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Dogs Randomly Started Acting Up

Why did my dog randomly start howling in the middle of the night lastnight?

My Rottweiler does the same thing. It is the most horrible sound I think I've ever heard! It's happened about 6 or 7 times in his lifetime of 8 years. What is it? He's having a dream! The one thing I can tell you for certain, cause I can't tell you what the dream is, DO NOT try to wake her up or touch her. Just talk to her in a soothing voice for a few minutes. My dog doesn't totally wake up when I do this, but it seems like he hears me somewhere in his dream & knows that "it's gonna be okay".
My Rott also looked like he was awake, which made it more scarey, but believe me, he wasn't, & I'll bet your little girl wasn't either.
Your voice is the one she loves & she'll hear you even if she doesn't wake up...& she'll stop howling!

Why does my dog randomly start sprinting around the house?

Ahhh…the infamous “zoomies”, also known as FRAPs. Frap is an abbreviation for F = frenetic R = random A = activity P = period). Most dogs and even cats will race around the house in an exhibition of high spirits and fun. Every evening after dinner and walks, two of my cats, who are nearly a year old, and my dogs, 4 years old would race around the house for about 10 minutes. First the cats would race into the room I am in, followed by the dogs, then off they all go only to return in a few seconds with the cats chasing the dogs.As part of the racetrack they would all leap onto both sofas then down to the floor then reverse direction, and back onto the furniture again before racing around the house again. I can’t help but laugh at their antics. The game ends with everyone in the same room, cats flopped on the floor panting and the dogs on my lap, panting in my face. Of course, my dogs are little, but it would be a very different thing if they were 90 pound dogs racing in the house. Very silly critters.Zoomies are characterized by a low, crouching run, tail tucked, wide eyes and a goofy grin on their face. Dogs will race as fast as they can to expend excess energy and express their joy of life. Happy dogs of any age, engage in this behavior, not all, but many.If it truly bothers you, especially if he is anything but a small dog, let your dog into a safe enclosed area and play with him, encouraging him to race around. An enclosed area is safest because the dogs frequently have no other thought in their minds at that moment, but run fast, run fast, run fast… and may not respond to commands for a few moments. It is possible the change in routine will have him racing outside rather than in your house. Dogs can be taught to do this only outside, because it is just an exhibition of high spirits. Try joining in when you are outside, it is fun.Dog Zoomies - Why Do Dogs Run Around Like CrazyAhh, The Epic Agility Dog ZoomiesWhy Do Dogs Get the Zoomies?

My dog ate a random bone outside and started acting weird after that.?

So I just took my dog for a walk, my dog suddenly stopped, thinking she would pee or something I took up my phone to text a friend, I heard my dog chewing on something and immediatly kneeled down and took the bone out of her mouth and all bone fragments aswell, after we got home she started acting a bit weird, when I got close to her she growled slightly and when I pet her she tried to bite me. This might just be random but she has never ever been agressive before, could this be rabies or something?

What would cause my dog to suddenly start acting afraid of me when I get home? I've never been mean or done anything to purposely frighten him. We live alone together.

What would cause my dog to suddenly start acting afraid of me when I get home? I've never been mean or done anything to purposely frighten him. We live alone together.Others have covered some of the possibilities, but I want to address the wording of your question. You say you have never done anything to purposefully frighten him, have you done anything to accidentally frighten him? Dogs dont necessarily know the difference and if you accidentally frightened him enough it may have a lingering effect.Is he afraid of you in the morning too? Is he afraid every time you come home from anywhere or just a specific place? Does he stay afraid or does he get over it quickly? If not, how long does he stay like that?Without knowing you and your dog though we are all mostly guessing. If he has altered other habits, especially eating or waste evacuation, these are signs he is ill and should be taken to a vet.

Why is my dog is acting strange and hiding from me?

Guilty of something he knows he shouldn’t have done.

1 year old dog randomly humps the air....?

My dog is over a year old, male bichon and he is fixed. Today he was acting completely normal just like any other day. And he was sitting on the ottoman and out of no where he started humping the air. He looked confused almost like his body was doing it uncontrollably. Since he looked like he was in distress I petted him and tried to calm him down. He was trying to stop the motive but it almost looked like a muscle spasm.... Once he relaxed a little my boyfriend picked him up and was petting and hugging him like we normally do, and out of no where it started again. So he put him back on the ottoman and I did the same thing again to calm him down.

Why is this happening? It has happened like once before maybe 6 months ago. I've seen dog hump...and this honestly looked like he didn't want it to happen. Any advice/suggestions or anything happen to you like this?

My dog is suddenly scared and acting weird?

Hi there. I need some help. My dog has had 2 episodes where he is totally wigging out and really scared...which is so unlike him. Buster is a beagle mix (or at least we think he is) and he will be 8 yrs old in a few months.

His first episode started last Wednesday. He came in from outside and suddenly jumped on the couch. He knows not to jump up there without permission. When we told him to move to his "designated" spot on the couch, he didn't do it immediately. I sat next to him and he kept wanting to practically sit on top of me. Then he kept looking around like he sees something and he would keep smelling in the area towards his hinny. And he would follow me wherever I went. We went to bed and he never sleeps with us but I thought since he was so scared, I would have him lay with me but he kept trying to lay on top of me and kept smelling. Finally he went to sleep on his bed and was "normal" again. The most recent episode occurred just a few hours ago. He was outside briefly then he came back in and did the same thing as before, jump on the couch and when he was told to move, he wouldn't. This time he was shaking for several minutes and wanted to be by my side like a magnet. I then went to take a shower and he laid on the bath mat...then a few minutes later, he laid on the bath mat in front of the shower then after I got out, I found him hiding in the closet under my clothes....this is truly odd behavior which he has never done before especially since he doesn't like to be wet or be near a shower.

I dont know what's wrong with him...if something spooked him or if he's going senile. Has anyone experienced this before? Please help.

Dog acting strangely (seeing things that aren't there)?

Any new appliances in the house? Like a new fridge that shuts on and off?
Have you been turning the heater on lately and that kicks on at random times?
Any new neighbors move in and come and go at unusual times?

I recently had a similar situation with my cat. Then I noticed that the ice maker started making a new noise after we had it repaired. When it shakes ice into the ice been, it will make a low growling sound and it will vibrate the floor in front of the fridge a little bit. Took me about a week to figure out that's what was scaring the you know what out of him.

Add - Ok... go to the vet and tell them what's going on. How long and exactly what the dog is doing. When I've ever had a lab act this way and look back at part of his body and act skiddish he's had issues. Something bothering him. (I've fostered 17 labs and lab mixes. The three that did this - 1 had a fungal infection. Another needed an anal gland expression and I can't believe this, but I don't remember what the third one had wrong.)

Good luck