation ones.

What made Ireland a smaller country than the UK and other countries?

“What made Ireland a smaller country than the UK and other countries?”A few things:The Irish seaThe North AtlanticHumanity’s pesky inability to breathe underwater

What is the favorite dog breed of the Queen of England?

penguins are cooler than dogs

Are dogs overindulged in the UK?

Yes and no. It all depends on how you define “overindulged”. Every dog should be loved, fed and exercised properly, trained well, and take its place in the family. The British famously love their pets (though the country has its fair share of animal abuse as well, to the great sorrow of many).I’m personally not into the ‘paint your dog’s toenails pink and buy it a palace to live in with six changes of doggie clothes a day’ thing that’s becoming increasingly popular over here. But far be it from me to tell anyone else how to spend their money!As long as people make sure their dogs are happy and loved for their whole lives, that’s what really matters.