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Double Bed Atach Bath Room

Is there an attached bathroom in a 4 bed, AC room (girls hostel) at VIT Vellore?

No, there are no attached bathrooms for 4 bed AC rooms. Only research scholars get attached bathrooms.Don't be disheartened though. There are plenty of restrooms and bathrooms available. They are all cleaned daily. If your room number is anywhere from X10-X20, you may be very close to the them.

Is a bathroom attached to the 3 bed AC room in VIT Vellore?

No , no rooms in mens hostel ( vit vellore) are provided with attached bathrooms. They are very few rooms but they are reserved only for faculties. So irrespective of which room you choose ( AC or NON AC) there wont be any attached bathrooms.

How is KIIT University's double bed non-AC room? Are there attached bathrooms?

Sorry but there are no double bed non-AC rooms in KIIT. Last year they took the money for such rooms but when we reached college they alloted us 3 bedded non AC rooms. The extra amount was refunded.

Does VIT Vellore have an attached bathroom in single/double bedrooms?

Nope it doesn't. There are common bathrooms every floor.

Single room, double room, or more for college?

Most schools don't have many single rooms to give, and most of those rooms wind up going to upperclassmen (seniors and possibly juniors), resident assistants, and/or other students who have done something special to earn a single room (e.g. one of my schools had an entire floor of single rooms reserved for high academic achievers). Of course there is nothing stopping you from asking for one and even explaining your reasons for having one, but be aware that your chances of getting one as a freshman are very very low. While it is possible you could get a single room, you will most likely wind up with a roommate.

You will need to ask your school how the rooms in each dorm are arranged. There is probably some information on this somewhere on your school's housing website. That said, I have seen lots of different dorm room arrangements, but having 3 or more people in a dorm room is no guarantee that the rooms will be arranged like you described, with everyone having their own bedroom attached to a common area. I have seen plenty of dorm rooms meant to house 3-4 students that are just large rooms with three or four of everything (beds, desks, etc) with no division or partition at all between areas of the room. I have also seen pairs of double rooms linked by shared bathrooms, 3 or more students living in what are essentially mini apartments on campus, and pretty much any other on-campus room arrangement you can think of. It's not a good idea to ask for a certain room type without knowing for sure what you will be getting if you get that type of room, and the only way to find out is to ask someone at your school's housing office.

Are the attached bathrooms in the KIIT University hostel in the AC or non-AC rooms?

yes there are attached bathroom in , but only in ac 2 people or ac 1 person ,I hope you will only get it in kp-10 A OR PG hostel. again the pg hostel is temporally for student.

Do twins sharing hostel rooms have attached bathrooms at O. P. Jindal University?

The twin sharing rooms in the students’ hostels do not have attached washrooms.I am currently entering my second year of masters at OP Jindal global university and I am allotted a four sharing room which has an attached washroom.I was allotted a twin sharing room in my first year and the twin sharing rooms are in the old housing blocks.There are two washrooms in each floor which has six cubicles each(three bathrooms and three toilets).I stayed on the second floor of one of the old housing blocks and there were 10 rooms on my floor which meant 20 of us sharing 6 washrooms and toilets.However,the lower floors have more number of people but the same number of washrooms.The ground floor has 25 rooms and the first floor has 20 rooms.

Are there any 3 bed non AC rooms with attached toilet in KIIT hostel kp7?

No.It is only available in the AC hostels.